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Jarlsberg marketing campaign 2018

Jarlsberg® has consistently been one of the most popular brands of cheese in Norway, and most of its exports go mainly to the UK, US and Ireland. However, its popularity in the US has for the most part been amongst groups of an older age; perhaps some would say it’s known as ‘an old persons’ cheese. In response to its demographics Jarlsbergs exporter TINE decided to launch a multi-faceted marketing campaign in 2017, and it is still ongoing and evolving. This was an attempt to increase sales and appeal to a younger consumer base. The brand built its new marketing direction around the experience that might accompany consuming Jarlsberg cheese, applying it to all experiences one might have whilst consuming its product. Hence, its campaign evolved around the slogan “Life’s Best Served With Jarlsberg”.

The clear applicability of the campaign shows that it is trying to establish its brand as convenient for a younger consumer base than previously, like families with children and millennials. Within those categories also comes the trends of the current; Instagrammable food. Developing this theme, it has incorporated food bloggers to use Jarlsberg cheese in it’s recipes and post on it’s social media sites.

In addition to its campaign posts, it has set up a pop-up shop in NYC which hands out samples you can get with its digital coupons. There are chefs creating delicious treats, and many Instagram friendly set ups where people can take their photo and use the hashtag #JarlsbergNYC or tag @jarlsberg. In addition, it has invited food-bloggers to come and visit and generate interest toward the pop-up, and it will be having cheese board making classes for anyone who wants to join. Thatcheeseplate (@thatcheeseplate), an Instagram dedicated to cheese boards, has been advertising through Instagram with examples of the 6 different cheese boards it will be making at the pop-up.

Its digital marketing campaign has proven successful. TINE, the Norwegian supplier of Jarlsberg, writes in their annual report[1] form 2017 that it’s digital marketing campaign in the US was proven successful in stopping their sales and interest in sinking. They point out that there is a significant difference in the sales of Jarlsberg between the US and the rest of their export countries like the UK and Australia. In fact, they estimate that it’s marketing tactics have and will continue to positively affect Norseland Inc. sales and its position as the leading speciality cheese distributor in the US.

The #Life’sBestServedWithJarlsberg is a great example of a brand that is currently trying to become more accessible in consumers’ mind and establish itself in the marketplace through the use of digital and influencer marketing by jump-starting a social media buzz.

It is clear that wherever and whenever you get your hands on some Jarlsberg, you’ve adopted a lifestyle of appreciation for the atmosphere and memories that accompany it – so let’s have a nibble!

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