Growth And Discovery On Threads: An Ode To Community

September 16th, 2023 by

A common goal we all share when joining a new social media platform is finding a community to join. Being part of a like minded community enhances the social media experience and turns the platform into a space users actively want to visit and send their thoughts/content out into. 

On Threads, in particular, communities are catered for and encouraged due to the platform being text-based and set up for conversation. Through conversation is how communities best thrive. Inviting users into a space where their thoughts are reciprocated is a sure way to encourage loyal followers, and, for brands, loyal customers. 

But with Threads still yet to see some form of Thread rediscovery function, what can community hosts and community scouters do to ensure they are finding their tribe? 

A lot of the solution is owed to the Threads algorithm doing its job. The Threads algorithm showers a user’s Feed with a mix of content from those they follow and completely new accounts. This balance puts new content in front of potentially interested eyes, aiding discoverability and benefitting all parties involved. The user is presented with new content, while the creator is put in front of new eyes. 

Algorithm aside, there are other avenues content creators can explore for the sake of growth and discovery on Threads. Before we explore these, it is first important to note the state of communities on the platform, where their power lies and how they are beneficial to brands and creators looking to up their social media game. 

Community life on Threads

Compared to X, Threads is likened to a warm hug. Its group chat style offers a safe space for users to comfortably share their opinions and thoughts on things they otherwise wouldn’t on other social platforms. Engagement features such as the reply and reshare buttons aid an account’s growth and discovery on Threads by allowing other users to contribute their thoughts and get a conversation flowing. 

growth and discovery on Threads: community life

Contributing to Threads of relevance will prove to be a community host’s greatest strength if wishing to improve their growth and discovery. 

For brands, hosting communities on Threads can be great for building customer relations, strengthening your position within your industry and humanising your brand – just to name a few benefits. Threads’ more casual approach to social media and ease of access allows brands of all sizes to run their marketing efforts here. 

Today, the majority of social media platforms require brands to put their best foot forward if they want to achieve some form of online success, be it in the form of followers, engagement, traffic etc. Threads, however, allows them to re-introduce themselves without the performative facade and connect with their community members on a deeper, more human level. With the character limit set at 500, and short-form video scarce, creators and brands are forced to think more carefully about what they send out into the social-sphere. How can they attract similar audiences with just their words? 

Luckily, the key to growth and discovery on Threads is conversation. More specifically, meaningful conversations. Visual content still reigns supreme, but the modern social media user is looking for something more. Threads offers exactly this. 

growth and discovery on Threads: community life

To ensure these meaningful conversations are put into practice, community hosts must be seen to be contributing to and implementing themselves into relevant Threads across the platform. This is a great way to let your followers know where you stand on certain topics. Moreover, continuously appearing in the comments section of similar Threads will put you on the radar of potentially new community members. 

Alternatively, community growth can look a lot like the following:

Consistency: with Threads being in its infancy, it is a lot easier to rapidly grow your community through consistently posting engaging content. Studies show that accounts that publish more than 15 posts per month have an average of 50% more views than those publishing less.

Storytelling and personalisation: as a rule, those who know how to tell a story through relative and personal content receive the most engagement. To grow your community, consider infusing storytelling into your content. 

Collab with others: taking advantage of collaborating with bigger creators within your niche is a sure way to aid growth and discovery on Threads

Once your community is established, maintenance is key. On a platform like Threads, effective community management is necessary for longevity. As the epicentre of each community, conversation hosts should be looking to correctly monitor and prompt activity where necessary to ensure community members feel seen, heard and prioritised. This will make or break your growth and discovery on Threads.

Discovering your tribe on Threads

Communities are great…if you can find them. 

If you’re yet to see evidence of your community appear on your Feed, it would be wise to do the following:

Search for those you follow on other networks: it might just be a case of them not yet being active on Threads. And if they are, then go ahead and click that follow button. The algorithm will make note of who you’ve manually searched for and adapt your feed accordingly. 

Put yourself out there: growth and discovery on Threads is fed by the algorithm pushing new content and creators onto a user’s Feed and there is no reason why you can’t be among them. Instead of looking for your community, let your community come to you. Putting out relevant content might just land you in the laps of your tribe. 

The comments section is your best friend: just finding one successful, relevant Thread can open you up to a whole host of like minded users. Take time scrolling through the comments section and decide whose responses resonate. This is your tribe.

The future of growth and discovery on Threads

As your community grows and things generally progress regarding your presence on Threads, you can begin to shift into a hosting role. 

Rather than searching the platform in the hope of finding relevant Threads to insert yourself into, you should be aiming to reach a point where you drive certain Threads and the discussions that come with them. This will only aid your growth and discovery on Threads going forward. 

Being the pioneer of certain discussions taking place on the platform will not only solidify your standing here, but also increase your credibility. In turn, the aim is to carry this credibility through to other platforms on which you are present. Consumers of social media are looking to follow those deemed credible within their sector. Partly because everyone else is already following them, but largely because they know they’ll be interacting with real, thought-provoking content. The Threads creators harnessing their growth and discovery on Threads are those setting themselves up to step into this role. 

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Plus-Size Representation On Social Media: Can Pinterest Help?

September 15th, 2023 by

Societal norms regarding representation in the media are now deeply rooted in inclusivity. Genuine inclusivity. Not how an outsider thinks a marginalised group deserves to be depicted. 

Showing up is important, particularly for marginalised groups who have little to no access to their own voice. The social media platforms practising and using their privilege and reach to amplify these voices are those who are succeeding in 2023.

Since its launch, Pinterest has proved its dedication to plus-size representation on social media, creating spaces for anyone and everyone to feel seen and heard. This has earned the platform 465 million active users, with 79.5% of these being women. 

Taking this into consideration, it only makes sense that Pinterest’s next venture tackles the heavily female-focused body image epidemic in a bid to speak to its most frequented user. 

It’s answer? A new body-type technology. 


The journey to a more inclusive Pinterest starts here. Your favorite plus-size fashion tastemakers helped Pinterest develop new tech that champions diversity. Now you’ll see more body shapes, sizes and skin tones when browsing our women’s fashion and wedding categories. But it won’t stop there. Stay tuned to see this change across the platform in the coming months because inspiration starts with inclusion.

♬ original sound – pinterest

Pinterest has set out to internally reshape the platform’s algorithms to increase plus-size representation on social media within its women’s fashion and wedding-related content. Head of inclusive products at Pinterest, Annie Ta, touches on the platform’s decision to do so:

“We’re attempting to increase representation by building this proprietary, inclusive technology that powers recommendations and […] to create a diverse experience on Pinterest. We’ve learned from our users that, if you identify as a plus-size woman, you don’t only want to see plus-size fashion. And you want to see that plus-size women can be fashionable when you’re looking [for it], but you don’t want to work extra hard to find it”.

Basing the new technology off of its pre-existing skin tone technology, Pinterest will essentially widen the aperture of plus-size representation on social media. Its implementation will enable users to see more images and examples that align with their body type integrated into pre-existing content that would traditionally exclude them. 

But why now? 

Pinterest’s latest announcement comes during a time where a lot of people’s attention is focused on fashion weeks around the world. Shrouded in controversy, fashion week’s are the catalyst for discussions surrounding plus-size representation on social media and in mainstream fashion. Being a frontrunner in tackling these topics, Pinterest sets itself apart from the competition. 

Similarly, allowing plus-size women to see themselves represented in mainstream media will see many new users flock to the platform. With an increase in new users comes an increase in advertisers looking to pitch up and sell themselves. It’s a win for all parties.

How will Pinterest ensure this isn’t performative? 

Coupled with previous displays of advocacy – such as its skin tone technology implementation – Pinterest is well aware of its responsibility when it comes to amplifying the voices of silenced groups. 

Manager of inclusion and diversity at Pinterest, Megan D’Alessio, nods to Pinterest’s unique position as a primarily visual search tool to emphasise its ability to impact the future of plus-size representation on social media.

To ensure its genuineness, the new technology is reportedly built on user feedback. Users cited that they regularly had to make a number of modifications to their search requests in order to generate relevant results. In fact 52% of additional terms added to fashion searches related to plus-size, D’Alessio states. 

Moreover, Pinterest understands the importance of such movements being headed by those they represent. In keeping with this, the social media campaign for the new body-type technology will recruit Instagram model and body activist, Tess Holliday and other Pinterest creators as its hosts. 

And that’s not all.

Along with the launch of the newly-curated technology, Pinterest is also launching a new Creator Inclusion Fund dedicated to North American creators who share content related to different body types.

Interested creators can apply here.

What will Pinterest’s new technology contribute to?

In short, the plus-size movement. 

More specifically, the way brands and other social media platforms contribute to plus-size representation on social media

Multiple parties have made strides to increase the visibility of plus-size representation on social media, but, with the help of new technologies, Pinterest is able to take these even further. In 2016, Refinery 29 partnered with Getty Images to launch “Project 67 Percent”. Here, they committed to featuring plus-size women in 67% of its images across its website and socials, representing the then 67% figure of plus-size Americans. 

plus-size representation on social media: 67% project

More recently, Google began to offer marketers and advertisers best practices for body-positive representation. While we can’t be certain of the extent to which these offerings have changed the game, what we do know is that plus-size models have gained popularity and positively impacted a body-inclusive model of beauty in 2022. 

With an amalgamation of successes from past projects and a desire to be a voice for marginalised groups, Pinterest will be able to diminish the reported 60% of plus-size women who say they have trouble finding fashionable clothing in their style. In doing so, they set the standard for other social media platforms, marketers and advertisers running inclusivity efforts and plus-size representation on social media.

The proof will be in the pudding.

Pinterest’s stride will increase the number of users to the platform, making it an attractive option for marketers and advertisers. Once other social media platforms start to see an increase in various aspects of Pinterest’s workings – such as ads revenue, influencer activity and marketing campaigns – we predict the penny will drop. From here, they will see and understand the importance of showing up and amplifying the voices of marginalised groups. 

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News Just In: This Is How To Leverage YouTube Shorts

September 12th, 2023 by

With the rising demand for bite-size videos sweeping the socialsphere, YouTube Shorts continues to prove that it deserves to stand among the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Within months of its launch in July 2021, YouTube Shorts was dismantling norms and breaking records. Today, it’s hailed as the fastest growing content type on YouTube and boasts an impressive 50 billion daily views (a number we can’t quite comprehend, either!).

Considering its success, YouTube Shorts offers a viable avenue for creators looking to achieve a multitude of social media goals. From growth and revenue to visibility and traffic, knowing how to leverage YouTube Shorts is essential for anyone looking to level up their social media game. 

In other words, if you’ve not yet begun your YouTube Shorts journey, but are active everywhere else—particularly YouTube itself—then this is your sign to start. 

Luckily, YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving. To help Shorts creators, old and new, the platform has published an interview with Shorts Product Lead, Todd Sherman, in which the most common Shorts questions are answered (in detail, too). What’s even luckier is that we have dissected the interview’s key talking points and presented them to you in this article. We’ll touch on the algorithm, hashtag use and a myriad of other aspects to help you learn how to leverage YouTube Shorts, as well as what creators can expect to see in its future. 

What’s changed? What remains?

As with most social media platforms, success with YouTube Shorts is an amalgamation of success across various aspects. Think, the algorithm, video length, hashtag use, volume e.t.c. Each aspect is equally important. Once you start to nail each and every one, you’ll know how to leverage YouTube Shorts as a whole.

But what does success in each sector look like?

Let’s break it down.

Getting to grips with the algorithm

In short, YouTube’s long-form algorithm is the same as the Short’s algorithm in the sense that creators are encouraged to “think audience, not algorithm”. Where the two differ, however, is in their key indicators responsible for pushing certain content. 

YouTube videos are typically manually selected by the user, but YouTube Shorts aren’t. The user scrolls through a continuous Feed of new content and the engagement indicators (such as watch time, likes, shares and comments) it picks up along the way get fed to the algorithm to help tailor the next scroll. And so the cycle continues. 

Essentially, this means YouTube is getting smarter about showing users what they like. 

As a creator looking to learn how to leverage YouTube Shorts you can influence a user’s algorithm in many ways. High quality content tends to stop users in their tracks as opposed to pixelated videos. This increases their watch time and indicates to the algorithm that they enjoyed that particular content type. Similarly, including a CTA – such as “comment your favourite…” or “share this to a friend”- is a great way to encourage engagement and, thus, sway the algorithm in your favour. 

Extending Shorts lengths

Sherman reveals that YouTube Shorts will remain 60 seconds max due to YouTube already offering long-form options. For now, lean into the short-form video format and all it can achieve.

Custom thumbnail options

While custom thumbnails are an essential part of creating long-form YouTube content, Sherman informs us that there are no plans to enable this feature through Shorts. The decision was made based on the fact that users typically swipe through their Shorts feed, meaning they won’t technically see thumbnails anyway. 

Creators do still have the option to select a frame from their video as the thumbnail, however.

The correct hashtag usage

Here’s what Sherman had to say about hashtags.

“Sometimes a hashtag can be associated with a real world thing that’s happened, like an event […] Other times, they’re focused on topics, and I think in both those cases, creators should consider using them”

Despite the underlying ambivalence hidden in that message, we say go for it! Creators looking to learn how to leverage YouTube Shorts can harness the power of hashtags to help insert themselves into trending topics of discussion, help categorise their content and create custom hashtags that will later serve as an associating link. 

Shorts volume

And no, we don’t mean how high or low a user’s volume is set. 

Here, Sherman refers to the volume of content published to the Feed. As with most things, quality over quantity is the correct approach here. 

As established, the YouTube Short’s algorithm looks to engagement indicators to tailor a user’s experience. Lower quality content means less engagement and, therefore, less chance of continually appearing on the Feed of your target audience. Knowing how to leverage YouTube Shorts is knowing how to adopt the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

The future of YouTube Shorts

We understand the concern – particularly among OG YouTube creators – surrounding the cannibalisation of long-form video content, but Sherman reassures us that the two are entirely different entities. 

Rather than looking to YouTube Shorts as a replacement, it should instead be viewed as an accompaniment. Not only can users directly subscribe to a channel through Shorts itself, but YouTube’s Remix feature also enables the ability to turn long-form videos into Shorts; both valuable features for channel growth. 

To round off the interview, Sherman alludes to the integration of more AI elements. While he doesn’t specify what that means exactly, we can only assume that this means the incorporation of some form of AI creation tool. Whatever it may be, it will be launched with the intention of aiding those creators looking to begin their journey towards knowing how to leverage YouTube Shorts. 

Until that day comes, our advice to creators is to dive into the world of YouTube shorts, taking all that we’ve discussed above with them. Knowing how to leverage YouTube Shorts will drive the success of future posts and, thus, the future of a creator’s online presence. 

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Rockstar Girlfriends, Latte Makeup And Glazed Donut Nails: How Are Brands Keeping Up With Microtrends on TikTok?

September 7th, 2023 by

We are in the era of microtrends on TikTok

With viral aesthetic trends blowing up and falling out of fashion just as quickly, brands and creators have a very small window within which to make their mark. 

This is where microtrends offer the perfect alternative. 

Despite moving through the socialsphere even faster than a regular trend, their more subdued nature makes them easier to be taken on. Oftentimes, these microtrends will call on partakers to offer makeup or clothing recommendations to emulate the trend. In comparison to bigger, viral trends – which may call upon someone to learn a dance or try out a new editing technique – microtrends take up a lot less time, ensuring users can get their submission in before the ship sets sail. 

But if microtrends on TikTok are merely fleeting, what are their benefits? 

To better understand the impact of microtrends, we must turn to no other than the queen of aesthetics herself, Hailey Bieber. 

When taking to Instagram donning a berry-toned, flushed makeup look in several posts, the season of ‘strawberry girl summer’ was officially declared, attracting 279.8M views to the hashtag #strawberrymakeup. 

microtrends on TikTok: strawberry makeup

Naturally, her 50.3M followers began speculating the consistency of this stand-out look, but it wasn’t until Hailey posted the look featuring a Rhode sticker that they concluded that the “strawberry girl” aesthetic was, in fact, hinting at her skincare line’s pending release of berry-toned products. 

Bieber has since posted a makeup tutorial on TikTok featuring the strawberry glaze peptide lip treatment, while soft launching an upcoming cream blusher line.


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

Hailey’s use of “strawberry girl summer” for the purpose of business is just one of the many examples that have followed other famed aesthetic microtrends on TikTok

But with an endless list of things to try, how can brands ensure that they are authentically keeping up?

How can brands authentically tap into aesthetic microtrends on TikTok?

As previously mentioned, microtrends call upon partakers to list makeup products or fashion items that emulate that particular aesthetic trend. If brands don’t find themselves appearing in these lists, they may feel it necessary to insert themselves into the conversation by launching campaigns or posting content inspired by these microtrends on TikTok.

Take the “cherry cola lips” makeup trend, for example. Inspired by Kylie Jenner, makeup influencers each offered up their own “cherry cola” lip combo, earning the hashtag #cherrycolalips 37.8M views on TikTok. 

The trend has not stopped at influencers, however. Notable makeup brands have since come forward with their offerings of products from their own selected lines.


Cherry Cola lip is POPPING OFF💥🍒 This is our new fave lip combo, wbyyy🥤 #CherryCola #NYXCosmetics_UK #AffordableBeauty #CrueltyFreeBeauty

♬ original sound – nyxcosmetics_uk

Done in its usual content style – through real time swatches and close ups of each product – NYX’s contribution to this trend is able to read as authentic. By using pre-existing products, rather than launching anything new, the brand sells itself as trendy and aesthetic, proving that its products are worthy of microtrend status. 

Similarly, L’Oreal offered its own take on the “latte makeup” trend rapidly circulating TikTok in recent months. 


Latte Makeup is the trend of the moment, and we have all you need to recreate it 🥛☕️ #LOrealParis #lattemakeup #makeup #makeuptutorial #beauty #grwm #makeuproutine


Leaning into tones of copper and brown to create a blown-out, smokey makeup look, the brand created a “latte face” using only L’Oreal products. That’s a major flex in our books! Combining its regular makeup masterclass content with a TikTok microtrend puts L’Oreal at the forefront of trending content and secures its position as a go-to brand for achieving such looks. 

To what extent a brand wishes to partake in microtrends on TikTok, is entirely up to them. As shown above, some opt just for a post or two alluding to their contribution, but there are others that feel it necessary to allow the trend to dictate the creative direction of a campaign. 

REFY beauty’s latest campaign, shot on the Amalfi coast, heavily drew inspiration from the “tomato girl” look which features crisp cottons, linens, romantic silhouettes and pops of red. Honing in on the Mediterranean landscapes and blushed makeup looks, REFY saw huge spikes in engagement and reach across all channels, ultimately making its newly released tinted lip gloss collection a huge success. This is indicative of the power of microtrends on TikTok and how, if approached correctly, they can garner huge online success. 

Current microtrends on TikTok to look out for

Rockstar girlfriend


rockstar girlfriend aesthetic💌 #fashion #rockstargf #fashionvideo #makeup #hair #slay #aesthetic

♬ original sound – miles kanes biggest fan ever

Rat girl summer


🐀🧀 #ratgirlsummer #rodentenergy #summervibes #summer2023 #weoutside #selfcare


Coquette core


very casual day! 💌 you can shop all my clothes on my motom!! link in bio <3 #ootd #coquette #fashion #inspo #inspiration #fashioninspo #outfitideas #outfitinspo #outfits #cute #style #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – user11750148531

Glazed donut nails


Shop our best “glazed donut pearl chrome” now! 🐚🍩😍🫶🏼 #fyp #pearlnails #glazeddonutnails #glazeddonut #glazednails #nails #nailinspo #nailideas #nailproducts #nailhaul #nailtechlife

♬ original sound – emotionallove

Clean girl aesthetic 


Beauty essentials for the “clean girl” ✨ all products are linked in bio ☁️🤍 #ønskeskyen #ønskeskyeninspo #cleangirlaesthetic #fyp

♬ som original – 🎧

Can microtrends on TikTok offer more than just trendy content?

According to multiple sources, Gen Z are the loneliest generation. It’s no wonder they seek to romanticise the mundane, and TikTok provides them with the perfect tool to do so. 

Their penchant for online movements allows them to connect with others, while ultimately expressing themselves through their own spins on aesthetic trends. The benefit of microtrends is that “there are no barriers to entry”, states senior foresight analyst Marta Indeka. Anyone and everyone can participate with their own take, presenting their true, authentic selves to the online world and, thus, blurring the lines between spectator and insider. 

With Gen Z being in their “up and coming” era, still figuring out who they are/want to be, playing around with microtrends on TikTok offers an outlet to do so. Lola Kolade, the originator of “rat girl summer” – an antithesis to the famed hot girl summer – expresses her thoughts on aesthetic microtrends actually being a tool for self-realisation, saying that “having a little character to play with while you figure out what works for you” is relieving and desired. 

This notion also extends to brands looking to develop – or even find – their image, voice and/or aesthetic. TikTok provides the wiggle room for them to play around with new concepts, test new visuals and generally find their feet in front of a more forgiving audience than they would find on other social media platforms. 

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Famous Beauty Influencers On YouTube: Leaders Of The SFX World

September 6th, 2023 by

Graphic content warning! These beauty influencers on YouTube are known for their gory SFX creations which can leave even the strongest people feeling queasy.

YouTube is the platform we all go to for inspiration, tutorials and in-depth tips and tricks on almost everything. And what’s the number one thing that this platform works perfectly for? Makeup tutorials.

Due to the visual, long-form content that characterises YouTube, makeup is *the* perfect type of content for this platform. It’s no wonder that makeup tutorials by beauty bloggers are among the most popular content on YouTube.

What’s more, 86% of the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube were produced by makeup influencers as opposed to branded or professional content. This just shows how makeup influencers’ natural talent and unique skills heavily outshine branded beauty content. 

Today, we’ll be introducing you to the 15 most popular beauty YouTubers. These beauty influencers on YouTube have garnered immense popularity and recognition for their jaw-dropping skills and talent for using makeup in ways we cannot comprehend! 

We’ve already covered conventional beauty YouTubers, but today we’re separating the artists from the glam squad. Let’s get into it!

The top 15 SFX beauty influencers on YouTube

Promise (@dope2111)

Promise is one of the most famous makeup YouTubers, known for using her makeup skills to transform herself into famous celebrities, cartoon characters and other surreal looks. Despite starting out as a hobby, this female beauty influencer has amassed over 5.7 million subscribers and has even partnered with iconic brands such as Disney and Lush.

Mykie (@Glam&Gore)

Mykie is one of the most popular female makeup YouTubers with over 3.9 million subscribers. Just as her name suggests, her speciality is combining glam makeup with gory SFX makeup to create some of the most striking looks on YouTube. She has videos ranging from transforming herself into the Grinch, the Exorcist, and even her own dog!

Emma (@EmmaPickles)

Emma is one of the most talented beauty influencers on YouTube who specialises in horror SFX makeup inspired by clowns, vampires and fictional characters. She has over 573K subscribers and has even collaborated with 20th Century Fox for the film Maze Runner.

Charlie (@Pinkstylist)

Charlie is a makeup artist who specialises in theatrical and special effects makeup tutorials which he creates based on requests from his 2.54 million subscribers. He is well known for his quirky makeup looks where he’s transformed himself into characters like an evil tooth fairy and a nightmarish Winnie the Pooh!

Alexis (@MadeYewLook)

Alexis is a self-taught makeup artist and beauty influencer with over 2.58 million subscribers who specialises in not only SFX makeup, but also body and face painting where she completely transforms herself into fictional characters. She created her channel with the hope of making others feel beautiful for who they are – not to mention she owns a family-run business where she sells her own brand of body paint!

Bonnie (@BonnieCorbanSFX)

Bonnie is a beauty influencer who specialises in body paint and SFX makeup tutorials, creating prosthetic makeup looks inspired by creatures and monsters. Her channel has over 455K subscribers and she has collaborated with gaming company 2K – for the videogame Borderlands 3 – and even Warner Bros!

Prince (@PrinceDeGuzmanTransformations)

Inspired by his love for horror, ghouls and monsters, Prince specialises in horror and special effects makeup transformations on YouTube. He is well-known for his Pennywise makeup transformation and was even invited to attend Warner Bros’ 100th-anniversary event this year dressed as the iconic clown!

Ellinor & Macs (@ellimacssfc)

This joint channel is run by self-taught SFX makeup artist Eli and producer Macs who specialises in the visuals and voiceovers for the tutorials. With over 1.02 million subscribers, these beauty influencers on YouTube pride themselves on creating cost-efficient yet effective makeup looks for cosplay, movie production, Halloween or just for fun!

Karolina (@KarolinaGriciute)

Based in Norway, Karolina is one of the beauty influencers on YouTube  who specialises in combining beautiful makeup looks with gruesome SFX elements. She has collaborated with Beauty Bay and has even participated in the Top 30 Nordic Face Awards.

Kiana (@Freakmo)

Kiana has over 481K subscribers and specialises in SFX and prosthetics, namely hyper-realistic burns, cuts and scars, as well as monster makeup tutorials. She has collaborated with 20th Century Fox and Playstation; she even runs online courses where she teaches her SFX makeup tutorials in more detail.

Jordan (@JordanHanz)

Beauty influencer Jordan has over 539K subscribers and specialises in realistic body painting, avant-garde beauty and SFX makeup. A trained portrait artist, she uses her portraiture skills and applies this to her own skin. She has partnered with beauty brands such as NYX and aims to educate others about techniques that can be transferred to any medium of art.

Kat (@TheRealKatSketch)

Kat has over 776K subscribers and is well-known for the creative yet horrifying twist she puts on her makeup tutorials for iconic characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Alex (@AlexFaction)

Alex is a makeup artist who has a passion for SFX makeup, specifically Halloween makeup tutorials. He has 207K subscribers and his most popular video received over 2.6 million views.

Mirjana (@KikaStudio)

Mirjana is a talented beauty influencer from Serbia who creates amazing body paint illusions on her channel with over 554K subscribers. She has her own studio where she teaches her surreal tutorials; she’s also gained recognition from the BBC and The Sun for her mind-bending makeup looks.

Sydney (SydneyNicoleAddams)

Sydney creates Halloween-themed SFX makeup tutorials 365 days a year which she shares with her 41.5K subscribers on YouTube. Her iconic looks involve a mix of SFX makeup, body paint and cosplay; she’s even released her own Halloween-themed makeup palette!

These 15 beauty influencers on YouTube – with their diverse skills and creativity -are clear leaders of the SFX industry. Their talent truly shows the transformative qualities of makeup and their immense following is proof as to why this content is so addicting to watch.

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The Male TikTok Influencers Leading The Way For The Fashion Industry

September 5th, 2023 by

TikTok is the ultimate platform for male fashion influencers to shine, with 41% of Gen Z seeking style inspiration there. It’s concise and to-the-point, and male TikTok influencers are leveraging this to kick off trends going way beyond borders.

Authenticity fosters connections between users, breaking norms for inclusivity. TikTok’s canvas allows male influencers – like Wisdom Kaye and Jeff Yamazaki – to reshape fashion.

TikTok’s global reach lets these trail blazers redefine fashion, making style accessible and kicking off other-worldly trends.

These popular male TikTokers have all style bases covered, from street-cool to dressed-up dapper. Whether you’re switching looks, trying trends, refreshing your wardrobe, or seeking outfit inspo, these accounts have you covered.

Elevate your style with these fashion-first creators

Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)9.2M Followers, 310.4M Likes

Starting off our list of male TikTok influencers, Wisdom effortlessly owns every outfit as a model, but the real gold is his ingenious closet that drops game on color coordination, layers, and proportions, giving you style tips that level up your fashion game.


a platypus??

♬ original sound – Wisdom Kaye

Mark Boutillier (@mark_boutilier)141K Followers, 12.9M Likes

Think of Mark as your go-to TikTok fashion guru, spilling trends, rocking styles, and bringing humor; whether it’s pointing fingers, spotting denim chairs, or playfully poking at trends. He’s all about fashion minus the seriousness.


Thrifting an ENTIRE outfit around my the @drmartens 1460 boot… what do you think of the fit?🤔 #drmartensusa #thrifting #vintageclothes #ad

♬ Caramel Latte – Prod. By Rose

Sky Koji (@skyykojii)23K Followers, 421K Likes

On the hunt for rising Asian male TikTok influencers? Well, say hello to this potential game-changer: Sky Koji. Hailing from Japan, this micro-influencer is making waves with his revered style that effortlessly fuses “villain era” aesthetics with contemporary streetwear.


Chaos in tokyo🤝

♬ original sound – trixer


Timothy Chernyaev (@relaxitsonlyfashion)334.7K Followers, 10M Likes

Timothy brings his own male fashion influencer mojo by offering candid opinions on news and collections through his distinct TikTok videos. His refreshing take and personal style set him apart in the fashion content space.


Replying to @zoobaer101 #eliesaab

♬ original sound – relaxitsonlyfashion


Jeff Yamazaki (@jeffyamazaki) – 25.9K Followers, 334.4K Likes

Rock those chill vibes with effortlessly cool outfits that still scream “I’ve got it together.” Jeff’s also got your back with awesome Asian American Pacific Islander brands that might not be on your radar, but totally deserve a spot in your closet.


Potential Japan Outfit 🇯🇵🤔 These two pieces I got at the Ron Herman Sample Sale are definitely my favorite and I can’t wait to style them in various ways. As we get closer to September, I’m looking forward to creating more outfits that fit the vibe of Tokyo as I’ll be there for almost a whole month. Which one do you vibe with more? The shirt or pants? — #mensfashion#mensstyle#mensoutfit

♬ Blue Moon – Muspace Lofi


Jevon Henley (@blvckhoodieee) – 1.0M Followers, 30.1M Likes

Check out Jevon, aka @blvckhoodieee—he’s killing it as a male fashion influencer on TikTok, dropping styling tips, budget hacks, and even scoring big partnerships that prove he’s way more than just a “micro-influencer.”


celebrating 50 years of hip-hop by making a kendrick lamr type fit 🙂 who should i do next @Nike

♬ original sound – Jevon Henley


Benji Park (@fashionboy) – 223.7K Followers, 8.2M Likes

Meet the ‘Fashion Fairy Godmother’ himself, Benji Park—the male TikTok influencer you need to follow for a whirlwind fashion education. He’s dishing out all the goods, from movie and TV style to runway trends, and throwing in killer advice on snagging your own standout pieces.


This is what #hautecouture actually means! Since its couture week in paris here’s a little info to supplement your viewing ❤️ #fashioneducation #fashiontiktok #fashion #coutureweek #fashionshow #couturefashion #runway #couture #fashiondesigner

♬ Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy


Liam Cole (@why_wear_that) – 90.5K Followers, 2M Likes

Say hi to Liam, one of the UK’s top male TikTok influencers shaking up fashion education with his own hilarious twist. He’s breaking down fashion highlights, giving you the lowdown on style icons, and spicing it all up with his witty takes and historical nuggets.


#asaprocky #karllagerfeld #metgala #pedropascal #elonmusk #youngelonmusk #jaredleto #choupette #labrador #numetal #numetaltiktok #mattyhealy1975 #taylorswiftedit #ye #johnnydepp #barbie #ken #margotrobbie #ryangosling #juliafox #newbalance #louisvuitton #pharell #fashiontiktok

♬ original sound – Liam Cole


Dapper Dom (dapperdom) – 91.7K Followers, 3M Likes

Introducing Dom, one of the male TikTok influencers reppin’ the dads, rocking a plethora of relaxed ensembles with a dash of streetwear and prep flair. For those with a bigger build, Dom’s feed is a goldmine of style ideas.


Outfits I cant wait to wear once it cools down 🍂🍃🍁 #menswear #styletips #fall #outfitinspo

♬ rodeo dr – Gunna

Young Black Dad (@youngblackdad) – 2.7M Followers, 77.9M Likes

In this crazy world of social media, this male TikTok influencer dishes out heartwarming vibes with his little one in their living room, rocking matching outfits like white Air Force 1s and balaclavas—a virtual hug battling negativity on our feeds.


Guess the kid a great donation 😒

♬ original sound – YoungBlackDad


Phil Cohen (@thepacman82) – 168.1K Followers, 4.2M Likes

Meet the male TikTok influencer with mind-blowing creativity, boasting 4.2 million likes and a massive Instagram following, plus killer collabs with Victorinox and PANGAIA. Phil’s not just a wizard video editor and art director, he’s got those mind-blowing flatlay twists up his sleeve too.


Not sure Ashley was looking 👀

♬ LOOK AT ME – sanika • skywvker


Jake Fleming (@itsjakeflemm) – 599.2K Followers, 23.9M Likes

Say hey to LA’s very own male TikTok influencer—Jake’s a top model at Select Model Global (see his Insta for his style), dishing out niche fashion advice like backwards suit styling and cracking us up with gems like “what your sandals say about you”.


well its defintely something #fashion #viviennewestwood

♬ original sound – Morgan Presley


C Roy (@cyrilroypalmer) – 723.7K Followers, 56.7M Likes

The most nostalgic of male Tiktok influencers, Cyril resembles a blast from the past with his 2000s fashion flair, handling haters by sharing videos of his daily outfits and even rating followers’ getups, while also dropping brand insights—perfect for all you 2000s streetwear enthusiasts out there.


Replying to @Consumer of Corn this shirt and these short are the perfect combination one of my favorite #fashiontiktok #outfitinspo #styletips #fyp

♬ Love 70s remix – dustingarzamusic


Julian Carter (@juulian.c) – 345.1K Followers, 9.5M Likes

Of all male TikTok influencers, this guy is your ultimate style guide, giving style tips and testing fashion trends. However, the real standout is his DIY expertise. He shares hacks like cropping jackets and resizing pants, and even crafting a water bottle holder from plastic bags; making wardrobe personalization a breeze.


How to tailor a shirt so the sleeves actually fit correctly! This is a great tool to have in the tailoring tool box epsexially when you have a bunch of hand me doen shirts from family members #sewing #thriftstyle #styleinspo #diystyle #tailoring

♬ Phonk Beat Bornedo – Bornedo


Mathieu Simone (@mathieusimoneau) – 1.4M Followers, 41.1M Likes

This Canadian model spills the beans on male modeling life like no other. Whether he’s taking you backstage at big runway gigs or sharing his inner thoughts while strutting his stuff, his content helps demystify the fashion scene.


Thrilled to be in the new @Armani Exchange SS22 campaign #model #axchange

♬ original sound – mathieusimoneau

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The Healthy Lifestyle Influencers You Should Follow In 2023

September 1st, 2023 by

Been wondering who the best healthy lifestyle influencers are? 

The health and wellness sector has always been popular online, but in the wake of the pandemic it has been taken to another level: with an estimated worth of $54.2 billion in 2021. 

The pandemic brought with it increased demand for accessible at home workout routines; massively impacting mental health. A survey carried out by UniDays recently found that a whopping 72% of students are currently struggling with their mental health, meaning that all different areas of health and wellbeing – whether that be mental, physical or both – are at the forefront for Gen Z. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, TikTok has emerged as the perfect platform for healthy lifestyle influencer content with its format of short, casual and ‘edutaining’ videos. This popularity and demand continues well into 2023, with #healthylifestyle having over 12.8 billion views and #wellness having over 13.5 billion alone on TikTok. 

With all this in mind, keep reading to see our compilation of the top 20 healthy lifestyle influencers on TikTok currently setting the internet ablaze!

Which healthy lifestyle influencer should you follow

1. Mel – @thatgirlmel3 (363.4K followers, 10.5M likes)

Mel’s aesthetic content motivates her followers to live life to the fullest and prioritise finding a balance between healthy living and mental wellbeing


Morning routine 💌 reposting this video from yesterday 🫶🏾 #morningroutine #minivlog #adayinmylife #wellness #mindfulness #asmrsounds

♬ bellyache – speed – INDRAGERSN

2. Jade – @wellnessbyjade (443K followers, 9.7M likes)

Jade is the self-proclaimed ‘virtual bestie’ you need, who shares her advice and personal journey with self growth, mental health, women empowerment. 


Stop waiting for someone to take you on a date, do it yourself. 🩷🕺🏻 #findyourselfagain #selflove #healingjourney #mentalhealth

♬ vampire olivia rodrigo sped up – shayna ⸆⸉

3. Gracie Norton – @gracie_norton (1M followers, 15.8M likes)

Gracie is a healthy lifestyle influencer and fitness content creator who addresses many health and wellness related issues on her platform, including workouts and diet to regulate your hormones throughout your cycle, PCOS, and general strengthening exercises. 


some if the things i wish i could’ve told myself to help manage my symptoms sooner! Everyone is different, these are a few of the simple things that helped 🤍 #greenscreen #hormones #pcosawareness #pcoslife #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #routines #habits

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

4. Senada Greca – @senada.greca (2.3M followers, 19.7M likes)

Seneca grew up loving fitness as a child in Albania, but has now lived and worked all over the world training celebrities like Bebe Rexha. Her TikTok account showcases her celebrity-loved workouts, diet plans and her very toned physique to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle


Tight Abs Workout IG for more deets

♬ Speed Drive (From Barbie The Album) – Charli XCX

5. Austin Maddox – @_ausmad (15.7K followers, 305.8K likes)

Austin is a qualified Yoga Instructor who shares tips on her channel for people to follow along and learn. She also discusses the mental benefits of yoga and how physical wellbeing can massively help your mental wellbeing to form an overall healthy lifestyle


how yoga helped me regain my confidence after a toxic relationship 🤍

♬ Open Arms (feat. Travis Scott) – SZA

6. Vikki Hill – @vikkihillpt (68.9K followers, 930K likes)

Vikki is a healthy lifestyle influencer and GymShark ambassador who posts motivational gym content on her page to encourage her followers to keep up their healthy lifestyle.


Enter 2024 your healthiest best self – get started in b!0 #losefatbuildmusclefeelgood #fitnessmotivationdaily #fitnessinspo2023 #weightlossworkoutsforwomen #workoutchallenge2023 #getinshapetoday #getinshapewithme

♬ original sound – skylar

7. Vicky Justiz – @vickyjustiz (119.2K followers, 1.5M likes) 

Vicky started sharing her fitness content on YouTube in 2014, and through her content she aims to form a beautiful, international community of women that will motivate and push each other to be the best possible versions of themselves.


A lil abs workout todayyyy 🧚🏼‍♀️ this new collection is UNREAAAAL… a halter dports bra?! Say less 😮‍💨 launching on womensbest july 17th 🫶@Women‘s Best

♬ Little Things x Gypsy Woman – L BEATS MASHUP – Jorja Smith

8. Letizia Sophie – @letiziaasophie (98.9K followers, 2.2M likes) 

Letizia’s peaceful and aesthetic content encourages others to find relaxation in the everyday and to prioritise self love and care. 


Having a routine is simply the best🩷#selfcare #selfgrowth #selfgrowthjourney #healingjourney #productivity #motivation #routine #dailystructure #mindset #selfimprovement #healingjourney #mindsetmotivation #thatgirl #thatgirlaesthetic #wellnessgirl #healthyhabits #healthygirl #doneapp #growthbundle

♬ original sound – <3

9. Meg – @meg.ofitness (1.1M followers, 26.9M likes)

Meg describes herself as ‘a wanna be wellness babe’ – she keeps her generally aesthetic content real with small comments or bloopers of her morning routines before the gym and her healthy eating in a day, making her a relatable and funny person to follow in the health and lifestyle category.  


lil morning vlog✌🏼💅🏻✨ #gymvlog

♬ original sound – Meg

10. Jisu Kim – @itsjisukim (5237 followers, 66.5K likes)

Jisu Kim’s content focuses on ‘levelling up’ and being the best version of herself – which inspires others to do the same along with her. 


7 healthy habits i’m practicing in August🌼✨What are some of yours? Follow @itsjisukim to live a healthy lifestyle!! SHARE this with a friend who needs some wellness inspo and SAVE this post for future reference 🫶🏼 These are 7 healthy habits im focusing on this summer: 1️⃣drinking matcha (over coffee) after I have a well-balanced breakfast in order to stabilize my hormones. If you’re looking for a high-quality, organic, ceremonial grade matcha, i highly recommend @nekohama! You can use JISU15 for 15% off 🍵 2️⃣daily morning walk outside to get fresh air and sunshine (natural serotonin boost) 3️⃣focusing on my own journey and timeline. breaking the habit of comparing myself with others and reminding myself that I am not behind in life! 4️⃣strength train 5x/week in the gym (i’m focusing on getting stronger and building more muscle) & taking around 10k steps a day for my cardio 5️⃣reading scripture and writing down 3 things im grateful for first thing in the morning to get in the right headspace 6️⃣practicing intuitive eating and honoring my food preferences (being in touch with my hunger and fullness cues) 7️⃣creating fun memories with my friends, exploring Los Angeles, and enjoying the summer!! Are you practicing any of the same habits or routines? Let me know in the comments! . . #healthygirlhabits #healthylifestylehabits #healthygirls #changeyourlifestyle #healthylifestylechange #wellnessgirl #selfcarejourney #wellnesstips #2023glowup #healthyhabitsandroutines #augustintentions #augustgoals2023 #healthygirlsummer2023

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

11. Christian Bordin – @christianbordin (173K followers, 3.8M likes)

Christian is a healthy lifestyle influencer who takes his followers through his aesthetically pleasing fitness journey and general healthy habits like men’s skincare and his personal growth essentials. 


My personal growth, what is yours? #fyp #lifestyle

♬ starboy – speed – INDRAGERSN

12. Nicole Victoria – @wellnessbynicolevictoria (83.7K followers, 998.3K likes)

Nicole Victoria’s page focuses on tips, tricks and challenges to help her followers stay motivated when working towards being the best version of themselves and keeping a healthy lifestyle


Health And Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle🌱. #healthandwellnesstips #healthandwellnesslifestyle #healthylifestyletips #wellnessroutine #wellnesshabits #wellnesstips

♬ masquenada – 💯

13. Ally – @ally.renee1 (1.2M followers, 28M likes)

Ally’s humorous and chatty content offers advice to her followers on how to glow up physically, spiritually and mentally while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle


Replying to @🐙 🥰🥰🥰i hope this helps!! U deserve to be happy!!

♬ original sound – ally

14. Melanie  – @melaniepcruzz (1.3M followers, 36.4M likes) 

Melanie documents her fitness journey and relearning MMA fighting techniques that she used to love when she was younger on her page, taking her followers along for the ride to see her progress. 


taking one day at a time . Props to our trainer for greasing up the rusty gears

♬ fukumean – Gunna

15. Jeff – @therapyjeff (2.7M followers, 72.6M likes)

Jeff gives everyone free relationship therapy on his channel to help you to check your own toxic habits and learn to recognise them in others, so you can have a healthy mindset towards your partner, friends and family.


7 of my favorite green flags in a relationship. #therapytiktok #mentalhealth #relationshiptips #dating #greenflags #datingadviceformen

♬ original sound – TherapyJeff

16. Evelyn – @evelynturina (1.1M followers, 17.7M likes)

Evelyn’s page focuses on healthy weight loss and offers tips and routines to eat, exercise and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Beginner Weight Loss Journey! At home workout, no jumping and no noise! You can also perform it in the hotel room if you’re on holidays #hiitworkout #weightlosstipsforwomen #athomeworkout #beginnerworkout #fatburningworkouts

♬ original sound – Evelyn Turina

17. Michael Chernow – @michaelchernow (195.5K followers, 1.9M likes)

Michaels podcast style videos focus on discussing fitness, health and wellbeing related issues. 


Fam, dropping you two ways to easily increase your wellbeing RIGHT NOW. Don’t sleep on number two. 👆🏼 #lifeadvice #lifecoach #lifecoaching #fitness #wellbeing #walking #lifetips #lifetip #getoutside

♬ (TRAINING DAY) – Instrumental – RayKeyz

18. Dr Karan Raj – @dr.karanr (5.2M followers, 325M likes)

Dr Karan Raj is an NHS doctor who uses his platform to debunk medical myths and raise awareness of things that are genuinely part of a healthy lifestyle in a light-hearted and humorous manner.


Hey is that bee pollen you’ve got there or anecdotal data?

♬ original sound – Dr Karan Raj

There you have it, the top 20 healthy lifestyle influencers to help motivate, inspire and drive your next bout of self-care rituals.

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Discoverability On Threads

August 30th, 2023 by

Threads is still in its infancy. Unfortunately a lot of features are yet to be implemented when it comes to improving discoverability for brands, creators and communities. 

Features such as hashtags, a trending conversations tab and ads are still not readily available for use and the Threads algorithm is yet to see some level of customisation and chronology. Currently, the Threads algorithm offers a balanced mix of posts from those one follows and algorithm-selected posts from new accounts. While this is beneficial to those seeking new communities to join, we understand that not everyone enjoys this mix. Recently, Threads launched the Following tab on the platform. This offers users some level of control over who they wish to see and interact with. 

In the meantime, there is technically no right or wrong way for brands and creators to run discoverability efforts. However, leading industry experts claim that, while we wait, the trick to improving discoverability on Threads lies within conversation contribution. Simply being involved in relevant Threads will put you in good stead for appearing in front of your target demographic. 

Unfortunately, rediscovering Threads is also not yet a possibility. This means that just contributing to a select few relevant conversations will not be enough to get your name out there and improve your discoverability on Threads. Instead, offering sound thoughts to multiple conversations will ensure you are constantly appearing in front of the right audiences. 

But until these features are launched, our advice is to spend time finding your voice on the platform before diving right into business. This way you can assess the nature of the audiences you are trying to reach and tailor your targeting strategy accordingly; ultimately enhancing your discoverability on Threads.

Finding your voice on Threads

One of Threads’ distinct advantages is its focus on Thread discoverability. Thanks to its algorithm promoting new content on feeds, users can easily explore and discover Threads beyond their immediate network, providing ample opportunity for brands and creators to expand their reach. To leverage this, brands and creators should optimise their Threads for discoverability. This could look like the following:

For brands this looks a lot like implementing themselves into multiple relevant conversations—avoiding spam-like behaviour of course. For example, skincare brands could offer advice in the comments section of a Thread exploring a particular skincare concern. Presenting as a valuable source of information and authoritative figure within this space will prompt interested users to explore your profile and, then, your brand. 

Similarly, creators can leverage their ability to slot themselves into relevant conversations to appeal to their target audience and benefit their existing community. This could involve joining conversations about the future of Threads and how they wish to see it evolve for the sake of creators connecting with their communities. Multiple users have expressed their desire for a real-time, chronological feed. This will make comments more relevant and invite new followers to interact. 

Adam Mosseri has since commented on the concerns regarding the platform’s feed, saying that “both Instagram and Facebook have chronological feed options, so yes, we are going to bring one to Threads too”. 

Threads’ association with Instagram also works in the favour of both brands and creators. The ability to share individual Threads to one’s Instagram Story puts content in front of a new audience of people who may not have downloaded the app yet. This is somewhat of a double-edged sword, however. While this boosts discoverability, it also takes away a user’s need to go to Threads itself to actively discover content. This only adds to the rise in the passive consumption of content, as users are becoming more and more used to seeing cross-platform content appear on their preferred network, potentially hindering Threads’ initial sign up success. 

If resharing Threads content to Instagram is part of your strategy, then by all means, do so. However, our suggestion is to carefully select those which are most likely to persuade your target audience to download the app to discover more about your activity on the platform. 

What will discoverability on Threads look like post-feature rollout?

As with all social media platforms, relevant keywording, hashtagging and engaging titles are all non-negotiables when it comes to improving discoverability. As we predict, Threads will be no exception. 

The issue users are currently faced with is the inability to rediscover Threads of interest. However, appropriately embedding discoverable hashtags and keywords into your content will ease the task of searching for your profile. These can also be included in your Thread replies to important and relevant topics of conversation. When a user searches for you on Threads they will be able to learn of your opinions and interactions with others, rather than just how you present yourself on your own profile.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room…ads. 

The question on everyone’s lips is “when can we expect to see ads rolled out on Threads?”. Zuckerberg’s answer? Once Threads hits 1 billion sign ups. However, with the EU falling seriously far behind due to Meta legislation issues, we’re not sure we can expect this any time soon. A more realistic timeline has since been presented by Mosseri who, in a podcast, explained that ads are the “most likely direction”, however, Meta is not focused on their rollout at all right now. 

If and when they are implemented, there is no denying that ads on Threads will be huge. A new platform means new activity and new data and, therefore, new ways to learn what users like and dislike. If Threads continues to grow at the rate it has been, inventory on Threads will increase and cost will decrease, paving the way for ads that may not have been profitable, to be profitable with lower costs. 

Our prediction is that the delay in the introduction of ads to Threads will push creators and brands to adopt a truly culturally-fluent, organic social strategy. Instead of rushing into uncertain business strategies, influential accounts should take the time to bask in the simplicity of Threads. The most beneficial business move that can be made is to let audiences shape the future of Threads and then figure out where brands and creators can slot in; all with the intention of adding to communities and, therefore, having a truly purposeful and effective role on the platform. 

Discoverability on Threads remains a new and relatively untouched subject matter. To some this is seen as a setback, as a clear, successful strategy is not yet evident, but to others the freedom to approach one’s discoverability on Threads strategy how they wish is, in fact, beneficial. New approaches pave the way for new marketing techniques and, in turn, paint Threads as a pioneer in the online marketing space. 

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X Marketing Campaigns: The Guide to Ultimate Success

August 30th, 2023 by

X marketing campaigns are a great way to keep your audience informed about important topics and current affairs all while promoting your brand’s products/services.

X is a text-based conversational social media platform known for its insight capabilities into just about anything from current affairs to trending topics, often sparking discussions and topical debates worldwide. 61.2% of people say X is how they keep informed. 

Take it as a virtual town hall housing the brave and the bold as it sees a departure from video & photo-first social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This means that the type of businesses seen using the platform seek to communicate with their audiences, and it’s evident when 76% of users are motivated to purchase a product based on X conversations. 

This blog will perform a deep dive into some of the companies seen using the platform to define how they use X for business marketing.  

But before we get started, we must address the elephant in the room…Threads.

While there is a current constant buzz around Threads, Meta’s direct competitor to X, it should not be a platform we undermine – after all, a little bit of competition breeds innovation; however, we’re here to emphasise that, new doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

X has established itself for over a decade – while being formerly known as Twitter – and is firmly stuck in the ever-expanding social web of platforms. It breeds expansive opportunities for brands and businesses to create and optimise a killer X marketing campaign – dare we say, marketing campaign across the board and therefore should not be undermined!

Which companies have the best X marketing campaigns?

When looking at the likes of brand giants Starbucks and Playstation, both are responsible for some of the best X marketing campaigns, after gaining high traction through using X to increase engagement and spark conversation.

Starbucks interacted with its audience during Christmas 2015, by embracing the “controversy” around their red Christmas cup not being “Christmassy” enough. Starbucks showed off the cup in different colours through varied formatting like a cover photo or gif, fully utilising X’s UI. 

They took this further by retweeting followers and sparking debates around coffee, all derived from a simple red cup. Crazy? Cool? You decide.

X marketing tips and tricks

1. Understand how to devise a killer X Marketing strategy 

Creating an X marketing campaign may sound daunting, but stick with us and you’ll be a pro in no time.

The very essence of an X marketing campaign revolves around executing a marketing strategy that elevates your business/brand on X and it all starts with creating content that promotes your brand. We know it sounds simple, but by doing this, you create a butterfly effect, resonating with your followers and attracting new audiences to your business. 

Simply put, your X marketing strategy attracts your target audience and boosts conversions, ultimately increasing ROI and other business goals. It elevates your persona and defines a concrete tone of voice on X and beyond!

X marketing strategy key takeaways:

  1. Conduct research into your Target audience. 
  2. Create creative and engaging content that aligns with your brand persona.
  3. Implement a content calendar to schedule your posts accordingly.
  4. Conduct a marketing analysis based on your strategy to measure your X marketing campaign results. 

2. Successfully implement X 

Next, we discuss using X for your business and the tools and tricks accessible to produce a successful X marketing campaign. Remember to tailor these pointers to your design depending on your company size, industry and specific goals. It’s all transferable! 

Action steps:

  1. Personalise your profile to create a unique online presence. For example, creating a handle and header or writing a solid profile biography to enthral your audience and convert them into your fans! 
  2. Engage in proactive commenting with your community to spark interactive X chats. You can do this by liking a post or replying back directly. 
  3. Curate specialised X  lists tailored to your needs to collate and organise specific accounts you want to follow. 
  4. Get verified on X  to come across as authentic and legitimate to your audience.
  5. Focus on building your follower count and appeasing their needs by making unique and shareable content that resonates with them. You can do this through unique hashtags, giveaways, polls and X influencer marketing! 
  6. Implement specific keywords in your ads to spark conversation and engagement towards your audience through particular words that can fall on your content. The only keyword aspects you need to know about are search keyword targeting and timeline keyword targeting. In a nutshell, search targeting allows your content to appear to those who have searched similar topics, while timeline keyword targeting enables platforms to target X users based on keywording in their recent Tweets.
  7. And finally, it’s time to get organised. Start with devising a schedule to regulate and track what time you post and how frequently you post. 8–10 AM and 6–9 PM on weekdays, when people are commuting to and from work, is your best bet. 

To accommodate your super duper schedule, here are the key metrics you should track (depending on your business objectives) to leverage your X marketing campaign.

 Engagement: retweets, follows, replies, favourites, and clicks. 

Impressions: number of times your tweets appeared on one of your TA’s pages.

Hashtags: Look at your hashtags and evaluate which ones are being predominantly received by your audience. 

Top tweets: Analyse which of your tweets garner the highest engagement. 

Your users: Stay updated on the success of your contributors, the ones with admin access to your account. Analyse their tweets’ performance to adopt their effective strategies frequently or remove them if needed.

So there you have it, guys; you’ve read through all our top tips for executing a perfect X marketing campaign

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How To Stream on Twitch: Your Ultimate Guide To Twitch Streaming

August 22nd, 2023 by

Wondering how to stream on Twitch? You’ve come to the right place!

In May 2023, Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, had 7.25 million active streamers, which showcases just how many unique personalities and gaming niches feature on the platform. 

There is a wide variety of gaming content that is suitable for Twitch streaming. This ranges from strategy games to battle royale games or MMO games. Twitch livestreams can also be placed into categories such as Just Chatting, where the user isn’t playing any video game but rather just having a conversation with their followers and often reacting to popular content online.

A short list of the top streaming categories showcasing the best games to stream includes:

  1. Just Chatting – 420,000 Average Viewers
  2. Grand Theft Auto V – 281,000 Average Viewers
  3. League of Legends – 164,000 Average Viewers
  4. VALORANT – 123,000 Average Viewers
  5. Dota 2 – 91,000 Average Viewers

How to stream on Twitch: The Technical Elements Of Streaming

In terms of the technology and equipment that is required to stream there are several requirements to creating a smooth, pleasant to watch Twitch livestream for your viewers.

In terms of system requirements for live streaming, broadcasting a Twitch stream consumes additional system resources. This means that you need to make sure that you have enough computing power – for example for PC games usually at least 8 gigabytes of RAM is recommended. In terms of an operating system a minimum of Windows 7 is required. For live streaming via video game console the specifics are less important, just checking the version of console you have is support for Twitch streaming is usually sufficient.

In terms of a webcam, this is also a very important feature for many streamers. Although Twitch livestreams do not require a camera, the majority of successful channels with large followings on the platform feature a person, visually. Webcams that deliver HD-quality images are perfect for this purpose.

The microphone is arguably the most important component, after the picture quality of a Twitch livestream. Decent sound quality allows for seamless viewing of a livestream, and audio commentary allows for your personality to shine through to your audience. This can be done with a simple headset microphone, however for the best sound quality a standalone USB microphone is recommended.

You also need to have enough bandwidth on your internet connection, if this is not the case your Twitch livestream will either appear haltingly to your audience or potentially not transmit at all.

Once you have met the requirements, read on to find out exactly how to stream on Twitch.

How to stream on Twitch: Initial Setup

Install Streaming Software

OBS is an example of a popular streaming software. This runs with Windows, MacOS or Linux and allows for you to set up and customise your settings for broadcasting your PC screen and game on to Twitch.

Creating a Twitch Channel

The next step is to create a Twitch account from which your audience can see your livestreams. If you go to the Twitch homepage and click the register button in the top right of the navigation you can choose a username, password and link your email address.

Once you have entered your information you will be required to confirm your email address via a verification link. Once you have clicked this your account will have been created.

Setting up your Twitch Channel

Once you have completed the registration process you will be able to customise your Twitch profile further. This includes setting a display name, profile picture, changing your channel design and settings on automatic hosting, parental controls and moderation of your chat.

Configuring your Twitch Channel

Once you find the dashboard in the user menu, you can use this to change your stream information such as Title and Game Category.

Linking Broadcasting Software to Twitch

Once you have launched the OBS program, look for the term ‘Stream’ in the settings. The most important step in linking the accounts is placing your Stream Key into your OBS settings. This can be found in the Twitch dashboard settings and should not be shared with others.

Start your Twitch channel

Starting a stream on Twitch via OBS is pretty straightforward, once in the OBS interface you just need to right click and add a game capture. Before going live you can click Studio Mode to preview all the elements of your stream and then click Start Streaming to go live on Twitch.

Streaming on PS4

To stream on PS4 you simply need to download the Twitch app via the PlayStation store, which is free. You then need to start playing the game you want to stream, click the Share button on the PS4 controller and then click Transfer Game and select Twitch in the next menu.

Streaming on Xbox One

The Xbox One has its own free Twitch app you can download from the Xbox store. Once the app is open it will lead you through the process of connecting your accounts. Again, using the Transfer and Start Transfer options when prompted, will allow you to go live, however first you should give your stream a Title and select the desired game you will be streaming.

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