The Snapchat Renaissance of 2023

May 23rd, 2023 by

Snapchat slipped off the map slightly in the past few years, but new Snapchat updates have given the platform a new lease of life. 

With Snapchat updates including new monetisation features for Snap creators, a brand new AI bestie, larger options for discovery and sharing, and more interactive marketing features, Snapchat is set to become a dream for users, brands and creators. 

Snapchat Updates: Engagement insights

As of 2023, Snapchat has over 383 million active users, and over 350 million Spotlight users, which is also showing a 170% uplift in annual viewership. 

The audience is still skewed towards younger audiences, with the majority aged between 18 and 24, but this can climb up to 35. 

But what are the updates the platform has implemented to keep this number climbing, and more importantly, will they work?

Snapchat Updates: Creator

Creator monetisation: Crystals

Snapchat’s update for creator monetisation has made the platform become a creator favourite, attracting some of social’s biggest names. Snapchat’s Snap Stars revenue stream reportedly splits revenue 50/50—a significantly more lucrative split than other platforms offer. 

Creators within Snap Stars are paid in Crystals—the exchange rate works out to $1 to 10 Crystals, and can be paid out once a creator has earned over 1,000 Crystals (or $100). 

Snapchat also allows Stars to earn through gifts. This is where users essentially tip their favourite creators by sending sticker-like or filter gifts, to even more expensive items like Bitmoji outfits and Lenses. Users need to purchase Snap Tokens in order to send virtual gifts.

Stories Revenue Share Program

Creators with over 50K followers, 25M views, or 12 hours of view time are eligible for Snapchat’s Stories Revenue Share Program. Creators within the program can place ads within their Stories, generating recurring revenue. 

The Program allows users over 18 to share their Story content with friends and a wider audience from one account, and even schedule Stories to go live at any time. Scheduled Stories is particularly useful given Snapchat’s new feature of tagging locations. 

Snapchat Updates: New features 


One of Snapchat’s newest features is MyAI—an artificial intelligence bestie for Snapchatters. The tool can hold a conversation, help you find gift ideas, answer trivia, and more. Users can start a chat with the bot just as they would with a real friend. 

Snapchatters can even bring their AI into group chat conversations by @’ing them, and asking questions on behalf of the group. 

The bot was initially only available to Snap+ subscribers, but has since rolled out to all users. The bot has gone viral on multiple other social platforms for people posting funny conversations, but also for safety concerns. 

The AI bot is still learning and developing, and runs on a custom version of AI tech provided by ChatGPT’s maker OpenAI. The bot can often switch from responsible adult to mischievous friend within the same conversation.

After Dark

After Dark is Snapchat’s edited version of BeReal. It’s where users can make and send content to their friends after 8PM, but recipients can only view the content after posting their own Story. The feature was added to allow users to create a space to “relive last night’s escapades.” 

This feature can not only be used by Snapchatter, but brands. Brands could post exclusive After Dark discount codes and deals to their most loyal fans. 

Snapchat Updates: Marketing opportunities 

AR Enterprises Services (ARES)

ARES allows brands to use AR tech to enhance brand experiences for users through the Shopping Suite. Through the Shopping Suite, users can access three AR elements; the 3D Viewer, AR Try-On, and the Fit Finder. Tools available within the Shopping Suite work in tandem to provide bespoke virtual shopping experiences for brands and users. 

Snapchat has been at the forefront of AR tech since its conception. ARES has made third-party integrations seamless, offering a fluid shopping experience to users that brands can leverage. AR tech makes shopping interactive and fun for users.

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Using Instagram Reels Hashtags to Increase Engagement During Pride Month

May 16th, 2023 by

It’s no secret that social media content is becoming more and more saturated, making it increasingly more difficult for brands and creators alike to stand out from their competitors. 

Luckily, through extensive social listening and years of trial and error, we now know which variables affect growth and engagement online and can tune into these to help you take your marketing efforts this Pride month, up a notch.

Instagram is a frontrunner when it comes to achieving exceptional social media marketing results. Its more recent introduction of Reels has made it even easier for more brands and creators to elevate their content and widen their reach. Just like usual hashtag strategies, a careful selection of Instagram Reels hashtags can ensure that this content is seen by the right people and engaged with sufficiently. The Instagram Reels algorithm also highly favours hashtags that are intentionally set and follow the basic rules when it comes to hashtag best practices. Click here for more information on how you can use the Instagram Reels algorithm to your advantage.

If you are unsure where to begin with your Instagram Reels hashtags strategies, then hiring the help of an Instagram marketing agency is the best way to alleviate your worries. The agency experts will handpick trending hashtags to help elevate and circulate your content. However, if you are ready to take on the challenge alone, then keep reading for all you need to know about maximising your Pride month marketing efforts using Instagram Reels hashtags.

Let’s begin!

Top trending Instagram Reels hashtags 

The top 30 trending hashtags for your Reels are:

  1. #reels
  2. #reelsinstagram
  3. #reelsvideo
  4. #reelitfeelit
  5. #reelsindia
  6. #holareels
  7. #reelsbrasil
  8. #reelsteady
  9. #outfitoftheday
  10. #reelseat
  11. #instagramreels
  12. #viralvideos
  13. #reelsinsta
  14. #reelsofinstagram
  15. #k
  16. #music
  17. #reelsportswear
  18. #reelshutter
  19. #bhfyp
  20. #outfitinspiration
  21. #disney
  22. #tiktokindia
  23. #videooftheday
  24. #instareel
  25. #streetwearstyle
  26. #foryoupage
  27. #fyp
  28. #instafeeds
  29. #indianreels

Consider mixing some of the top trending Pride hashtags into your caption to maximise your reach:

  1. #pride
  2. #gay
  3. #LGBT
  4. #love
  5. #loveislove
  6. #LGBTQ
  7. #instagay
  8. #gayboy
  9. #pridemonth
  10. #gaypride

How to find Instagram Reels hashtags to incorporate into your captions


Instagram’s search function is known to benefit creators and brands in more ways than one. 

To conduct hashtag research, simply type your keyword into the search bar and click on the ‘Tags’ tab. From here, you will see the most popular hashtags used in relation to your keyword, with the number of posts containing that hashtag next to it. 

For example:

Instagram Reels hashtags search example for clothing

Competitor research

Without blatantly copying them, it is wise to look to your competitors when putting together your list of Instagram Reels hashtags. You are most likely aware of the top performing brands and creators within your industry, so take a look at their top performing Reels and make note of the hashtags used and in what way they are being used. 

Other social networks 

Taking trending hashtags from other social networks – particularly TikTok – that haven’t yet caught on over on Reels is a great way to skyrocket content to the top of the trending list.

Social listening

Making use of social listening tools is vital if you want valuable information about what your target audience wants from your brand. What’s great is that this data can be applied to hashtags too. 

Top trending Instagram Reels hashtags according to industry

Fitness Instagram Reels hashtags 

  1. #fitness 
  2. #fitnessmotivation
  3. #fitnessreels
  4. #health
  5. #lifestyle
  6. #gymlife
  7. #muscle
  8. #instagood
  9. #gymmotivation
  10. #beastmode

Travel hashtags 

  1. #travelling
  2. #travelblogger
  3. #traveling
  4. #travel
  5. #travelmore
  6. #travelbug
  7. #traveldiary
  8. #instatravel
  9. #travelholic
  10. #travelers 

Food hashtags 

  1. #mealsandreels
  2. #foodgasm
  3. #yum
  4. #eat
  5. #foodpics
  6. #dinner
  7. #foodpic
  8. #lunch
  9. #foodphotography
  10. #breakfast

Fashion hashtags

  1. #fashion
  2. #fashionstyle
  3. #fashionmodel
  4. #fashionweek
  5. #fashiongram
  6. #style
  7. #styleblogger
  8. #styleblog
  9. #makeupforever
  10. #beautytips

Funny hashtags 

  1. #funny
  2. #memes
  3. #funnymemes
  4. #dailydose
  5. #memestagram
  6. #funnyreels
  7. #funnymeme
  8. #funnyvideo
  9. #comedyreels
  10. #lol

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Understanding the TikTok Algorithm in 2023

May 15th, 2023 by

The TikTok algorithm is notoriously tricky.

Social media is no longer about posting whatever, whenever. There is an art to achieving success.

Getting to grips with a platform’s algorithm is crucial. It is responsible for what content is shown on a person’s feed and, from a brand’s perspective, determines which people are most likely to engage with it by displaying it to an appropriate audience. 

In the past, we’ve delved into the Instagram algorithm and even the Instagram Reels algorithm, but in today’s hot seat is the world’s most talked about social media platform, TikTok. 

The TikTok algorithm works so flawlessly that it keeps users hooked on their For You Page for hours. But how does it do this?

This blog will not only tell you how, but also reveal ways in which you can work with it to give your content a fighting chance of beating the myriad of competing content that awaits.

TikTok Algorithm: “There’s no magic formula”

One of the most interesting things about the TikTok algorithm is that it doesn’t rely on a user directly indicating whether they like something through a thumbs up or a save in order to decipher which content to feed them. Uniquely, it actively tests its own series of predictions by examining a user’s response to the videos it thinks they’ll like. 

Ever scrolled through your FYP and wondered how you ended up seeing gymnastic content or hairdressing videos? The TikTok algorithm is constantly working overtime to learn what type of content a user likes and engages with and what they prefer to ignore. If it thinks you like Formula One it will begin showing you videos of supercars and gauge your response to them before showing you more similar content. This is why there is an endless stream of content on the FYP. The algorithm wants to learn everything about you to give you the best experience possible!

TikTok now shows you why a particular video was recommended to you in your FYP! ✨ #tiktoknews #socialmedianews #tiktokfeature #fypexplained #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Later

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

In the past, social platforms would keep their algorithms a secret. This makes sense since a platform’s algorithm is what makes it unique. But in recent years sceptics have arisen questioning how their interests and behaviours have been tapped into by said platforms. This has forced many social media heads to be more transparent about their inner workings. Fortunately for us, this means we now know some of the key ranking signals the TikTok algorithm uses. They are as follows:

User interactions

The TikTok algorithm bases recommendations on a user’s interactions with content on the app. What kind of interactions?

  1. Which accounts you follow
  2. Comments you’ve posted
  3. Creators or sounds you’ve chosen to hide
  4. Videos you’ve liked/shared
  5. Videos added to favourites
  6. Videos marked as ‘Not Interested’
  7. Videos you’ve reported as inappropriate
  8. Longer videos you watch until the end
  9. Content you create
  10. Interests you’ve displayed by interacting with organic ads

Video information

Video information signals are based on the content you actively seek through Discovery and Search. This can include: 

  1. Hashtags
  2. Sounds
  3. Captions
  4. Effects
  5. Trending topics

Location and language

The TikTok algorithm recognises a user’s device settings (language and video) when deciding who may be interested in a video.

Some of the device and account settings picked up by the algorithm are:

  1. Language preference
  2. Type of mobile device
  3. Country setting
  4. Posting location


Trending sounds and songs are to TikTok what hashtags are to Twitter. They are crucial to a user’s experience. The TikTok algorithm knows this and categorises content based on what trending audio a user either engages with or uses in their own content.

What’s not included in the TikTok algorithm?

The following are NOT recommended by the algorithm:

  1. Duplicated content
  2. Content you’ve already seen
  3. Content the algorithm flags as spam
  4. Potentially upsetting content
  5. Unoriginal, low-quality, QR code content
  6. Inauthentic or misleading content

Ways to hack the TikTok algorithm

As the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. The same applies to social media algorithms. From a creator’s perspective, working with the TikTok algorithm, rather than against it, is a sure way to boost performance and encourage growth, but what does this look like exactly?

Find your niche 

The nature of the TikTok algorithm makes finding existing communities to engage with, crucial. This is because, unlike other social media platforms where people spend their time engaging with accounts they already follow, TikTok users spend 70% of their time on the FYP discovering new accounts/content. If you can use the FYP to tap into a new community, you’re then likely to be amplified to the correct audience from then on. 

Some of the top communities currently circulating TikTok are:



love these books so much🫶🏻 #fyp #booktok #bookclub #bookrecs #books #read #bookhaul #sadbooks #sad

♬ original sound – 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐄



#tiktokfood #asmr

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – バヤシ🥑Bayashi – バヤシ🥑Bayashi



Shower cleaning 🫧🤩 #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #cleaning #showercleaning #showerclean #shower #cleanwithme #cleaninghacks #cleaningmotivation #asmr #asmrcleaning #asmrclean #momcleaning #fy #fyp #foryou #momsoftiktok #asmrsounds

♬ original sound – Val | Cleaning & Organizing

Understanding your niche will allow you to create content that connects authentically with the relevant audience, enhancing credibility, brand loyalty and gaining even more exposure for your brand. TikTok users want brands to take this approach, with 76% of them saying they like it when brands are part of special interest groups. 

Optimise for search 

TikTok’s algorithm is prepped and primed for search engine optimisation. Its endless stream of content means almost every question typed into the search bar is met with a result. SEO relies heavily on keywording, a practice that all TikTokers can begin to incorporate into their content through hashtags, on-screen text and captions. Just like Google, TikTok will prioritise content that makes the most use of this keywording practice. 

Using hashtags is a great way to categorise your content, but using relevant hashtags that incorporate keywords will signal to the TikTok algorithm what your content is exactly about. For a more in-depth look at TikTok SEO strategies, click here.

Create high-quality content

As previously mentioned, the TikTok algorithm does not favour low-quality content. This isn’t to say you must go and buy the latest, most expensive equipment. Your phone quality will more than suffice, as long as you pair it with good lighting, a decent microphone and some above average editing skills. 

TikTok allows for videos to be anywhere between 5 seconds to 10 minutes in length, however, experts suggest always ensuring your videos are over 10 seconds to leave a lasting impression. 

TikTok also suggests users make the most of its built-in features like trending effects and text treatments, as these are capable of boosting your chances of appearing on the FYP.


Tiktok editing tutorial, if you are thinking of editing Tiktok videos in the app this is going to be super helpful for you. Learn video editing #videoediting #editing #tiktokediting #howtoedit #editingtutorials

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Post at the right time for your audience

Active engagement is a key ranking signal of the TikTok algorithm, therefore you should be posting when your audience is most active. Click here for more information on how to find out more about your audience’s online activity and the best times to post on TikTok.

Be real, be you!

Unlike other social media platforms where a polished image gets you far, this isn’t the case on TikTok. 

  1. 65% of users agree that professional-looking videos from brands feel out of place or odd on TikTok.
  2. 78% of users agree that the best brands on TikTok create videos on all sorts of topics and interests.
  3. 77% of users like it when brands reveal more about themselves.
  4. 44% of users want to see something fun or entertaining from brands who advertise on TikTok.
  5. 64% of users prefer seeing ‘everyday people’ advertising products as opposed to celebrities.


What is the TikTok algorithm?

A set of key ranking signals TikTok uses to determine which content makes it to a user’s FYP.

What are the algorithms top ranking signals?

  1. User interactions
  2. Video information
  3. Location and language 
  4. Audio

How do you beat the TikTok algorithm?

  1. Find your niche
  2. Optimise for search
  3. Create high-quality content
  4. Post at the right time for your audience
  5. Use relevant hashtags 
  6. Use trending audio
  7. Experiment with new features
  8. Engage with similar creators
  9. Create accessible content 
  10. Be you!

What is the current TikTok algorithm in 2023?

In 2023, TikTok bases recommendations on a user’s interactions with the content it provisionally shares. 

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

TikTok uses the key ranking signals (mentioned above) to further suggest content it believes a user is most likely to interact with and like.

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A Month in Fashion: April 2023

April 27th, 2023 by

Every month we roundup the social media highlights we’ve seen in the fashion world. From weird and wonderful collaborations, new AR tools, and clever creatives—keep reading to find out who’s been busy!

Fashion Spotlight: Social


Our social crown goes to Jacquemus this month. The luxury brand has gone viral across social platforms for its kooky and out-there fashion installations and event invitations. The brand has embraced the silly posting that’s capturing people’s attention on TikTok, and brought it into the real world.


Did you pass by our instalation in paris ? #JACQUEMUS

♬ son original – Jacquemus


Who’s for toast? 🍞 Visiting the Jacquemus pop-up in Galeries Lafayette Paris #jacquemus #galerieslafayette #paris #fy #fyp #toast

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

Fashion Spotlight: New Tech

Zalando to launch AI fashion assistant 

Zalando is launching a fashion assistant powered by ChatGPT across its app and web platforms. With the new assistant, customers will be able to navigate Zalando’s product catalogue using their own terms and prompts, making the process more intuitive. The assistant will be able to provide the customer with relevant recommendations, with conversation to further refine the results.

Fashion spotlight: Zalando AI chat

Fashion Spotlight: New Collaborations

Lacoste x Netflix

Lacoste has collaborated with Netflix, remodelling its iconic crocodile to honour the streaming platform’s top shows. The genderless Netflix & Chill range tapped into the global series: Stranger Things, Elite, Lupin, Money Heist, The Witcher, Sex Education, Shadow and Bone, and Bridgerton. The Netflix x Lacoste collaborative collection is available at select stores as well as Lacoste and Netflix websites.

Fashion Spotlight: Netflix x Lacoste


Lieb das Demogorgo-dil 🐊 #lacoste #crocodile #netflix #netflixde

♬ Originalton – NetflixDE

Fashion Spotlight: Content

Calvin Klein: Get Dressed With…

To promote its new collection inspired by Y2K fashion, Calvin Klein worked with influencers to create outfit inspo in a VR spinning wardrobe, reminiscent of a Y2K fashion game. Content was posted as In-Feed Ads, and was supported with additional videos on the influencers’ own channels.

@Calvin Klein

The Y2K wardrobe. Get dressed with @josefmiichael.

♬ Promoted Music – Calvin Klein

@Calvin Klein

The Y2K wardrobe. Get dressed with @curlyfrysfeed.

♬ Promoted Music – Calvin Klein

Jack Wills: #TechRange

Jack Wills has been working with popular UK fashion and lifestyle influencers to promote the launch of its new Tech Range collection. Influencers created GRWM videos or edited videos showing multiple outfits. Content was posted to influencers’ own channels, and reposted to the Jack Wills brand account. The campaign hashtag #techrange has over 6.4M views to date.


Get ready for the ultimate Y2K collection of the year. Shop trending unisex styles that will send you out of this world. THIS is Tech Range 👽 @Marj Moore @FRecKles #jackwills #TechRange #fyp

♬ Hot – Stepz & Ivorian Doll


Spring ready in my Y2K Unisex Tech @Jack Wills #TechRange #JackWills

♬ original sound – wehearthouse

Coach: Coachtopia 

Coach launched Coachtopia, a community of Gen Z designers, experts in circular fashion. The content uses AR-inspired visuals to tell the story of Coachtopia, highlighting the circular fashion process and showing the activists and designers (called Coachtopians) who support the new sustainable initiative.


This is Coachtopia: reimagining Coach leather scraps and more for a circular future.

♬ Promoted Music – coach


Once upon a single scrap of leather… 🪽♻️👜. Welcome to Coachtopia—a new world of circular craft from @coach. #sustainability

♬ original sound – Coachtopia

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A Month in Beauty: April 2023

April 26th, 2023 by

Welcome back to another beauty roundup! Every month we round up our favourite ads, campaigns, trends, and creators from the social media beauty industry. 

So, who’s been busy in the beauty world this month? 

Trend beauty spotlight

K-beauty snail essence

This summer we’re staying hot and hydrated with COSRX’s Snail Mucin serum. Recently found trending all over #SkinTok, this serum is formulated for hydration, anti-aging and reducing dark spots, promoting an overall healthy glow. The Korean skincare brand took on a creative and playful approach to the product’s promotion through a hashtag challenge titled #SnailDuoShot, which saw participants pose for three ‘shots’ for a chance at winning COSRX products. The hashtag has received 103.6M views and over 19,000 participants.


Watch Till End To Know That Ingredient #epharmacynepal #foryourpage #skincarecontent #skincare #damagedskin #skintips #skincaretok #fypシ゚viral #skintok #snailmucin #cosrx #snailcream #goviralgo

♬ spin back X collide – ★yt_o00★

Pickle skincare

Just when you thought being told hairspray was just as effective for setting makeup as an actual setting spray, the pickle skincare trend came along. Rather than consuming pickles for their natural antioxidants, some users have begun putting the brine directly on their skin or into a DIY facemask. The trend claims to treat acne and remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. TikTok skincare trends are usually reliable, but we advise steering clear of this one.


IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I made my own diy face mask out of PICKLES #lootbana

♬ original sound – Nicole Skyes

Brand beauty Spotlight

The Beauty Crop

In recent months, the makeup brand The Beauty Crop has secured its place as a staple in everyone’s makeup kits. Trending products include the Oui Cherie Gripping Primer and the Vitamin Babe Loose Setting Powder, along with a multitude of others that continue to sell out on TikTok shop time after time. The most recent collection to be added to The Beauty Crop’s roster is the Pore Filter collection, featuring a primer, pressed powder and mattifying mist, helping people achieve a flawless matte complexion. Much of the brand’s success on TikTok is owed to the high-quality user-generated content that is reposted from the accounts of the most engaged makeup influencers on the platform.


@thebeautycrop NEWNESS‼️ update: oily skin gal perspective, im impressed… #fyp #beauty #review

♬ original sound – Jordan


A MATTE SPRAYYYY plus a cheeky other pressed powder mention #beautycrop #makeup #makeupspray #settingspray #mattesettingspray #fixingspray

♬ original sound – Beautylooks_ls_

Creator beauty spotlight

Quetta Lawson

Shining brightly under our creator spotlight this month is Quetta Lawson, a self-proclaimed “plus size, acne covered, GRWM queen”. Having fast accumulated nearly 500k followers, Quetta’s content and makeup skills have proved to be leagues above the rest, allowing her humour, charm and expertise to shine through. She has not gone unnoticed by popular brands either, with partnerships including Jordana Ticia, Look Fantastic and NYX Cosmetics. Follow for colourful eye looks and a flawless base, with a slice of humour on the side!


BLAH BLAH BLAH #idontlikemakeup #idontlikemakeupimagainstmakeup #makeup #makeupartist #makeupart #makeuptransformation #makeuphacks

♬ original sound – –


Shes back and shes BIG @Jordana Ticia Cosmetics #jordanaticiacosmetics #jordanaticiapowder #jordanaticiacosmeticspowder #powderrestock #setandbrighten

♬ original sound – Quetta Lawson

Content beauty spotlight

Rare Beauty: Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oils

Our prayers have been answered. Rare Beauty have launched lip oils. Unlike a traditional lip oil, the 8 available shades feel like jelly and melt down into an oil that leaves a beautiful coloured tint on the lips. Rare Beauty has gained a cult following on TikTok, and used influencers to conduct wear tests, show range swatches, and first impressions, which then resulted in a multitude of UGC. The hashtag #RareBeautyLipOil has over 143.3M views.


@Rare Beauty’s new lip oils 🎀💗✨🫶🏼🩰#rarebeauty

♬ som original – bella

Armani Beauty: #IAmWhatILive

The launch of Armani Beauty’s new ‘My Way’ perfume doubled up as the launch of the brand’s TikTok account. Led by Sydney Sweeney, the campaign features the branded hashtag #IAmWhatILive, which encourages selected influencer partners to pull together a series of video shots depicting what they feel the fragrance means to them, being sure to include a text overlay of the scent notes. The hashtag has 283.6M views on TikTok.


ad I Am What I Live, my scent of Spring- the new @Armani beauty My Way Parfum #MyWay #IAmWhatILive

♬ Armani – My Way (15s) – Armani – My Way

NYX Cosmetics: #FatOil

NYX Cosmetics recently launched eight shades of its new Fat Oil Lip Drip product. NYX is another cult brand on TikTok, and used influencers to promote its new Fat Oil Lip Drip. Content included shade swatches on creators with different skin tones, and wear tests, and emphasised the virality of the product on the platform. The #FatOil hashtag has 42M views.


ad | trying @nyxcosmetics_uk new Fat Oil Lip Drips, let me know your favourite shade, I have too many! #FatOil

♬ original sound – Cambell 💞

L’Oreal: Infallible Concealer

The entire Infallible range is no stranger to the internet, but L’Oreal has proved it is the master of trending/viral products once again. The always-on promotion of one of TikTok’s most famous concealers has put it back into circulation on the platform, regaining it viral status. Creators were encouraged to promote the product by using the concealer in creative ways to show off its versatility.


Concealer eyeliner using @L’Oréal Paris AD ✨ #concealer #concealeroutine #eyelinerhack #lorealinfallible #lorealinfallibleconcealer #makeup

♬ Light – L’Oréal Paris

Jo Maole: #GiftGiving

To mark the end of Ramadan, Jo Malone positioned its fragrances as a meaningful gift to be given to loved ones to celebrate Eid. The brand’s luxury feel ties in perfectly with the love and warmth surrounding Eid celebrations, encouraging special gift giving at this time.


☪️Gift@Jo Malone London giving ideas ahead of Eid with @JoMaloneLondon #AD #GiftGiving #FriendsofJoMaloneLondon

♬ original sound – Chinutay

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How To Use Hashtags On TikTok

April 26th, 2023 by

On a surface level, hashtags are synonymous with Twitter and for revealing your #womancrushwednesday on Instagram. But did you know that entire marketing strategies can be built around a single hashtag? Learning how to use hashtags on TikTok can put you ahead of the curve.

Hashtags are essentially a way to group together conversations or content around a certain topic on any social media platform. Just one specific hashtag can lure thousands of people to the same place, making it an ideal strategy for brands looking to increase visibility, launch a new product, gain followers e.t.c. 

Simply hashtagging mundane words you believe to be relevant to your industry/brand, such as #fashion and #summer, will no longer suffice. We are in the age of intentional social media content and carefully crafted captions. Knowing how to use hashtags also joins this list of non-negotiables that are imperative for online success.  

Hashtagging best practices vary according to the social media platform, and that in question in today’s blog is TikTok. 

Hashtag strategies on TikTok operate slightly differently to those on the likes of Instagram and Twitter. This is because of the platform’s built-in search engine which allows brands to run SEO strategies using hashtags and keywords. To learn more about how TikTok is rivalling the world’s most famous search engine, click here.

For more on how to use hashtags on TikTok, read on.

Current top TikTok hashtags 

The current top trending TikTok hashtags you can implement into your strategies are:

  1. #tiktok
  2. #love
  3. #like
  4. #follow
  5. #explore
  6. #2023
  7. #meme
  8. #video
  9. #followforfollowback
  10. #duet
  11. #repost
  12. #tiktokchallenge
  13. #new
  14. #tiktokfamous
  15. #tiktoktrend
  16. #viralvideos
  17. #viralpost
  18. #blackgirlfollowtrend
  19. #relatable
  20. #slowmo
  21. #behindthescenes
  22. #dadsoftiktok
  23. #momsoftiktok
  24. #family
  25. #reallifeathome
  26. #tiktokmademebuyit
  27. #mexico
  28. #challenge
  29. #youtube
  30. #youtuber

REMEMBER: unless you are starting from scratch, you should only be including hashtags in your captions or on-screen text that are relevant to your brand.

Hashtagging best practices on TikTok 

One of the golden rules of hashtagging is to avoid spam-like behaviour which comes with posting an unnecessary stream of hashtags underneath a caption. Hashtags serve a purpose, so each one implemented should be intentional and not just a way to try to gain followers with #follow4follow or #likeforlike. 

Though there is no limit to how many hashtags you can use, the optimal number to use on TikTok is 3-5. Choose wisely!

Other points to consider:

  1. Find the best hashtags for your content: as mentioned above, it is essential to use hashtags relevant to your brand. This is what will put you in front of the right audience and gain you valuable followers. Check out your competitors to see how to use hashtags to speak to the right people. You can also head to the TikTok Creative Centre where they update the platform’s top trending hashtags by industry, weekly.
  2. Combine niche hashtags with popular ones: popular hashtags are great for brands and influencers trying to build a following, as they have larger audiences. However, more niche hashtags are those that will gain you more engaged and interested followers. For example, #fashion has billions of impressions, whereas hashtags like #summerfashion and #plussizefashion is more niche; allowing you to tap into two different audiences. 
  3. Create a branded hashtag challenge to boost brand awareness: read on for how to create a branded hashtag challenge.

The TikTok video below does a great job of incorporating all of the aforementioned points. The popular hashtag #hoodies is paired with more niche hashtags #trekcore and #sistersandseekers to pull in audiences from every angle.

Branded hashtags on TikTok

We’ve already established that hashtags have the power to draw thousands of people to the same spot on TikTok, but they become even more powerful when used in challenges. TikTok challenges prompt users to create their own content around the hashtag in question; igniting massive engagement and sparking organic brand awareness. 

Branded hashtag challenges can be anything from dancing to an original song to reinventing the original challenge video. Each piece of content made in response boosts the challenge’s popularity, eventually (hopefully) gaining it viral status. From here, anyone who stumbles upon the challenge will automatically associate it with the brand who created it.

Below are examples of some of the most successful branded hashtag campaigns to come out of the fashion industry.

Converse – #CreateNext

Converse’s #CreateNext campaign is on a mission to support and cultivate young talent “from Los Angeles to Johannesburg”. It features 20 6-second videos shining a light on their chosen talent pool, which features the likes of A1 X J1, Honey Dijon, and Turnstile and what #CreateNext means to each of them. 

Taking inspiration from Converse’s chosen stars, users have got involved by posting their own 6-second TikTok videos showcasing their talents and what #CreateNext means to them. The hashtag has 451.6M views.


For DJ Honey Dijon, #CreateNext means uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community and keeping culture spinning forward. 🎵 Downtown – Honey Dijon (feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O)

♬ original sound – Converse

Calvin Klein – #MyCalvins

As the latest version of their famous ‘My Calvins’ campaign, Calvin Klein took to TikTok to celebrate inclusivity. The new iteration of the campaign saw Calvin Klein become one of the only major fashion brands to cultivate a presence on the platform at the time and after just 24 hours, the company declared it their most digitally-viewed campaign ever. The campaign consisted of influencers and celebrities posing in Calvin Klein underwear and jeans to tap into the younger audiences who frequent the platform. The hashtag has 291.7M views.


Causing chaos in #mycalvins 🤍 @calvinklein #ad

♬ Players – DJ Smallz 732 – Jersey Club Remix – Coi Leray

Crocs – #ThousandDollarCrocs

The #ThousandDollarCrocs campaign encouraged users to post to TikTok what they believe a pair of $1,000 Crocs would look like to them. In just one week, Crocs gained 100,000 followers, with 45,000 videos created within the first 36 hours of launch. The hashtag currently has 3.1B views!


$1000 fit w/ my #ThousandDollarCrocs #Ad

♬ I’m Gonna Be – Post Malone

ASOS – #AySauce

Incorporating an augmented reality (AR) filter and bespoke music track, ASOS launched the #AySauce branded hashtag challenge, which saw influencers showcase 3 ASOS outfits of their choice in just 15 seconds. Other users quickly caught on to this and contributed their entry to the challenge, providing even more content associated with the fashion retailer. The challenge hashtag has 2.6B views. 


3 sauce looks…which is your fave? A, B or C? 🔥🔥 @asos #AySauceChallenge #ASOS #Ad

♬ Ay Sauce – Cashino


How do you use hashtags properly?

Proper hashtag use includes the following:

  1. Place the # symbol in front of your word/phrase
  2. Make sure there are no spaces, punctuation or symbols between words
  3. A mixture of popular and niche hashtags
  4. Only including hashtags relevant to your brand/industry 
  5. Avoiding spam-like behaviour (between 3-10 hashtags usually suffice)

What is a hashtag example?

#SummerFashion and #ShopTilYouDrop are examples of hashtags.

What are the three best hashtagging practices?

  1. Avoid spam-like behaviour
  2. Only include relevant hashtags 
  3. Ensure a mixture of popular and niche hashtags 

How successful are hashtags?

Yes. Hashtags are great for increasing reach, brand awareness and engagement. Using niche hashtags that are relevant to your industry/brand will ensure that you tap into an interested/engaged audience.

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How To Make An Instagram Filter For Your Next Campaign: A Step-By-Step Guide

April 26th, 2023 by

Today’s social media marketing gurus continue to offer a plethora of new and innovative ways to carry out promotional activities and publish branded content.

While not all make the cut, one has stood the test of time and continues to prove its leadership in the creative content realm. 

We’re referring to augmented reality (AR) filters. 

If you were an avid Snapchat user circa 2015, you are probably well acquainted with AR filters and the transformations you can undergo by using them. The app’s AR filter introduction changed the promotional game from here on, allowing brands to connect to new audiences, all while advancing them technologically.

Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), AR augments a real-world scene, rather than creating an immersive virtual environment. Brands can use AR filters to show consumers what a potential clothing item would look like on their body, or an item would look like in their home by creating a unique digital overlay to sit on top of whatever the camera is pointing at. 

In 2017, Instagram caught on to the success of creating AR filters by releasing its very own face filters. Fast forward several years and Instagram’s AR filter game is even stronger, as users can now create their own interactive filters and share them to their Stories. 

Whether you’re a brand looking to level up your promotional game or a user looking to create your very own AR filter, such technology can be tricky to navigate. This blog will walk you through our step-by-step guide on how to make an Instagram filter.

If, after reading our blog, you still aren’t convinced that this is the task for you, consider recruiting the help of an Instagram marketing agency, whose access to the right tools and experts will see the job done for you.

Why use AR filters?

There are a multitude of ways to promote your brand and its products on Instagram, so why use AR filters?

Making use of advanced technology is a great option for brands looking to engage a younger audience and seeing as 67% of all Instagram users are aged between 18-29, AR filters are sure to grab their attention. 

Even if your target audience is slightly older than this, it is important to remember that one third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are business-owned. Making use of all the features Stories have to offer is wise when aiming for Instagram success. 

Here are some other ways Instagram filters could be advantageous to your brand:

  1. Show off your brand’s personality: custom filters are reflective of your brand’s tone and show off its best and most unique parts, helping you stand out from competitors.
  2. Connect with your audience: AR filters are created for the purpose of interaction. Offering your audience the chance to engage 1-on-1 strengthens the connection between you both, which, in turn, increases brand loyalty.
  3. Be ahead of the curve: though AR filters are no new invention, they are still yet to be adopted by many more brands and users. Those already making use of them are still technically considered ‘ahead of the curve’ and are deemed to have more impressive qualities.
  4. Increase brand awareness: incorporating your brand’s logo into a custom AR filter will make those using your filter aware of its creator. As well as this, non-promotional filters are added to the Effect Gallery where any and every user on Instagram can find and try them out, increasing your pool of new potential audience members.

How to make an Instagram filter 

Spark AR Studio makes it possible for users on both Facebook and Instagram to create their own AR filters. The AR customisation process in itself is a complex process, especially for those who aren’t technically proficient, but Spark AR Studio makes it simple and foolproof. 

Step 1: Download Spark AR Studio 

Available for Mac and Windows, Spark AR is the easy-to-use platform you need to create custom filters and effects. From here, walk through the tutorials in the Learning Centre to get a feel for the Studio’s interface.

Step 2: Decide your effects

You’ll need to decide whether you want to use one of the eight templates or make your filter from scratch. See the templates below:

The World Object template involves putting a 3D object into the real world and will form the basis of your custom AR filter.

Step 3: Starting

Upon opening the World Object template, you’ll see a placeholder object in the central panel. This is called the Viewport and is where you’ll build your filter.

The iPhone in the corner is where you’ll preview your work. You can change this to another device if you wish.

On the left is the Scene Panel. The options presented here will be used to edit your filter. 

Step 4: Upload a 3D asset 

Choose a 3D asset from the AR Library or import your own. The Library also allows you to choose from free audio files, animations and more.

Step 5: Edit your uploaded graphic

Your uploaded asset should now be visible in the Viewport. Using the Scene Panel, you can edit the look and movement of your asset and how it interacts with the real world. 

The Scene Panel also allows you to do the following:

  1. Change the directional light to give the object a more “3D effect”
  2. Alter the animation of the uploaded object 
  3. Choose whether the effect is available for the front or back camera, or both
  4. Add more elements to your effect, such as additional animations, textures and materials

Step 6: Test your new filter

You can send your masterpiece to Instagram to see how it works in Stories. This stage is crucial for deciding whether or not it is necessary to go back to the drawing board. 

Alternatively, you can download the Spark AR Player App to see how your effect will work once put out to the rest of the world. 

Step 7: Publish your filter

You will find the Upload button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Do bear in mind that your new filter will not be published immediately. It must first be reviewed to ensure that it adheres to Spark AR’s policies and guidelines.

Examples of the best Instagram AR filters

British Vogue 

To promote the launch of Salvator Ferragam’s sunglass styles, British Vogue created the ‘Sunglass Flip’ AR filter for Instagram Stories. It has 4 interactive designs, which people can “try on” from the comfort of their own home. Each pair has bespoke detailing, such as stars and sparkles to help users decide which matches their aesthetic most.

How to make an Instagram filter: Vogue


Aspiring astronauts no longer have to dream about going to space, as NASA have created a SpaceX helmet filter, which allows you to don the entire space suit while onboard a spacecraft. This is great for inspiring the next generation.

How to make an Instagram filter: NASA


To promote the LOKI series, Marvel released an AR filter which allows people to flip between wearing three different Loki crowns. With sound transitions between each style, users get to experience other augmented senses aside from sight.

How to make an Instagram filter: Marvel


Is it free to make an AR Instagram filter?

Yes, it is free. Spark AR Studio is free to download and use.

Can you make custom Instagram filters?

Yes, with Spark AR Studio you can customise your filter with anything you’d like as long as it complies with the guidelines and policies. 

Do filter creators get paid on Instagram?

Companies are always looking for ways to personalise their content and more often than not wish to recruit the help of someone else to carry this out. AR filter creators can sell their creations for money directly through the company or on sites like Etsy, Gumroad and Tutobay.

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Social Media Updates: February 2023

February 21st, 2023 by

The social world never stops moving. With trends and platforms changing like the wind, what are the latest social media updates you need to know about?

TikTok Updates

TikTok Shop US allows users to check out in-app

Although already available in the UK, TikTok Shop in the US is now testing in-app checkout. Previously, customers had been redirected to a retailer’s website, but now they can complete a purchase in-app with selected retailers. Pacsun, KinChi Chic, Revolve and Willow Beauty are reportedly part of the beta test. 

TikTok Shop US allows users to check out in-app

TikTok Promote helps drive discoverability 

TikTok Promote has added four new ways to boost branded content. Promote originally launched in 2021 with promotional options for video views, website visits and TikTok follows, but it has now added new promotional capabilities. These include, driving more visits to your TikTok page, receiving more messages from potential customers, boosting other creators’ content, and targeting your audience by location. 

TikTok Promote helps drive discoverability 

TikTok adds new video analytic feature

TikTok has added a video insights analytic feature that offers creators further information about each video upload. Users can explore performance trends and compare their results against industry benchmarks for each industry. They will have access to granular insights, including frame-by-frame engagement, ad spending over time, audience breakdown, and comment analysis by theme and sentiment. 

TikTok adds new video analytic feature

TikTok drops 70,000 new data insights

TikTok has added a further 70,000 new insights to its TikTok Insights tool, which marketers can use to find out specific usage trends and shifts. Users can filter by location, audience, insights, industry, holidays and events, and year to ensure the insights they’re looking for are specific and up to date. 

TikTok drops 70,000 new data insights

Instagram Updates

Instagram tests commenting with GIFs

Instagram is testing out GIF comments. Users will be able to comment a GIF on feed posts and to Story replies. Instagram is gradually rolling out the feature, so we can expect to see more GIFs on the app in the coming weeks. 

Instagram tests commenting with GIFs

Instagram tests Broadcast Channels

Broadcast channels is a one-to-many public messaging feature. Creators can share photos, videos, GIFs, voicenotes, and polls in an unlimited number of channels, and members can react to messages and participate in polls, but they can’t post their own content. All Instagram users can discover broadcast channels, but only followers who join the channel will receive notifications when the creator posts updates.

Instagram tests Broadcast Channels

Instagram removes ads from livestreams

From 16th March, users will no longer be able to tag products within their livestreams. While livestream shopping and social commerce is booming in Asian markets, it has struggled to gain popularity in the West, but particularly in the US. 

Instagram removes ads from livestreams

Meta updates

Meta Verified lets you pay for checkmark

Meta is testing a Verified programme, which will allow users to purchase verification on Instagram and Facebook. Subscription is priced at $11.99 USD per month on the web or $14.99 per month on iOS and Android. Subscribers will have a blue checkmark, proactive account protection, access to account support and more exclusive features. Businesses aren’t eligible to apply yet, but it is likely to come eventually. 

YouTube updates

YouTube expands Creator Music scheme

The Creator Music scheme is now available to all US creators within the YouTube Partner Programme. The scheme allows creators to use pre-approved licensed music in longform videos, without having to sacrifice ad revenue. Creators can browse music within the YouTube Studio, and can either buy a licence for a single video and keep their full revenue share, or pay for the track by sharing video revenue with the original artists and rights holders. 

YouTube expands Creator Music scheme

YouTube adds Shorts as comment replies

YouTube has added a new way to utilise Shorts: as a reply. Creators can now add Shorts clips as comment replies in-stream, offering a new engagement method. The function is rolling out to iOS users now, and to Android users in the coming months. 

YouTube adds Shorts as comment replies

Twitter updates

Twitter introduces long-form tweets

Elon wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to boost Twitter revenue… Twitter users can now tweet up to 4,000 characters in the US, but they’ll have to pay for it. Available only to Twitter Blue users, long tweets show up as standard tweets in the timeline, but with a “show more” link, which shows the full tweet once tapped. 

Pinterest updates

Pinterest launches Pinterest Academy

Pinterest is looking to help marketers build more successful Pinterest ad campaigns with the Pinterest Academy. The Pinterest Academy offers a digestible guide to Pinterest marketing, including courses on setting up a business account, ad formats, bidding, the Pinterest Tag and Conversions API, and measurement solutions. 

Pinterest launches Pinterest Academy

Pinterest makes Ideas Pins longer

Pinners can now upload 5-minute Idea Pin videos, which is 5X longer than the previous limit. Ideas Pins live permanently on a user’s profile, and can be edited with text, still images, music, links, product tags, and more to create a dynamic piece of content. The style of Pin is best suited for storytelling, how-to guides, and tutorials. 

Pinterest makes Ideas Pins longer

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A Month in Beauty: January 2023

January 31st, 2023 by

Welcome back to another beauty roundup! Every month we round up our favourite ads, campaigns, trends, and creators from the social media beauty industry. 

So, who’s been busy in the beauty world this month? 

Trend spotlight


Move over influencers… it’s time to de-influence! This year has started off with creators giving their opinions on products they deem to be overrated and warn their followers to be cautious before buying. 

@daralevitan Has anyone been able to make these work?? #pixiblushstick #beautytok #notworththehype #makeupnottobuy #deinfluencing #fyp ♬ original sound – Dara Levitan

@pranksinatra69 Replying to @xchelsxannex28 #greenscreen THIS IS MY OPINION!!! pt 3 #beauty #makeup #productsihate #productsiregretbuying #grwm #trending #skincare #fyp ♬ original sound – abby monea

Rosemary oil

New year, new hair. The first hair trend of the year is a TikTok cult classic: Rosemary oil. Users have been organically sharing their rosemary oil hair transformations, while offering haircare tips to other users. 

@kirstenindetox_ Hair Growth Journey! 💜💃🏼 #rosemary #rosmaryoil #hairloss #hairlossremedy #hairlosssolutions ♬ оригинальный звук – ISHTAR

@imofficialmaria Replying to @imofficialmaria the update on rosemary oil you’ve all been waiting for! The only thing that stopped my hair loss after getting COVID #rosemaryoil #1yearupdate #growthoil #rosemaryhairgrowthoil #miellehairproducts #miellehairoil ♬ original sound – Maria | Latina Content Creator

Brand Spotlight


This month, Maybelline has gone viral once again thanks to its new SuperStay Powder Foundation. The powder foundation picked up organic traction on TikTok, and has since been tried and tested by some of the biggest beauty creators on the platform. 

@jordanlipscombe the new maybelline superstay powder foundation😮 #fyp #makeupreview #beauty ♬ original sound – Jordan

@theoliviasaurusrex trying the lighest shade of the maybelline superstay 24h powder foundation on very pale skin ☺️ #maybellinesuperstay #maybellinesuperstayfoundation #maybellinepowderfoundation #maybelline24h #powderfoundation #powderfoundationreview #affordablefoundation #paleskin #neutralundertone #paleskinmakeup ♬ original sound – olivia ancell

Creator spotlight

Rhian Davies 

Rhian is an up-and-coming beauty creator, sharing her rediscovery of makeup for maturing skin and the fun of creativity when making new looks. She has very quickly gained over 31K TikTok followers thanks to her transparent GRWM videos. 

@rhiandavies46 Another make up look today using these brown/copper/gold tones from this HUDA palette. Don’t know why I ended up using a pink lipstick. though 🤷‍♀️ theres a link for the gorgeous @Opretty velvet powder puff & the fab @thebeautycrop loose powder. #makeup #llovemakeup #matureskin #maturemakeup #maturemakeuplook #maturemakeupover50 #maturemakeupmatters #maturemakeupover40 #over50women #over50style #over50andfabulous #over50tiktok #styleover50 #styleover50blogger #styleblogger #styleover50women #womenover50ontiktok #stylehasnoage #womenover50 #womenover50club #over50club ♬ original sound – Rhian

@rhiandavies46 I wish I’d started a skincare regime years & years ago 😩 I didn’t realise how different my skin would feel & look. Softer hydrated and glowing! I’m using @oprettyltd products, which so many of you had nothing but praise for, and I’ve linked them for you too! Thank me later 😉 #over50women #over50andfabulous #over50tiktok #styleover50blogger #womenover50ontiktok #womenover50 #womenover50club #over40 #womenover50ontiktok #petitestyleblogger #womenover50fyp #matureskin #matureskincare #matureskincaretips #matureskincaretip #lookafteryourskin #skincare #skincareroutine ♬ original sound – Rhian

Content spotlight

NYX Cosmetics: ASMR

ASMR is always popular on TikTok, and NYX leaned into this approach for its Smooth Whip Lip Creams. Creators were encouraged to emphasise the smoothness in the captions, and the short videos were posted to the creator’s own page before boosting to wider audiences. 

@rubytrue_asmr #AD Lip smacking #ASMR tingles with @nyxcosmetics_uk NEW affordable #Smoothwhip Lip Cream #smoothtalker #veganmakeup #lips ♬ original sound – Ruby True

@emmakirkmua #AD The smoothest lips going @nyxcosmetics_uk NEW, affordable #SmoothWhip Lip Cream! #SmoothTalker #veganmakeup #lips ♬ original sound – Emma Kirk

Rimmel London: Thrill Seeker Mascara

Rimmel used beauty creators to promote its Thrill Seeker Mascara, and had creators take their audiences through their mascara routine, showing the fluffy lash effect that was easy to achieve using the product. Both new and old content was boosted to wider audiences for this. 

@alxcext Putting the @rimmellondon Thrill Seeker mascara to the test ❤️ #ad. It gives my lashes amazing bold volume leaving them super full and long! Shop now @superdrug #RimmelThrillSeeker #rimmellondon ♬ original sound – Alice T

@frishtaxx GUYS i am IN SHOCK!!!! 😱 #RimmelLondon #RimmelThrillSeeker #mascara @rimmellondon ♬ original sound – Frishta

Maybelline: Sky High Mascara

Maybelline has been promoting its TikTok-favourite Sky High Mascara using GRWM-style videos. Creators posted videos to their own channels, taking their audiences through their usual makeup routine, but with a focus on the mascara and the lash transformation it offers. Creator videos were boosted, with many receiving over 50K likes. 

@makeupbysamanthaharvey #AD GRWM using my favourite @maybelline Sky High mascara!! 🤩 #GRWM #skyhighmascara #mascara #getreadywithme ♬ original sound – Samantha Harvey 🤍

@tarabarzz #AD I’m obsessed with my lashes 🤩 the @maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is absolutely amazing for giving you that length & volume you need! #GRWM #skyhighmascara #mascara #getreadywithme ♬ original sound – Tarabarzz

The Inkey List: Skincare Routines 

The Inkey List worked with a number of creators across the UK this month to promote a few products, but mostly its moisturiser, oat cleansing balm and hyaluronic acid. Influencers took their audiences through their varying skincare routines, informing their audience about the specific product benefits.

@poppymead Can’t get enough of this stuff @theinkeylist #theinkeylist ♬ original sound – Poppy Mead

@theoliviasaurusrex advert ☺️. will never stop raving about @theinkeylist ‘s hyaluronic acid! so simple but effective – i apply a small amount to damp skin after cleansing and then press it into my face until it’s absorbed. so glowy & hydrated! ♥️ #theinkeylist #theinkeylisthyaluronicacid #hyaluronicacid #hyaluronicacidserum #affordableskincare #affordableskincareproducts #affordableserum #hydratingskincare #hydratingskincareproducts ♬ original sound – olivia ancell

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Weekly Marketing News, 6th January 2023

January 6th, 2023 by

What’s this?

TikTok trends in 2023, YouTube swearing restrictions pisses off creators, Love Island contestants to suspend their accounts, experience Cape Town in VR, and share the love! 


1. TikTok releases 2023 Trend Report

TikTok releases 2023 Trend Report

TikTok has released its 2023 trends, focusing on three main macro forces: Actionable Entertainment, Making Space For Joy, and Community-Built Ideals. These core shifts will influence how marketers speak to their target audiences in the upcoming year. (Via TikTok)

2. YouTube cracks down on profanities

YouTube cracks down on profanities

Under YouTube’s updated terms, videos containing profanities will be automatically demonetized if the words appear in the first eight seconds. The change in policy has brought the video platform a wave of complaints from creators. (Via TubeFilter)

3. Love Island contestants to suspend their accounts

Love Island contestants to suspend their accounts

In order to protect the latest contestants from unruly online hate, Love Island will be asking participants to suspend their social media accounts whilst in the villa. Family and friends will not be able to publish anything on their behalf, as part of an overhaul of measures to discharge the duty of care to contestants. (Via The Guardian)


4. Explore Cape Town in VR

Cape Town Tourism has launched a new global campaign blending virtual and real-life experiences. The game-style platform features Thabiso the Fearless Foodie, Storm the Nature Warrior, and Anathi the Urban Adventurer as virtual tour guides, leading users through short, vibrant videos showcasing the city’s cultural attractions. (Via Trend Hunter)

5. Explore queer experiences

Explore queer experiences

Queering the Map is a community generated counter-mapping platform that digitally archives LGBTQ2IA+ experiences in relation to physical space. Featuring real life experiences, each location shares a unique story from a member of the queer community. (Via Queering the Map)

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