How Important Is Social Media Marketing For Businesses In 2023?

September 18th, 2023 by

Long gone are the days of TV based, high production advertisements filmed in studios. With the rise of social media a classic marketing campaign just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, the importance of social media marketing prevails.

Whilst this may seem daunting to those brands who haven’t dipped their metaphorical toe in the social media pool, the importance of social media marketing cannot be understated in the digital age. 

Let’s break down why social media marketing is so effective and why your brand needs to be engaging with it. 


Like many things, the pandemic had a huge impact on the marketing industry. There have been stark decreases in marketing budgets worldwide, with more than 400 North American and European CMOs still working at COVID budget levels. Taking a look at the numbers, on average marketing budgets have decreased from 9.5% of company revenue to 9.1% from 2022 to 2023. 

The importance of social media marketing is growing exponentially in this new era of smaller budgets. With an effective campaign, brands are noticing that they can do more with less. 

89% of marketers have claimed that social media is very important to their marketing strategy. On top of this, 82% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn and other platforms to build their brand community, with a whopping 80% of B2B social media leads coming from LinkedIn in 2017. 

If these numbers don’t convince you of the importance of social media marketing, let’s take a look at the potential customers you could be reaching if you hopped on this train. 

More than half the world’s population is active on social media. Of this, Facebook reaches 59%! Finally—and get ready for this one—13 people start using social media every second! That’s 13 more people you could be reaching every second if your brand had a social media marketing campaign. 

Alright, now that we have covered the stats on the importance of social media marketing for business, let’s dive into all the ways social media marketing is so effective. 


Build Brand Trust 

Authenticity builds trust.

The modern consumer is looking for a brand that feels authentic and genuine. Statistics show that a consumer is more likely to trust the opinion of family or friends rather than a brand. The way around this is to establish brand personality and encourage the consumer to view your brand as an authentic, human driven company worthy of their trust. 

Via social media, you can highlight your brand values, showcase your relationship with your employees, and highlight positive consumer interactions.The more your clients view your brand as human driven and trustworthy, the more likely they are to engage with your product. 

Know Your Audience 

One of the many benefits of social media that shows the importance of social media marketing is its ability to generate data on your consumers. Social media provides you with demographic information on your customers, allowing you to quickly identify your real audience. 

By knowing the type of people who are engaging with your content, you are able to perfectly tailor your strategy to your consumer; thus, boosting efficiency. 

Maintain Interest 

Once you have gained a new audience, how do you convince them to stick around? Part of the importance of social media marketing is that with just the name of a potential customer you can follow up their interest in your brand with emails, targeted posts, and more.

Each post, email, or video you share is a reminder to your audience that a) you exist, and b) you’re awesome! 

Social Listening 

Another magical benefit of social media marketing is being able to easily track what is being said about your brand. Comment sections, dislikes, and shares all allow you to see what consumers are saying about your brand; good or bad. Keeping an eye on this allows you to adjust your posts and stay in a positive light. 

There is also room for community engagement. Liking comments and responding to tweets for example, creates a repertoire between you and your consumers that further adds to brand trust and authenticity. 

Grow Your Audience 

If people aren’t aware of your business, then it is impossible for them to become customers. Social media allows you to reach new people and new generations, thus growing your audience. 

The key here is to create relevant content that cuts through the noise of all the other brands out there; hence, the importance of a social media marketing strategy. Surveys show that articles, images and videos on social media are extremely successful at engaging customers and drumming up brand awareness. 

importance of social media marketing

Thought Leadership 

Surveys are frequently showing that the modern day consumer is far more likely to trust the opinions of brands, NGOs and public figures over governments. A great way to tap into this through social media, is to establish your brand as a thought leader. 

Producing thought pieces that showcase your expertise in your industry promotes your brand as a thought leader, and thus improves consumer trust; further emphasising the importance of social media marketing. 

Influencer Partnerships 

A niche of social media that highlights the importance of social media marketing are influencer partnerships. By partnering with an influencer, you are allowing them to provide endorsements on your behalf. 

As mentioned previously, people are far more likely to rely on the recommendation of a friend or family member. In this era of parasocial relationships, an influencer endorsement feels, to many people, like a trustworthy opinion from a friend. 

On top of this, partnering with influencers with larger followings than yourself allows you to reach a far broader audience. Cool, right?

importance of social media marketing

Improve Website Traffic 

Increasing website traffic is further fantastic evidence of the importance of social media marketing. By including links in your bio, or even in posts, you are making it easy peasy for your followers to find out more about you. 

This is also a sure fire way to get readers the second you publish on your site, rather than waiting for consumers to find your work on their own.

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The Top YouTube Streamers For Gaming Enthusiasts To Follow in 2023

August 1st, 2023 by

We all know that YouTube has been at the forefront of digital content creation and is the one-stop wonder for entertaining, inspirational and educational content across the board! To add to the list of accolades, YouTube streamers are now proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry.

This is proven through the whopping 2.56 Billion monthly-active-users recorded worldwide, with the platform generating $19.7 Billion (£15.84 billion) in revenue between advertising and YouTube Premium showing its positive user reception and ad potential for the top YouTube streamers.

But did you know that YouTube offers much more than just pre-recorded content and fancy stats?

What are we talking about, you may ask? We are talking about uncovering the wonder of YouTube streaming capabilities by exploring the digital realm of live content through the biggest YouTube streamers. As of 2021, YouTube has become a huge part of the online video landscape, with 5 billion hours of content watched in 2021 alone and 5% of Twitch viewers reported live streaming on youtube at the same time.

While Twitch may have established its dominance in game streaming, YouTube has steadily emerged as a worthy competitor, offering riveting and action-packed gaming content through some of our top YouTube streamers like TimTheTatman and DrDisrespect.

Worried about missing your favourite streamer going live? Youtube’s in-app features have got you covered with its notification system, ensuring you never miss a moment from a  beloved creator’s video going live. Just click the bell icon located on your preferred creator’s channel and watch the magic happen as you get live prompts telling you when it’s time to tune in to the top YouTube streamers.

YouTube’s streaming experience also goes beyond gaming. Whether it’s mouthwatering mukbangs, action-packed gaming content or day-in-the-life streams, the platform has it all and helps creators engage with their audience in real-time.

Now that you’re aware of just how cool YouTube’s streaming is, you may be pondering which channels to follow. So sit back and relax because we’re presenting our top 20 Youtube steamers, from your favourite gamers to personable personalities.

The top 20 YouTube streamers we recommend watching in 2023

1. IShowSpeed

Introducing our first live streamer on youtube, IShowSpeed, the streamer who needs no introduction (but we will give him one anyway). With 16.8 million followers and an astounding 1.66 million hours watched in April, this YouTube streamer and comedic entertainer knows how to rev up the fun factor, and clearly, his fanbase agrees. His content is well-versed and sporadic through comedic skits; exaggerated gaming lets plays, unboxing videos,  collaborations and more! 

2. TimTheTatman

Next on our top YouTube streamers list is TimTheTatman, the main man who continually conquers the digital battleground – literally. With an army of 4.95 million followers and a jaw-dropping 325 million hours watched, this charismatic content creator has become a force to be reckoned with, being recognised for his legendary battles in Call Of Duty Warzone, often collaborating with famous streamers Nickmercs and Dr Disrespect. When he’s not playing Call Of Duty, you can find him roaming the lands in Elden Ring or learning the ways of the force in Star Wars with his interest in single-player games. 

3. Ilyas Elmaliki

There was no way we were going to miss putting the Moroccan sensation Ilyas Elmalki, on our top YouTube streamers list, considering his game-changing rise in recent months. Join Ilyas on thrilling FIFA video adventures, heart-pounding pack openings, and truck simulator journeys that will keep you wanting more. With a total airtime of 258 hours, 763k flowers and a staggering 8.9 million hours watched; this rising star is conquering the streaming world one epic moment at a time! 

4. PewDiePie

“How is it going, its pewwdiepieeeeeeee!”. You know him, we know him, and we all love him, all 111 million of us and beyond. Although Pewdiepie is known for his pre-recorded content, he has now delved into the world of live streams, entertaining us all with hilarious gaming moments that will leave you in stitches, as seen in his PubG moments to thought-provoking commentary paired with powerful titles like TellTales, The Walking Dead. All this, combined with his distinct and engaging persona and revolutionary reputation, makes him one of the greats on YouTube. 

5. JazzyGuns

It’s time to lock and load because our next creator on the top YouTube Streamers list is Jazzy Guns. With 574k subscribers, Jazzyguns is beloved by many and for a good reason. Streaming a large variety of content consistently, from Among Us with Friends to Little Nightmares, she started as a reaction channel and branched off to pursue gaming. You can catch her streaming on YouTube, weekly.

6. Jacksepticeye

Now we fix our gaze on Jacksepticeye, YouTube creator and streamer from Offaly, Ireland, whose content is Offaly good! When it comes to his streams, he goes with the ‘go big or go home’ approach and is often seen collaborating with massive stars like Jack Black and fellow steamer Valkyrie to promote events like Christmas. His streams also see him engaging in intimate conversational pieces with his audiences, playing fun games, and enacting wacky challenges, like building 1000 houses live. He has a grand subscriber count of 29.9 million and deserves a spot on our top YouTube Streamers. 

7. Vikkstar

As a well-known member of the Minecraft community, this top YouTube streamer has 7.6m subscribers and is part of a famous worldwide group called the Sidemen from the UK. Starting from Minecraft, he’s done it all, GTA to Warzone, and skillfully shows off in all of them. His upbeat personality helps brighten his content, allowing him to widen his audience. 


You may know her from the famous group OFTV. This beautiful YouTuber has 3.88m subscribers, and it isn’t just for her good looks. With her outgoing personality, she continues to make her viewers entertained and her friends laugh. She never shies away from being herself, exuding authenticity into her content by fully involving herself when gaming or even reacting to videos, making her one of the top youtube streamers to keep an eye out for.

9. Markiplier

Reserving a spot on our top YouTube streamers list is the man, the myth, the legend,  Markiplier, an OG YouTuber that has stuck around for a good reason. With 34.9m subscribers under his virtual belt, Markiplier enthrals his audience in streams, where he enacts all sorts of content tribes such as vlogs, hilarious horror, lets-plays, RPG gameplay, and reaction videos. 

10. Kuzuha

It’s time to be transported through the virtual gaze of the alluring Vtuber streamer, “Kuzuha”, from Japan! With a dedicated following of 1.53 million subscribers and a staggering 3 million hours watched in April alone, he has emerged as a true sensation in the streaming world as he dons the disguise of his charismatic virtual avatar, immersing you in a unique experience filled with anime-style games and well known competitive titles like street fighter and League of Legends.

11. Pekora

Pekora is another Vtuber on our top YouTube streamers list who piqued our attention immensely through her creative and energetic persona as a digitalised avatar. What we love about her style content is that she broadens her capabilities, often streaming a multifaceted array of games from unique JRPGs to beloved battle royales like Apex and classics like Zelda, truly appealing to her audience’s interest. Speaking of audience, Pekora has 2.24m subscribers with a crazy 3.1m hours watched in April – that’s impressive!! 

12. Vegetta777

One of Spain’s top youtube streamers, vegeta777, demonstrates a wide array of gaming content from cult classics like Minecraft to currently trending games like Resident Evil 4. There is something for everybody to watch, and they do, which is why he has 1.7m hours of watch time as of April. 

13. DjMaRiiO

Tune in to the absolute banger here to rock your streaming world, DjMaRiiO, with 8.79m subscribers and a world-class reputation as a professional FIFA Esports player. So If you’re looking for the guy to appease your sporting needs (in-game, of course), DjMariiO will do that. From energetic gameplay streams focusing on F1 and FIFA, to humorous pack openings and crazy IRL challenges, often with his girlfriends or personal friends involved, DjMaRiio’s content can’t go offside and is a strong contender for your top youtube streamers team.  

14. Swagg

Faze Swagg is a well-known COD YouTuber and streamer rising to fame during the pandemic alongside stars like TimTheTatman. He has an impressive 2.8m subscribers. Through his insane gameplay, he always captivates and impresses his following. It’s infectious because it’s worked for us, procuring his spot on our top YouTube streamers list. 

15. LilyPichu

Also, another YouTuber from OFTV, Lilypichu has a variety of content for her viewers; with a charming demeanour, she regularly streams her gaming with friends, playing music and cooking, among other things. Ultimately, she is a jack-of-all-trades who finds no problem entertaining her fans, evident in her having 3.01m subscribers. 

16. Ludwig

If you are in the mood to laugh, then look no further. Top YouTube streamer Ludwig seems to entertain and humour his audience effortlessly with hilarious challenge streams, gaming content, and much more! 4.93m subscribers love him and faithfully watch his range, and it’s no surprise when seeing the work he puts into entertaining his fan base with innovative content. 


Earning the title of one of the top YouTube streamers on our list, Cerol has an impressive 7.45m subscribers and mostly streams free-fire content, a battle royale mobile game, and reacts and plays mainstream AAA titles like GTA. His viewer watch count shows how much his fans love his content, having 1.65m hours watched in April. 

18. NepentheZ

With 1.96m subscribers, NepentheZ provides straightforward content, meaning if you are a fan of FIFA, then you are certainly in the right place. With exciting pack openings streams and painfully sweaty online match streams, NepentheZ doesn’t disappoint. He provides to-the-point, reliable content giving us gold-pack standards all year round. 

19. inoxtag

The top Youtube streamer, inoxtag, is a man of many talents from France. He is an influencer, artist and gamer. With his nail-biting competitive gameplay, he captivates his viewers; it is no shock that he has 6.34m subscribers and manages to garner 2.16m hours of watch time, as recorded in April. 

20. Star Wars Theory

And finally, we take you to a galaxy far far away with captivating YouTuber and streamer, Star Wars Theory – the biggest Star Wars creator on the platform with 3.3 million subscribers on Youtube, making even Darth Vader quiver with fear. His streams see him passionately advocate his Star Wars-related views, expressing his opinions on all things Star Wars. On top of that, he engages with his audience through Q&A streams, gaming streams, live podcasts, fan fiction proposals and watch parties, truly making him a Jedi master on our top YouTube streamers list. 


Who are the most popular YouTube streamers?

The most popular YouTube streamers are ISHowSpeed, Kazuha Chan, and TimTheTatMan, garnering the highest collective watch times. 

It’s also important to note Ilyas Elmalik’s recent success in becoming the new most-watched Youtube gamer streamer,  with 258 hours of watch time.

Which country has the most YouTube users?


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The Top YouTube Categories To Consider When Launching Your Marketing Campaigns

August 1st, 2023 by

The top YouTube categories can be leveraged by marketers to drive successful marketing campaigns. Ever considered launching your next big campaign on YouTube? (check out our YouTube statistics blog to help your decision).

YouTube remains a dominant platform that captures the attention of billions worldwide; 2.1bn to be exact. Its diverse range of content offers an abundance of opportunities for brands and businesses to collaborate with influencers who hold sway over specific niches.

But which of these niches are the most profitable?

From the glitz and the glam of the beauty scene, to the thrills of the gaming world, we’ll uncover the top YouTube categories and the untapped potential they offer marketers who are looking to launch their next campaign on the platform. 

Not only this, but we’ll also delve into the emerging trends that are shaping the latest shifts in audience preferences so that you’re publishing up-to-date, engaging content. After all, staying relevant is the key to navigating an ever-changing digital landscape. 

If you’re looking to harness the power of YouTube for your next big campaign, then keep reading to discover which of the top YouTube categories will unlock your influencer marketing potential and propel you to new heights. 

The top YouTube categories driving successful marketing campaigns

Carefully selecting the content type your marketing campaign will adopt is crucial for determining its success later on. Here are the most popular categories on YouTube when it comes to content:

1. Commentary videos

The internet has shifted to a place where thoughts and opinions from people are encouraged and commentary-based videos are feeding that.

Commentary videos involve someone expressing their thoughts/opinions on any topic. Think monologue, but informative, sarcastic and comedic. Your commentary video can take on a more aggressive tone and adopt the popular rant video format, or swing the opposite way and delve into business/current affairs to help educate the public.

Whichever commentary approach you want to take, you’ll be guaranteed several views.

Memeulous is one of YouTube’s most popular commentary video creators.

2. Music videos

Music does extremely well on YouTube. Just think about how many music videos from your favourite artists are uploaded to the platform. Though music streaming platforms are flourishing, nothing seems to have replaced YouTube clips.

Not only is this a great platform for professional musicians, but it also houses large amounts of user-generated and amateur content, cover performances, lyrics videos, karaoke material etc. 

Just Eat created a notable example of a brand cashing in on the top YouTube categories to drive a successful campaign, with their Did Somebody Say music video featuring Katy Perry. 

3. Reviews

Reviews belong to the most beloved of YouTube categories. 

Reviews can take on many forms. Typically, creators will review products or services (this is what we often see influencers doing).

The great thing about review videos is that they don’t necessarily have to be very professional-looking. What matters most is their advertising value. Polls have regularly shown that consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they see a positive review online. 

YouTube is the perfect medium for many products. People find it a lot easier to relate to a review if they can physically see the product in question. 

4. Educational videos and tutorials

How long does it take to boil an egg? How to take your phone’s SIM card out? Just about every question known to man can be met with a YouTube tutorial. 

Considering how many people retain visual and mobile information more easily, tutorials seem to be a sound way to go when marketing your product. 

The debate surrounding studying through YouTube is still very much open, so why not claim your slice of the pie by uploading educational content to help your audience learn something new about your brand?

Ryobi Tools does a great job of integrating a tutorial in with their new product launch.

5. Docuseries

If you are a regular user of YouTube, you won’t be surprised with our next contender in our top YouTube categories list. 

Docuseries take a documentary and break it down into several episodes before posting them to YouTube. They typically follow an individual, group of people, or a certain situation over a period of time. They also have varied objectives, from educating to marketing (for example, companies that film their day-to-day functioning).

Check out Oner Active’s documentary below, which highlights the running of the company and gives viewers a glimpse into the happenings behind-the-scenes; all with the intention of selling the brand. 

6. Challenge videos

Our list of the top YouTube categories would not be complete without the inclusion of challenge videos. These are like games in which the participants are invited to do out-of-the-ordinary activities either for charity or for pure fun. Oftentimes, the aim of circulating a challenge around the internet is to raise awareness or money for a certain cause. Think Ice Bucket Challenge circa 2014, which raised more than $220 million for ALS charities worldwide.

All brands can create their own challenge as a promotional strategy too. 

7. ASMR videos

Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying that the recent ASMR trend is shifting audience preferences one whisper at a time. 

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and involves capturing the “pleasing” sounds of everyday life; such as scratching, breathing, whispering, paper crinkling etc. 

As of lately, brands across all industries have taken on the ASMR trend, with skincare brands emphasising the sounds of lathering products and fashion brands recording the sound of their packaging being opened. ASMR videos have no limits – and therefore infinite success – so it’s no wonder it has earned a spot on the list of the top YouTube categories


Which content is most popular on YouTube in 2023?

As of 2023, music videos are the most popular content type on YouTube.

What are the most popular content categories on YouTube?

  1. Commentary videos
  2. Music videos
  3. Reviews
  4. Educational videos and tutorials
  5. Docuseries
  6. Challenge videos
  7. ASMR videos

Which YouTube categories pay the most?

The most profitable YouTube categories are:

  1. Make money online
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Finance & investing
  4. Educational videos
  5. Photography & filmmaking 
  6. Cars
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Fashion & clothing
  9. Entertainment
  10.  Cooking

Which of the top YouTube categories is the fastest growing?

Beauty and fashion is growing rapidly. 

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Up The Anti With The Top 20 Instagram Fitness Influencers

July 10th, 2023 by

Gone are the days when Instagram was solely about cute puppy pictures and drool-worthy food posts. It has evolved into a powerhouse of fitness inspiration, offering a treasure trove of workout routines, meal prepping ideas, and motivational stories that ignite the fire within you to get off that couch and start moving. With just a double-tap, you can immerse yourself in a community that celebrates healthy living and empowers you to attain your fitness goals. So, grab your water bottle and yoga mat as we explore how Instagram fitness influencers are transforming lives, one inspiring post at a time.

Instagram is more than just a hub for admiring Instagram fitness influencers and their workouts. It’s an excellent educational resource too. Both male fitness influencers and female fitness influencers utilise tools like Stories, Story Highlights, and Live videos to share expertise and motivate followers. Through Stories, they offer glimpses into their lives, showcasing exercise demos, nutrition tips, and motivational messages in an engaging way. Additionally, they curate personalised libraries of instructional content in Story Highlights, providing a knowledge boost whenever needed.

Not to mention Live videos, where you can interact with your favourite Instagram fitness influencers. From live workouts to Q&A sessions, these Instagram fitness influencers are present in real time, providing personalised advice and cultivating a feeling of community. So, prepare to delve into this virtual classroom of fitness information provided by Instagram fitness influencers and embrace a better lifestyle one double-tap at a time!

Top 20 Instagram Fitness Influencers:

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the top Instagram fitness influencers who are making a significant impact on the platform:

Hafbor Bjornsson

Hafthor Bjornsson’s Instagram presence showcases his incredible strength as a former strongman and his fitness journey, resonating with his 4.2M followers of strength training enthusiasts and fans of his role in Game of Thrones. 


Anita Herbert

Anita Herbert’s Instagram showcases her incredible physique and fitness transformations, inspiring her 2.9M followers to pursue their fitness goals and seeking motivation for their own journeys. 

Anita Herbert

Massy Arias

Massy Arias’ Instagram feed embodies her message of body positivity, health, and empowerment, featuring her own fitness journey, workout videos, and motivational messages, inspiring a large and diverse following of 2.7M individuals striving for holistic wellness.

Massy Arias

Emily Skye

Emily Skye’s Instagram presence revolves around her fitness journey as a Mother, sharing workout routines, healthy recipes, and messages of self-love and body positivity, resonating with her 2.7M followers of women looking for inspiration and support in their fitness and wellness endeavours.

Emily Skye

Mathew Fraser

Mathew Fraser is a male fitness instagrammer who is testament to his dominance in the sport of CrossFit, featuring intense training videos, glimpses into his competitive journey, and glimpses into his personal life, captivating his 2.4M following of fitness enthusiasts and admirers.

Matthew Fraser

Alexia Clark 

Alexia Clark’s Instagram posts are characterised by her creative and challenging workout routines, inspiring her large and dedicated 2.3M followers.

Alexia Clark


Jeff’s posts focus on informative fitness content, including workout routines, exercise tutorials, and injury prevention tips, attracting 2.2M following of individuals seeking expert guidance and knowledge in strength training and conditioning.


Valentina Lequex 

Valentina Lequex’s feed showcases her healthy lifestyle, diet and shape sculpting workouts, attracting 1.7M followers of fitness enthusiasts and admirers.

Valentina Lequeux

Rich Froning 

Rich Froning’s Instagram posts document his journey as a CrossFit champion, sharing his training routines and inspiring his 1.4M followers in the fitness world.

Bret Contreras 

Bret Contreras uses his Instagram platform to share informative fitness tips and exercise demonstrations, catering to his students and his dedicated following of 1.2M followers.

Bret Contreas

Tony Sentmanat 

Tony Sentmanat’s Instagram posts highlight his expertise in combat training and self-defence, drawing a significant following of martial arts enthusiasts and individuals interested in personal safety, garnering him a massive 1.1M followers.

Tony Sentmenat

Shaun T  

Shaun T’s Instagram presence is characterised by his motivational and high-energy workout videos, resonating with his extensive 1.1M following of individuals seeking fitness inspiration and guidance.

Shaun T

Ron Everline

Ron Everline’s Instagram posts offer a glimpse into his life as a celebrity personal trainer, attracting a sizable 1.1M following of fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking fitness advice.

Ron Boss Everline

Kaisa Keranen 

Kaisa Keranen’s Instagram feed showcases her innovative and dynamic workout routines, captivating her 1M followers of fitness enthusiasts and those looking for fresh exercise ideas.

Kaisa Keranen

Julian Smith

Julian Smith’s Instagram posts revolve around his adventurous outdoor activities and intense muscle building workouts variations, captivating a diverse 1M followers.

Julian Smith

Jay Maryniak

Jay Maryniak’s Instagram posts showcase his acrobatic and callisthenics skills, captivating his dedicated following of 1M individuals interested in bodyweight training and impressive feats of strength.

Jay T. Maryniak

Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins’ Instagram feed features her expertise in fitness coaching and healthy lifestyle tips, inspiring her 979K following of individuals striving for physical and mental well-being.

Jeanette Jenkins

Evolve Nation

Evolve Nation’s Instagram account features a variety of fitness-related content, including workout routines, nutrition tips, and motivational quotes, inspiring a broad and engaged following of 963K fitness enthusiasts.

Evolve Nation

Eric Leija

Eric Leija’s Instagram presence focuses on kettlebell workouts and mobility training, resonating with his committed 902K following of fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking functional training methods.

Eric Leija

Dylan Werner

Dylan Werner’s Instagram posts highlight his exceptional yoga practice and impressive poses, attracting a substantial 813K following of yoga practitioners and individuals interested in advanced yoga techniques.

Dylan Werner


Our influencer marketing agency and social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

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What is Threads: Will it Stay or Will it Fray?

July 10th, 2023 by

There’s a new platform on the scene, and users have gone mad for it. Setting a new record of the most users joined in just over four days (over 100 million), it’s safe to say Threads, an Instagram app, has caused a big stir in the social world. But what is Threads?

What is Threads?

The simple answer to “what is Threads?” is: it’s Meta’s answer to Twitter. Confirmation for the Twitter-dupe came three months ago, and it was officially launched on 5th July. 

Threads is a free text-based conversation app that was designed to be an online space for communities to come together and discuss topics cared about  today, and what’s trending tomorrow. Users can connect with creators and others on a deeper level, directly building relationships and loyalty. 

Threads’ layout is similar to Twitter’s, with a few key elements currently missing. Users have their main feed which shows content from those they follow at the top, before showing related content they’ll enjoy—seemingly pulled from the verified accounts they follow on Instagram. Users can search for other accounts, create Threads, view activity, and their own profile page (which offers a direct link back to their Instagram account).

In terms of functionality, users can create threads (and post photos, videos, and links) and view replies, and like, comment, repost, quote, and share Threads created by other users. Symbols used are spectacularly similar to those on Twitter, so if you’re familiar with the good ole bird app, you’ll understand Threads. 

One key note is that any user on Threads can post a Thread with up to 500 characters, which is nearly double the 280 characters available on Twitter. 

What Threads is missing (at the moment), is a way to see what’s trending in thread conversations. Hashtags don’t appear to be functional on the platform at present, but we presume this will come with time given the importance of hashtags on Instagram. 

What is Threads’ appeal?

Given that Threads is essentially just another Twitter, why has it become so popular so quickly? 

There’s four main reasons why Threads is so hot right now. The first is because it was fuelled by Instagram’s massive pre-existing user base. When signing up, users had the option to link their Instagram and Threads follower lists, removing the major hassle of going through each account individually and deciding who to follow. Threads offers a new form of interaction with users, friends, creators and brands, offering more insight into their thoughts, opinions, and personalities. 

There is also seamless sharing between Instagram and Threads. As we already mentioned, users can combine their Threads and Instagram following, but Thread accounts are also linked on a users’ Instagram profile—although at present, it’s the number user you were when joining, rather than a handle. This link takes a user directly through to a Thread profile, and vice versa. In addition, users can easily share Threads to their own Instagram Stories, which creates a direct link to the Thread. This makes it incredibly easy for users on Instagram to experience Threads before creating an account, but also easy for users to discover new people to follow. 

The platform launch came at a tumultuous time for Twitter. Earlier in the week, Twitter had just introduced a new Tweet limit for all accounts in a bid to stop data mining. Verified accounts could view 8,000 tweets a day, unverified could view 800, and newly created unverified accounts could view 400. Naturally, users weren’t happy. While on Threads, users can’t quite search for trending conversations yet, they did have unlimited access to content on the platform. 

The final key reason it became popular is FOMO. No one likes being left out of the party or a joke, and that’s exactly what the first few days of Threads have been. A new platform means a new chance to make a statement and join in an exciting conversation. Brands and users that were first adopters would have benefited massively from the PR exposure, with Threads being shared on different platforms. 

What is Threads’ user base?

With over 100 million users, Threads’ user base is already huge. So huge, Zuckerberg himself said it went “way beyond our expectations.” 

Celebrities, political figureheads, creators, brands, shows, and casual users have already taken a place on the platform, and are creating and joining conversations. 

In order to have a Threads account, you need to have an Instagram account. When signing up, you can import all your information, including name, bio, and links from your Instagram profile. Annoyingly, if you want to delete your Threads account, at the moment, you have to delete your Instagram account too. 

What should your strategy be?

In reality, it’s far too early to distinguish a strategy. We don’t really know much about the platform, algorithm, or plans. 

For the moment, you should just play with the platform and see what resonates with your audience. 

Once more details on the algorithm and upcoming updates reveal themselves, then you can focus on developing a strategy that still resonates with Instagram audiences, but encourages more transparency and engagement. 

Is it here to stay?

There’s not been much revealed about what the future of the platform will look like, but we can make some educated guesses. 

We predict that Threads users will be able to access multiple accounts on a singular device, similar to the function that’s already present on Instagram. This will make social media managers’ lives significantly easier, and allow for more streamlined marketing. 

The second update we can visualise in three new main feeds that mirror Instagram’s. Currently, the for you is somewhat of a free for all, with those you follow shown at the top and the rest selected from those you follow on Instagram. We anticipate a Recommended feed, Following feed, and Favourites feed. 

The final update we expect soon is a trending news page. Adam Mosseri said he wants the platform to be a space where people can discuss what’s trending, but at the moment there’s no way to discover this. We expect the trending page to mirror Twitter’s—with a search function at the top, and trending topics listed below that direct users to the most popular and relevant Threads around said topic. 

As to whether Threads is here to stay, only time till well. Many platforms have opened sub-platforms only for them to be shut down (we all remember the BeReal sagas, right?). However, Threads does have a major advantage in drawing on its 2 billion monthly active worldwide users by allowing them to create accounts with their Instagram profiles. 

In addition to this, Meta extended early invites to popular businesses like Netflix to populate the platform before users joined. This meant users weren’t greeted with a tumbleweed crossing a desert. 

We think it has potential. The future will become more clear once the platform ties up a few loose threads in future updates.

Our influencer marketing agency and social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

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A Month in Beauty: June 2023

June 27th, 2023 by

Welcome back to another beauty roundup! Every month we round up our favourite ads, campaigns, trends, and creators from the social media beauty industry. So what’s the month in beauty had in store for June?

A Month in beauty: Trend spotlight

Summer skin

No makeup makeup looks are taking this summer by (tropical) storm. Think dewy, light-weight, and skin shining brighter than the sun, the TikTok beauty gurus are out in full force, teaching us all the tips and tricks for achieving summer skin. Makeup no longer has to be shied away from as soon as the warmer weather is out to play.


a quick summer skin makeup for bestie date night 💐#makeup

♬ Maria Maria (feat. The Product G&B) (sped up) – Santana & sped up + slowed


how to get effortless no-makeup makeup summer skin ☀️ Products: @L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Line Plumping Water Cream L’Oréal Paris True Match Nude Plumping Tinted Serum @Iconic London illuminator “original” #summermakeup #nomakeupmakeup #summerskin #makeup #makeuptutorial

♬ original sound – Melis Ekrem

A Month in beauty: Brand Spotlight

Glow Hub 

Glow Hub takes its place as our honourable brand-mention this month. Adopting an effective UGC content strategy, Glow Hub has positioned itself as one of the most-talked-about skincare brands on social media. Youthful-skin-targeting products such as the Vitamin C Scar Slayer and Barrier Builder Facial Serum perfectly align with the brand’s aim to create “skin_care for the nxt generation”.


Trying Glow Hub new Slayer range 🧡 I’ve been using it for a few days now & so far I really like it! I’ll post an update in a month to see if it’s started to work! Acne scars Dark spots Pigmentation #glowhub #scarslayer #skincareproducts #acnescartreatment gifted

♬ original sound – artistrybyhan


get ready to slay dark marks + give skin a hit of brightening, antioxidant rich hydration with our Vit C range 🍊 #glowhub #vitc #scarslayer

♬ original sound – glow hub beauty

A Month in beauty: Creator spotlight

Juliana Shiel

Shining brightly under our creator spotlight this month is Irish skincare and natural makeup extraordinaire, Juliana Shiel. Gracing us with her top skincare and makeup tips for healthy, glowing skin, Juliana’s feed exudes luxury, self-care and all-round summer vibes. If you’re looking to channel your inner ‘it-girl’, follow her to find out how!


If you did a shot everytime I said the word natural in this video you’d be in the ER #irish #summermakeup #summermakeuproutine #irish #spf #suncream #sunsafe #sunsafetytips #spf50

♬ original sound – Juliana Shiel


Full fake tan routine for very pale skin! Prep and maintenance are what’s going to make your tan look real and keep it even🤝🏼 #irish #faketan #irishskin #paleskin

♬ original sound – Juliana Shiel

A Month in beauty: Collab spotlight

Kiehl’s  x Jon Hanlan

Kiehl’s has collaborated with queer artist Jon Hanlan for pride month. Jon designed a limited edition version of the Ultra Face Cream—one of the brand’s most bought products. Kiehl’s is also showing support for the LGBTQ2S+ community by donating $20 from every Face Cream purchase to the Get REAL Movement.

June Month in Beauty: Kiehl's collaboration

A Month in beauty: Content spotlight

Youth to the People: UK Launch

Youth To The People has finally landed in the UK. To celebrate its launch, it partnered with various influencers – big and small – asking them to share with their followers their top 3 favourite YTTP products. Some sponsored content received up to 2.9M views, branding the campaign a success.


AD @Youth To The People have launched in the UK!!! I’ve selected my top 3 favourite products – iconic superfood cleanser, 15%Vitamin C + Caffeine Serum and Superberry Hydrate + Glow Mask which all leave my skin clean and glowing!  You know I love my skincare so I’m super excited about this launch.  #yttp #youthtothepeople #skincaretips #skincare

♬ original sound – fatstimbo


sharing with you my top 3 products from @Youth To The People for their launch in the UK & the new store in Shoreditch:) AD #skincare

♬ original sound – DANIELLE

CeraVe: #21DaysofSPF

The skincare experts over at CeraVe launched the #21DaysofSPF challenge with an accompanying commissioned song by Avani titled ‘Let’s Form a Habit’. The challenge called upon content creators to “form a habit” by applying SPF for 21 consecutive days. The video compilations were to overlay the song and include the branded hashtag, which now has 412.8M views.


ad @CeraVe set me a challenge and I accepted. SPF = your best skin yet 🔥@Superdrug #21DaysOfSPF

♬ Lets Form A Habit – avani


#CeraVePartner | DARE YOU TO DO THE 21 DAYS OF SPF CHALLENGE WITH ME @CeraVe #21daysofSPF #faceltlikeaderm #cerave #spfismybff #foryoupage #viral #beautybynita #somali #kenya

♬ Lets Form A Habit – avani

Kerastase: Blonde Absolu

Kerastase is calling on all blondies to care for their hair this summer with its Blonde Absolu Ultra Violet Care product range. The Cicaflash conditioner in particular was promoted by a select few creators, in which its properties of stronger, healthier hair were highlighted. Some content was then repurposed and published to the Kerastase TikTok page.


My hairdresser recommended the @Kérastase Cicaflash ad

♬ original sound – chloe-boucher


Care for your blonde hair this summer with Blond Absolu.

♬ Promoted Music – kerastase.official

Glaze Hair: Super Colour Conditioning Gloss

Through the promotion of the Super Colour Conditioning Gloss, Glaze Hair sticks to its promise of delivering “salon-shine minus the price tag”. By resharing influencer-led content – some with up to 60k views – Glaze was able to create a buzz around this must-have product.


Sweet like Caramel Lights ✨ Perfect for balayage’d brunettes with lovely light pieces. . . . . #glazehair #glazeup #hairlove #supergloss #alwayshairready #haircolor #haircolour #shinyhair #hairgoals #hairrepair #hairtreatment #haircare #hair #healthyhair #hairlove #hydrating #hairmask #loveisinthehair #hairofinstagram #inclusivebeauty #healyourhair #crueltyfree #veganbeauty #veganhaircare #greenbeauty #siliconefree #salonshine #skipthesalon #balayage #highlights

♬ Little Things x Gypsy Woman by L BEATS – DJ L BEATS


Well this product is incredible! My hair colour looks so much more vibrant🥹👏🏻 @Glaze_Hair #siliconefree #haircareroutine #glossyhair #glazingisamazing #rbm #ScrollStop

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

Tatcha: Dewy Skin Cream

Known for its outstanding contribution to the skincare industry, Tatcha has partnered with a select few influencers to re-promote one of its showstoppers, the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. Called upon to highlight the product’s hydrating qualities, rich ingredients and ability to double up as a glowy-makeup base, influencers were able to get it circulating on social media once again.


Tatcha gifted me this gorgeous Dewy Skin Cream and it is simply the most beautiful skincare item ive ever owned! The scent is stunning, consistency and feel are so so luxurious and it primes perfectly for makeup! 🥹 #ProductReview #productsyouneed #tiktokmademebuyit #fyptiktok #beautifulskin #female #skincare #ProductReviews #musthaveproducts #beautytips #cosmetics #asmr #women #letsgrowtogether #skincaretiktok #growthmindset #beautymakeup #tatchagiftedme @SPACE NK @Tatcha

♬ original sound – Elysee


My favorite moisturizer to create the perfect dewy makeup look fr 💜 @Tatcha #TatchaPartner #Tatcha #DewySkinCream

♬ original sound – Lily Chee

Dr Jart: Premium Beauty Balm

Dr Jart’s new Premium BB is makeup, moisturiser and SPF 50 all rolled into one! What’s not to love? To promote its launch, Dr Jart partnered with beauty influencers on TikTok, sharing content of them testing/reviewing the product for their followers to the brand’s account.

Take your skin from dull to dewy with NEW Premium BB.⚡️ Makeup, moisturiser and SPF 50 in one, powered by niacinamide and glycerin.💦 #skincaretiktok #musthaveproducts #drjartbbcream #drjartskincare #makeuphybrid #summermakeup #tintedspf50

♬ original sound – Dr.Jart+ UK


we love a multitasker product. it’s a moisturiser, make-up and spf50 🙂 @Dr.Jart+ UK Premium BB beauty balm 💌 #skincare #beauty #ad

♬ original sound – DANIELLE

REFY Beauty: Lip Buff

To promote the launch of its new Lip Buff, REFY partnered with beauty influencers who suffered from dry skin/chapped lips to showcase the product’s transformative capabilities. The promotional content showed each creator using the product’s unique applicator to exfoliate and hydrate their lips. Partnering with bigger TikTok creators has seen promotional content often exceed 1M views.


This before & after!!!! Celebrating 1 year of Skin Finish. Save £8 when you shop the Skin Finish collection until 15th June. Model wears shade 01. Shop Skin Finish now at

♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar


this is how I exfoliate my lips with the @REFY lip buff 🫶🏾✨ AD #exfoliate #lipcare #makeuptips #beautyhack

♬ original sound – yasmin

Keratin Revolution: Home Hair Care Solution

Leaning into UGC and influencer-led promotional content, Keratin Revolution has positioned itself as a go-to brand for all your hair’s wants and needs. Content focuses heavily on putting  the products to the test and showing audiences before and after results to emphasise their salon-like quality. 

@Keratin Revolution

Revolutionary Home Hair-Care Solution. Try Now And See The Difference For Yourself!

♬ Promoted Music – Keratin Revolution

Our influencer marketing agency and social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

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Influencer Marketing On YouTube: Pros And Cons

June 27th, 2023 by

The introduction of influencer marketing is owed to YouTube. 2009 in particular saw an influx of YouTube vloggers—think Zoella, Smosh, Tyler Oakley, Michelle Phan e.t.c—who would later go on to become the internet’s first influencers. 

At this time, YouTube stars were paid to endorse products within their vlogs and regular channel videos, often for brands completely unrelated to their niche, and it worked. 

Fast forward a decade and the state of influencer marketing on YouTube is vastly different. Brand collaborations are a lot more thought out and influencers are pitted against a tougher list of requirements when it comes to being selected for brand deals. Most importantly, it has grown into one of the most profitable marketing strategies available. 

Naturally, each and every social media platform has since vied for the top spot as the number one influencer marketing platform, offering easier capabilities, from seamless results tracking to access to trending content formats like short-form video. However, the introduction and popularity of newer platforms has almost made influencer marketing on YouTube an afterthought, despite the platform still being able to offer viable and impactful marketing options. 

Let’s explore them. 

There are two main ways influencer marketing on YouTube is activated: through dedicated videos and integrated videos.

Dedicated videos refer to a video that is entirely dedicated to one brand. The creator will typically preface the video by making their audience aware of the promotion, or will include it in the title.

Integrated videos are, funnily enough, integrated within a larger video. Often smaller—and pre-filmed—these ad segments are edited anywhere into a creator’s regular channel video. They break up the video’s content and are usually edited in within the first half. 

Both ad options are viable, but let’s take a look at their pros and cons to see which better suits your brand’s goals.

Dedicated Videos


Improves discoverability

Dedicated videos are a great way to improve a brand’s discoverability. Because the video is dedicated to the brand—or its collection/product—every time a user searches for the brand/product, the video will be a top search answer. 

Dedicated content is evergreen. It will always remain, and will offer the brand continuous views and engagement, even years after the initial posting.

Increased engagement

Dedicated videos are prefaced with ad transparency. This means that whoever clicks on the video is willing to hear what the creator has to say, take on board their recommendations and is generally more engaged. Engaged viewers are often translated into conversions, from an increase in website traffic all the way to purchasing. 

Easily trackable

Tracking the performance of a dedicated video is much easier than trying to track the performance of a video segment. Marketers simply need to record the performance results of the entire YouTube video, and there you have it. 


It is an entire video

Some users simply don’t want to watch an entire video that’s an ad. A lot of YouTube users come to the platform to seek entertainment and relaxation. For them, watching a 10 minute-long promotional video isn’t desirable. 

Risks authenticity

Authenticity is the key to successful influencer marketing on YouTube. Where dedicated videos risk their authenticity is in the fact that audiences know the creator is being paid to publish this specific video onto their channel. If they hadn’t been endorsed, would it have made the cut? 

Of course influencers and creators can still genuinely love and use the products they are promoting, but if not promoted organically, there will always be sceptics. 


Let’s not beat around the bush, dedicated video ads are expensive. Influencers charge a lot more for video content than static content, due to the amount of time it takes to make. The price range of a dedicated video can vary massively depending on the size of influencer you are using, but typically they start around the £2K mark, and can go anywhere up to tens of thousands. Comparing this to a static Instagram post, which can be as low as a hundred, it makes sense that the price of a dedicated YouTube video can be off-putting to marketers.  

Long approval times

Dedicated video ads have to go through a rigorous approval process before being published. Typically with dedicated videos, influencers will be asked to mention key selling points throughout the content. If not all are mentioned, or if the influencer goes off-piste to mention a competitor brand, or does something not entirely PR-friendly, the video will have to be refilmed, and then reapproved. Some brands require upwards of three rounds of approval, and then have to wait for sign off from the dreaded Legal team.

Integrated videos



Due to integrated ads requiring a lot less time and effort to make, they are much cheaper for marketers using influencer marketing on YouTube, to run. 

Passive watching

Embedding an ad into your usual content paves the way for passive watching. Many people who watch YouTube videos aren’t that engaged with what they’re watching, merely observing. This means that the integrated ad almost becomes undetectable, lessening the likelihood of it being skipped or the video clicked out of entirely. 

More freedom

An integrated ad is exactly that. Integrated. This means that it can be edited in anywhere—as long as it complies with the brand’s requirements of course—giving creators a lot more freedom to run brand deals in a way they see fit and is more authentic to them. 


Hard to track metrics

Tracking the success of a single video segment is a lot harder than being able to track the success of a whole video and, because these segments are ads, it’s crucial that brands are able to determine its impact. 

Not discoverable via search

Due to integrated ads being embedded among other content, they are undiscoverable via search. This limits its shelf-life, as after being viewed upon its publication, it will only ever be seen again if someone clicks on this particular video later on—which isn’t as likely, as fresh content always triumphs.

Impact is temporary

Piggybacking off of the previous point, integrated ads have a temporary impact. Being less discoverable later on down the line means that the ad is no longer impactful/serving a purpose once it has run its course.

YouTube Shorts on the other hand…

Influencer marketing on YouTube is not just reserved for main channel videos. YouTube Shorts are also a viable way for brands to make an impact. 

YouTube Shorts videos see more than 30 billion views per day, so making use of their short-form video format is a great way for brands to reach wider audiences and encourage people to watch more main channel content. 

Short-form video has dominated social media for quite some time now and while it’s a successful avenue for brands looking to conduct influencer marketing on YouTube, the future of long-form content looks promising. 

As previously mentioned, a key driving force for successful influencer marketing campaigns is authenticity. Long-form content allows them to do just this, strengthening their authenticity and powering more effective influencer marketing. In addition, long-form content adapts well to YouTube as a search engine. After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. Capitalising on half of the world’s internet users looking to video content for educational purposes, brands can leverage longer YouTube videos to market to already-engaged audiences. 

To conclude

Both dedicated videos and integrated videos are viable options for marketers looking to leverage influencer marketing on YouTube

On a contextual basis, marketers can make their own minds up as to which better suits their business goals. Are they aiming for discoverable and more impactful content? Or more organic and engaging content? Whichever the avenue, successful and effective influencer marketing can be carried out, proving that influencer marketing on YouTube is not for the back burner, but instead stands proudly among the rest.

Our influencer marketing agency and social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

If you want to receive our industry insights, visit our influencer marketing & social media blogs here.

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The AIs are Taking Over: AI in the Cre(ai)tive Industry

June 20th, 2023 by

If you’d told someone working in the creative industry five years ago that their role was under threat from AI technology, they’d have laughed. AIs weren’t capable of recreating the empathy, humour, or creativity humans can. But, that’s not quite the case anymore. 

AI technology is now readily available for the majority of creative areas. You want a realistic painted portrait? Done. A catchy jingle? Easy. A fully fledged TV advert, complete with messaging, direction and copy? Pips. 

Despite the new abilities of AI tech, it’s not going to replace humans as such, but it will potentially replace many jobs. Because design and briefs are subjective, and develop in real-time, AI will struggle to fully compete with creative roles… for now. 

With that being said, we’ve decided to rank some of the most popular copy AI tools from AM(AI)ZING to F(AI)L. 

The Rules

To make it a fair match, we decided to keep the prompt simple: Write a 150 word LinkedIn post about how the growth of AI is impacting the social media marketing industry. 

What are we ranking? 

The first is how accurate the answer is. Does it answer the question, and how well? Does it offer a new perspective, or is it pretty bog standard? We will only be ranking the final version the AI creates. 

Secondly, we’re ranking how close the AI is to the requested word count. Points will be deducted for each time we have to reinforce the 150 word count. 

Thirdly, we’re ranking how engaging it is. This will be open to interpretation; what someone finds engaging, another will likely find dull. We’re also not providing a tone of voice so we can really discern the unique personalities of each AI. Again, we will only be ranking the final version the AI creates. 

Finally, we’re rating how easy it is to use. Some AIs are complex, so if you’re just beginning to enter the AI-sphere, you’ll want to start with an easy one. 

So, let’s get into it. 

Battle of the AIs


We had to start with the infamous, obviously. 

ChatGPT’s layout is very easy to understand—you have a textbox to type in, and a screen full of blank space waiting to be filled. 

Typing in the prompt, ChatGPT gets to work immediately, offering an answer within a few seconds. It’s quite fun when the AI pauses mid sentence—almost feels like it’s actually thinking. 

One thing that became apparent incredibly quickly was the fact that ChatGPT cannot word count accurately. Now we’re no count-bots ourselves, but even we could tell the initial answer was well over 150 words. But, according to ChatGPT it was only 162. This is a recurring issue. 




With ChatGPT, it took four iterations to receive a post that was close to 150, landing on 147 (even though ChatGPT claims it’s 150 exactly). 

The content included was accurate to the prompt, but nothing groundbreaking (likely due to only having information up to 2021). It provided a very generalised overview of the impact of AI, and the tone didn’t necessarily make us want to continue reading on the topic. 

Accuracy: 7.5/10

Word count: 5/10

Engaging: 6/10

UX: 8/10 

Overall: 26.5/40

Google BardAI

The first thing we have to say about Bard is that it needs more confidence in itself. The first thing you see is a pop-up saying it’s an experiment and might not work. We understand the importance of disclosures, but have a little faith. The layout of Bard is also simple, but a little nicer to look at with a dedicated background and chat box—although often the end of the text would be cut off, which is rather annoying. 

Just like ChatGPT, Bard gets to work immediately after being given the prompt, but works slightly faster. A benefit to Bard is that it offers additional recommended reading, and if you want to ensure the content is correct, you can click the “Google it” button. 

AIs not being able to accurately word count seems to be a trend. The initial post was over 350 words, with the second over 200. Still, it only took Bard three versions to reach 158 words. 

Bard seems to have more “personality” than ChatGPT, recognising it went over the word limit by getting “a little carried away with [its] thoughts on the topic.” A nice touch. 

The final post was rather bland. It’s your bog standard Google response to a general question—something that does answer the query, but not really. 

Accuracy: 7/10

Word count: 6.5/10

Engaging: 5/10

UX: 9/10

Overall: 27.5

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground did not come to play. 

Immediate thought upon opening the page: huh? 

Secondary thought: Ahh. It’s a chat box without the box. Slightly confusing initially, but actually rather simple. It does offer a variety of variables you can edit, but this wasn’t really necessary for this prompt. 

OpenAI Playground only took one go to write a 151 word LinkedIn post. Although still not including anything thoughtful, it used a more colloquial tone, making it more engaging. Best so far. 

Accuracy: 8/10

Word count: 9.5/10

Engaging: 7/10

UX: 8/10

Overall: 32.5/40


Chatsonic claims to be an “improved ChatGPT” and offers users 10,000 free words before charging. 

The layout is the most similar to what we would imagine an AI software to look like. However, it was the slowest to generate an answer, taking around 3 minutes to write just 78 words. 

It also was confused over the words it had written, but that’s no surprise at this point.

Chatsonic was able to provide a complete post on the second try, totalling 156 words. The post included similar themes to the others, but with a more engaging tone. It almost felt like it was written by a person (with the help of AI). 

Accuracy: 8/10

Word count: 8.5/10

Engaging: 7.5

UX: 7

Overall: 31/40

The results: Who’s Am(ai)zing, and who’s a F(ai)l?

Coming in top is OpenAI Playground. Although not the nicest to look at, it provided exactly what was asked instantly. Although not necessarily providing the best copy, it was easy to use, accurate to the prompt, and was somewhat engaging. It was also closest to the given word count, being over by just one word. 

In second place is Chatsonic. Chatsonic provided the most engaging LinkedIn post, and only took one failed attempt before getting it right. Yes, it took slightly longer to generate than the other softwares, but was speedy enough considering the alternative is writing it yourself. 

Third place goes to Google’s BardAI. Probably the most user friendly of the options, not just because its layout is simple but because it offers recommended Google search queries alongside its answers. Bard felt the closest to engaging with an almost-real person in terms of responses, but it did lose points for word count edits. 

In last place (shockingly) is ChatGPT. The confusion over word count was almost comical in the moment. While it is easy to use, it’s definitely the most robotic of the options, and is obviously limited in its answers due to only having data until the end of 2021.

Final note: AIs could take over the world, so be nice.

Our influencer marketing agency and social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

If you want to receive our industry insights, visit our influencer marketing & social media blogs here.

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Get Glam with these Beauty Influencers on YouTube

June 14th, 2023 by

Beauty influencers on YouTube cover everything from makeup tips, hairstyling, skincare and fragrance. As this is such a broad category, influencers have mastered the art of creating innovative looks and trendsetting ideas, each in their own signature style.

Generating over $430 billion dollars in revenue, the beauty industry has seen a transformation in recent years due to the rise of popular beauty influencers on YouTube.

Due to the popularity of these videos, brands have leveraged the opportunity to position themselves at the forefront of the market. With a number of different ways to collaborate with influencers, from product reviews, how to use videos and giveaways, the opportunities for brands and beauty influencers on YouTube are endless.

Read on to meet the top beauty influencers dominating the industry.

The Top YouTube Beauty Influencers

Nikkie Tutorials

With over 14M subscribers on her YouTube channel, Nikki is one of the best makeup YouTubers. She captivates her audience with stunning makeup transitions, fun challenges and expert beauty advice.

Carli Bybel

With half a billion video views and over 6M subscribers Carli has a well-earned position among the top beauty influencers on YouTube. She focuses on beginner-friendly makeup tutorials but also dabbles in some more extravagant looks.

Manny Mua

Since first joining YouTube in 2014, Manny has almost 5M subscribers who love his product reviews and tutorials. He also became the first ever male brand ambassador for Maybelline.

Jaclyn Hill

Professional makeup artist Jacylin Hill posts makeup reviews, glam tutorials and celebrity makeup tutorials. She has a large following of 5.58M subscribers.

Jackie Aina

Standing out from the crowd of beauty influencers on YouTube, Jackie aims to change the beauty standards with her impressive channel. Openly touching on important issues and sharing her impressive makeup skills, Jackie has achieved a large following of over 3.5M subscribers.

Chloe Morello

Australian beauty YouTuber Chloe has amassed a loyal following of over 2.6M subscribers. She has a wide range of content styles, covering everything from ‘how to’ videos to celebrity guest collaborations.

Michelle Phan

With 8.7M subscribers, Michelle is an OG influencer in the YouTube beauty space, starting her journey in 2007. She specialises in makeup tutorials, posting reviews and routines which her loyal fanbase love.

Audrey Victoria

With 1.75M followers, Audrey has a variety of videos on her channel. From hair care tips, beauty hacks and routines, Audrey has over 1 billion views on her channel.

Skincare by Hyram

Gen Z skincare guru Hyram has built a cult following of 4.5M subscribers and is one of the best skincare and beauty influencers on YouTube. Hyram imparts his wisdom onto his loyal following by creating budget friendly videos and catering to a variety of different skin types.

Beauty Within

Duo Rewina and Felicia specialise in Korean skincare and beauty advice. With 2.57M followers, the pair have created a loyal following within their niche, creating product review videos, skincare routines and makeup tips.

RCL Beauty

With one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the world, it’s no wonder Rachel Clare Levin made it onto this list. With 14.4M subscribers, Rachel’s videos reach a slightly younger demographic. Her videos cover everything from comedy to DIY and beauty.

Zoe Sugg

British icon Zoe Sugg, formerly known as ‘Zoella’, has a loyal fanbase of almost 5M subscribers. Her lifestyle, beauty, and daily vlogs have kept her followers watching for years earning her a spot as one of the best beauty influencers on YouTube.

Safiya Nygaard

Former Buzzfeed employee Safiya’s fans were quick to follow her YouTube channel which has now grown to almost 10M subscribers. From posting beauty reviews, makeup tutorials and fashion tips, Safiya has definitely earned a spot in the top beauty influencers on YouTube.


With a large following of over 1M+ subscribers, Sarahi is one of the best YouTube beauty influencers. Her most popular videos include seasonal makeup looks for any occasion.

Wayne Goss

Professional makeup artist Wayne Goss has an impressive following of almost 4M subscribers. His honest reviews and helpful beauty tips guide his followers in the right direction, showing what products to use and what to steer clear of.

Desi Perkins

Co-founder of makeup line Dose of Colors, Desi has a whopping 3.23M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She partners with a range of beauty brands showing makeup tutorials, her favourite products and seasonal makeup looks.

Weylie Hoang

Weylie’s aesthetic channel keeps her audience watching. With over 1.7M subscribers, her vlogs, makeup must haves and tutorials Weylie is one of the top beauty influencers on YouTube.

Bethany Mota

With over 9.5M subscribers, Bethany covers everything from beauty to travel and fashion tips. Her loyal following enjoy her beauty tips and makeup videos, making her one of the most well-known beauty influencers on YouTube.


Who is the biggest beauty influencer on YouTube?

Nikkie Tutorials, with 14.1M subscribers.

Who are the most popular beauty YouTubers?

  1. Nikkie Tutorials with 14.1M subscribers
  2. Michelle Phan with 8.71M subscribers
  3. Huda Beauty with 4.13 subscribers

What is the most searched for makeup topic on YouTube?

Smokey eye bridal looks was the most searched for makeup topic in 2022.

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Influencer Brands are Your Toughest Competition

June 13th, 2023 by

Influencer-founded brands have been around for well over a decade. From WeWoreWhat and Ipsy launched in the early 2010s, to the real kick-off of influencer beauty brands with Kylie Cosmetics, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the mid 2010s, and finally through to the late 2010s and early 2020s, where we saw a huge influx of influencer-founded brands across many industries, but primarily in the fashion and beauty, and food and beverage spaces. 

Influencer brands, both new and old, have become some of the most established and popular brands in the world—in terms of social presence and revenue. We’ve rounded up some of the most talked about influencer brands on the internet. 

But why are influencer brands so popular with consumers?

Influencers have built their livelihoods by understanding their audiences. They have dedicated years to building a loyal following and learning what engages and entertains through direct audience feedback, and data analysis. Because of this, influencers have an audience loyalty brands miss out on. Audiences want to see their favourite influencers do well because they’re people. It’s a personal connection to many, and if given the chance to support, they will.

Influencer brands: Beauty

Huda Beauty, 2013

Beauty influencer Huda Kattan launched her makeup brand Huda Beauty in 2023, and is one of the first influencers to create a cult-favourite beauty brand. Huda built her cult through her YouTube channel, which she started back in 2010. 

The brand initially started selling only false eyelashes, but has since expanded to offer over 140 products, raking in around $200 million in annual sales. The brand has an incredibly active and engaged following, and Huda remains front-and centre of the majority of content posted to social channels.


Watch till the end to see the results of our lipstain wear test challenge! 💋 #asmr #stresstest #eatingasmr #lipblush #lipstain #hudabeauty @Huda @Huda Beauty

♬ original sound – Huda Beauty

Rhode, 2022

Rhode Skin, launched in 2022, is Hailey Bieber’s “efficacious and intentional” skincare brand. The brand launched following the skincare revolution on TikTok. The launch of the brand conveniently coincided with the “glazed donut” nail trend, started by Hailey herself. A significant portion of initial marketing from Rhode was based around the “glazed” social media trend, including nails and glass skin. 

The brand combines two major social media trends—the “it girl” aesthetic and intentional skincare. The brand is transparent about how its products are formulated, appeasing consumer demand for honesty.


rhodetrick: mix brc with a powder blush for a dewy cheek tint ✨ using @patmcgrathreal divine blush duo in “night bloom”

♬ Chrysanthemum Tea – Prod. By Rose

REFY, 2020

Influencer Jess Hunt launched REFY in 2020, with the premise of providing products that enhance natural beauty and are quick to apply, but long-lasting. The brand is one of the most talked-about brands on social media, and has heavily invested in influencer marketing. 

Despite being a relatively new brand, REFY has built a loyal following and has an abundance of UGC created.


Brows for a hot girl walk. Amelia wears our Brow Tint in shade Medium Brown #refybeauty #refybrows #refybrowtint #hotgirlwalk #browgoals #eyebrowgel #browgel

♬ original sound – REFY

Influencer brands: Fashion

Djerf Avenue, 2019

Djerf Avenue, founded by Matilda Djerf, has had one of the biggest impacts on social media and fashion. Matilda Djerf’s effortless style took over the internet, leading to loose trousers and floaty shirts becoming a major trend during summer 2022, and it has since become a staple timeless style for many. 

Djerf Avenue was designed to encapsulate Matilda’s style so her fans and style appreciators could buy into and enjoy her lifestyle in their own way.


European summer drop is now live🍦shop the first stop of #DAcoast #djerfavene 🍝🗺

♬ original sound – Djerf Avenue

SKIMS, 2019

SKIMS is Kim Kardashian’s viral shapewear, loungewear and sleepwear brand. The brand initially started as Kim’s solution to shapewear, offering inclusive shade ranges and unique shapes for all outfit types. The SKIMS bodysuit has gone viral on TikTok multiple times, as has the Lounge Slip Dress, dubbed online the “SKIMS dress”.


@Maddy in Barely There Shapewear, available now as part of the #SKIMS Bi-Annual Sale. 🖤

♬ Da Girls – Ciara

Influencer brands: Food & Beverage

Chamberlain Coffee, 2020

Although Emma Chamberlain is hailed as the internet’s fashion icon, Emma launched a brand dedicated to her other love: coffee. Emma keeps her editorial-style prominent throughout the Chamberlain Coffee social channels, and posts fun community content, including “What coffee is your zodiac sign?”

Emma built a loyal following from her fun and exciting day-in-the-life, cooking, and fashion videos. Chamberlain Coffee emphasises the joy and connection a coffee with friends and family can have, while maintaining the fun element of Emma’s personality.


to celebrate the launch of our new ready-to-drink canned lattes, emma went into @Walmart to surprise customers with a game of trivia… introducing “think for a drink” head to the link in our bio to watch the whole video #chamberlaincoffee #latte

♬ original sound – Chamberlain Coffee

MrBeast Burger, 2020

MrBeast Burger is a virtual restaurant owned by YouTube sensation and philanthropist MrBeast. The restaurant offers delivery only, but a wide range of burgers, dedicated to his friends. The launch of the restaurant was vlogged and uploaded to MrBeast’s channel—the line for the restaurant was so long it had to be shut down by police. 

The burger chain has expanded from the US into the UK, Canada, UAE and the Philippines, with all food still only available on delivery.


you heard it here first 😎 beast burger = 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

♬ original sound – MrBeastBurger

PRIME, 2022

PRIME was launched by boxing-rivals-turned-brothers-in-business KSI and Logan Paul. The hydration beverage caused a massive stir online and in real life, with the drink regularly selling out within minutes of store openings or online drops.


You hate to see it #drinkprime #wwe #wrestlemania

♬ original sound – PRIME

Sides, 2021

Sides is a fried chicken brand launched by the popular YouTube collective, The Sidemen. At its launch, the Sides brand was only available through delivery.  Fans of the collective have been asking the collective to make their food offering available in more locations, so by popular demand, the collective is expanding. This year, the Sides brand is expanding to include a range of restaurants available within popular shopping malls across the UK.


FREE CHICKEN TENDERS AT MARKET PLACE HARROW 🍗🍗 @KSI and @bigw2s have put Admin’s card behind the Sides counter at Market Place Harrow for you to enjoy a portion of chicken tenders All you have to do is head to Market Place Harrow, go to the Sides counter and say “JJ & Harry sent you” then enjoy your tenders 🍗🍗 We have 100 portions of 2 x tenders to giveaway which will be served on a first come first served basis. Offer ends at 5pm today. See you there 👀 #sides #sidemen #friedchicken #harrow

♬ original sound – Sides

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