CES 2022 Roundup

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The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) made its in-person comeback last week, with tech brands of all sizes showing up to show off their exciting new products. The show returned to Las Vegas following the digital-only show in 2021, although several tech giants and media outlets elected to not attend physically due to the spike of Omicron cases. However, that didn’t stop the show from going on with a bang. 

So, what are some of the most exciting consumer electronics we can expect to see in the coming year? 

Automotive Developments 

Sony Vision-S 02

At CES 2022, Sony revealed its plans for the automotive industry: an SUV. After years of prototype testing, and an original Vision-S (revealed at the 2020 CES), Sony announced it will be setting up Sony Mobility Inc. to explore how it can enter the EV market. 

Sony Vision-S 02

Called the Vision-S 02, the vehicle will be a seven-seater, with all sets having access to its infotainment systems. The Vision-S it’s powered by two 200kW motors, helping it reach 62mph in 4.8 seconds—its top speed is rated at 149mph.

While the vehicle seems to be complete in announcement videos, we will have to wait a couple of years before we see Sony EVs on the road. Sony is taking safety incredibly seriously, and expects the vehicle to be nearly ready for road use within 2 years. 

BMW Colour-Changing Vehicle

BMW has created a colour-changing car that works in real-life. The fully electric BMW iX has body panels made from E Ink displays—the same technology you find in the screen of a Kindle ereader—in a system called ‘iX Flow’.

The digital demo showed the vehicle switched from white, to black, and back to white. Although the demo only showed these colour switches, BMW said that other colours are possible, opening up a wide variety of colour possibilities for customers. 

The E Ink panels are flexible and can be cut into different shapes, making them ideal to cover the obscure angles of a car. The panels house transparent capsules with colour pigments in; when a current is passed through, colours can be called to the surface. Only a small amount of energy is required to switch colours, meaning the battery drainage one the EV is minimal. 

VR and AR Tech

PlayStation VR2 specs

The Japanese tech giant has confirmed its next-gen virtual reality headset is on the way, called PlayStation VR2. The headset, also called PSVR 2, will debut alongside the new PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. Similar to the PS5’s DualSense controller, the new VR2 Sense controller will have haptic feedback and adaptive trigger. 

PlayStation VR2 specs

Users can expect the PSVR2 to boast a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye, with the built-in headphones making the most of Sony’s 3D Audio technology. The headset will also feature built-in six-axis motion sensing and a proximity sensor. Controller tracking will be provided by four cameras on the headset, while an IR camera will track each eye. The PSVR 2 headset will also support vibration feedback.

Kura Gallium AR headset

The new Kura Gallium AR glasses are an impressive glasses-style design that is considerably less bulky than traditional AR headsets. The glasses offer a 150-degree field of view and a resolution up to 8K—both are well above the capabilities of rival headsets. 

Kura Gallium AR headset

The Kura Gallium glasses also offer display transparency, which is at 95%. This allows the displayed image to blend seamlessly into your immediate surroundings, offering a more immersive AR experience. 

Wireless Tech 

Noveto N1 Invisible Headphones

CES is the prime location to uncover unique tech items, which is an accurate description of the Noveto N1 “invisible” headphones. The Noveto N1 appears to be a soundbar speaker, but thanks to beamforming technology, the device creates a headphone experience, without headphones. 

Noveto N1 Invisible Headphones

The N1 transmits ultrasound through the air, allowing the audio to be heard by just the user. Others in the room will only be able to hear a whisper of a sound, while the user is immersed in three-dimensional audio. If the user turns their head, motion sensors use facial recognition to track your ears to ensure the sound hits the right spot. 

This technology could be a great alternative to wearing headphones in the office, reducing listening fatigue and headaches that are a result of wearing tightly-clamped headphones for a long period of time. 

Samsung SolarCell Remote

Samsung has announced a new remote control that can charge itself via a WiFi router. By using RF signals to power up, the remote doesn’t require contact with the router to charge—it can charge itself up to 40 metres away from the router. 

Samsung launches solar remote

The remote can consistently absorb RF rays, but if left face-down, the solar panel on the back will use solar power to charge the remote. Instead of a lithium-ion battery in the remote, there is a capacity that stores small amounts of energy. Where batteries store energy chemically, capacitors do it physically, similar to static electricity. Samsung will ship it with every 2022 Samsung QLED 4K and 8K TV.

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