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Clubhouse is the invite-only audio social networking app that has taken the digital world by storm. In its initial stages, Clubhouse favoured those who were already famous such as CEOs and other influential thought-leaders. When a user joined the platform they were immediately suggested top influencers to follow on the app and topics the user said they were interested in. Some of these influencers were room moderators—Clubhouse’s very own influencer—who host conversation rooms to keep conversations and questions flowing. 

Since it’s rise to popularity in 2020, many other social networking sites have begun developing their own audio networks, including Facebook and now LinkedIn. While Facebook is seemingly developing an audio extension of its Messenger app, LinkedIn is creating a feature that will connect with users’ professional identities, rather than their social profiles.

Clubhouse Influencer Marketing Updates

In order to keep its position as the top audio-networking app, Clubhouse has developed its very own accelerator platform for creators on the app. Titled “Clubhouse Creator First”, the platform will provide aspiring hosts and creators the chance to build their audiences, connect with brands and, most importantly, monetize their conversations. The implementation of such a platform will undoubtedly produce high-quality content—something that will put Clubhouse miles ahead of its competitors. 

The platform has said it is looking to assist 20 creators and supply the “resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life”. Aspiring creators were welcomed to apply to the platform before the deadline of 31st March. 

Clubhouse has revealed it will provide equipment (new iPhones, iRigs, AirPods…), concept and creative development with the Clubhouse team and pair creators with guests and other talent for their shows. The platform will help creators promote their shows with design services for any creative assets, promotion within and off of Clubhouse and assistance in building a loyal audience. Creators selected will be provided with a monthly stipend and matched with relevant brands in order to make their Clubhouse shows a profitable creative endeavor. If Clubhouse is unable to pair the creator with a sponsor, they will be given $5,000 a month for the three months the creator is within the program.

With the promise of monetization, Clubhouse will be able to entice creators to focus on developing their status on the audio-app over other platforms. The heavy focus on creators so far has proven effective for Clubhouse already. Clubhouse is still growing at a rapid pace and now has 12 million downloads, up from 6 million in early February. Creating a strategy for entertaining users from the moment they join will encourage them to develop their own platform presences.

This focus will also help Clubhouse keep up its exceptional engagement rate. Out of the nearly 13 million downloads, Clubhouse sees around 6.2 million weekly average users. This is outstanding considering most apps lose 75% of users within the first month. The majority of downloads are from the US, followed by Japan and then Germany.

Considering the level of effort and investment Clubhouse are putting into their creator programs, brands should begin creating and developing a Clubhouse strategy to ensure they are one of the early adopters. Clubhouse presents the opportunity for brands and influencers to be transparent through live conversations and questions. It’s easy for everyone to use—all you really need is an iPhone. While the professional microphone helps, it isn’t necessary to start off with. This means we’re seeing creators from everywhere successfully creating a strong presence on the app. 

Since Clubhouse is set on helping its creators make higher quality content, any brand content produced by them will be of a high quality. Since Clubhouse conversations are live and completely in-the-moment, it is vital that the quality is as high as it can be in order to make the maximum impact on listeners. Clubhouse content is not yet available to use off-platform, but due to the equipment provided, brands could use influencers across platforms to ensure their efforts on Clubhouse are optimised. 

Clubhouse currently has a level of authenticity and transparency that other social platforms lack. Part of this is due to the fact there are very few paid collaborations on there. While there is the potential issue that paid-influencers on Clubhouse will take away from the transparency of the app, the dedication Clubhouse is taking to help its creators thrive on the platform will help prevent this. The creator platform will help create ideal brand ambassadors on Clubhouse, meaning a real relationship can be created between brand and creator. This will help keep the authenticity of Clubhouse.

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