The Dawn of the New Front Row

September 14th, 2023 by

Fashion week’s new front row. What was once viewed as a sacred space, occupied by only the elitist of the A-list crowd, has seemingly had a face lift. 

This New York fashion week saw the likes of Anna Wintour seated in the same room as 18-year old TikToker Ellie Zeiler at popular brand Fendi’s 25th anniversary show, and this isn’t the only example. 

For years, the internet has been buzzing with talk of the “new front row”; influencers taking seats in spaces that were once held for the most elite of the elite. The Met Gala, for example, caused a huge wave on the internet when it invited the likes of Addison Rae, to an event that has been highly exclusive since its inception in 1948. 

So, it begs the question, why? Why are brands deciding to give seats away to influencers, rather than the traditional A-lister? 

Well, it all seems to boil down to marketing. 

Ultimately, influencers in the new front row of fashion shows allow brands to establish brand authenticity, reach new audiences, and take part in bottom up trend creation. 

Let’s dive in. 

The modern fashion consumer 

The fashion industry has built its own pedestal over the years. The industry’s air of untouchability is part of what made it so successful. The fact that consumers had to rely on magazines, movies like “Devil Wears Prada” or the rare televised fashion show to get sneak peaks of the industry, created a mystery around it that drove people to consume more and more fashion based content. 

Nowadays, this exclusivity is not as impactful nor desirable to consumers. A wave of younger fashion critics has opened up on TikTok and other platforms, with creators from a range of different backgrounds offering their opinions on fashion. Many of these next gen fashion critics have found huge success. One such creator, Rian Phin, has a highly successful TikTok account, which reaches thousands of people. 


extremely hard to explain lol yohji yamamoto fall 2002 FULL

♬ original sound – rian

What makes these new fashion critics so exciting, is that they are defiantly smashing all the barriers fashion has placed around them. 

Many of these creators come from backgrounds traditionally ignored by the fashion industry; people of colour, plus size people, and people from lower income backgrounds are just some of the many demographics that fashion has historically turned a blind eye to.

Moreover, the modern consumer is vastly different from its predecessors, with studies continuously showing that the average consumer seeks brand authenticity and inclusivity in the fashion world. People no longer desire brands that deliberately play off elitism. Consumers want brands that have clear values and feel tangible. A great way for brands to achieve this idea of authenticity, is via influencers. 

Influencer X brand collabs 

When a brand partners with an influencer, they are aligning themselves with their personality, values and image. For example, when a brand partners with Emma Chamberlain, they communicate an air of joviality, fashion forwardness, and realness that appeals to a young audience. This is because Chamberlain, like many successful influencers, has a distinct brand herself.

Chamberlain is a great example of the success of influencer and brand collaborations. She has collaborated with dozens of brands over her career, but recently her name has become nearly synonymous with Levi’s. If you’ve been on the internet over the past three-ish years, then you’ve definitely seen the obsession with finding the perfect Levi 501s to rock the streets with. 

Now, Levi 501’s are an absolute classic. They don’t necessarily need any marketing. In spite of this, Levi’s collaboration with Chamberlain has spiked the love for these classic jeans, and is certainly one of the driving factors for their current trending status. 

On Levi’s YouTube channel, the videos in which Chamberlain features are some of the highest viewed. Chamberlain has gone on to partner with the brand multiple times, featuring on their Ganni X Levi campaign, and even going as far as to create her own pieces with Levi multiple times. 

The new front row: Emma Chamberlain

This success is largely due to Chamberlain’s status as an “it-girl”. Her high fashion status encourages her followers to click and buy any item of clothing she is seen in, making her the perfect pick for a fashion brand collaboration. 

The right pairing between a brand and an influencer can have huge benefits for the brand. Another brilliant case study of this is Prada and Miu Miu. Prada and Miu Miu have heavily targeted their marketing towards younger audiences in recent years. They have partnered with the likes of Sydney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer and Charli D’Amelio; all young, popular influencers. 

The new front row: Sydney Sweeney

These partnerships allow Prada and Miu Miu to establish their brands as modern, fresh and appealing to a younger audience. 

Most importantly, influencer collaborations allow brands to appear more authentic, as they show they’re plugged in to popular culture. From 2022 to 2023, the company reported that Prada’s revenues increased by 18% and Miu Miu’s increased by 50%. Whilst Prada and Miu Miu have been steadily successful brands for many years, the positive impact that their influencer partnerships have had cannot be ignored. 

The horizon of the new front row 

Content creators and culture 

Social media and the rise of the influencer has completely changed the way that trends and culture move. Traditionally, trends and consumer behaviour have been defined from top to bottom. This means that brands would influence popular culture and consumer buying behaviour. 

Nowadays, the consumer is most influenced by their favourite creator, not their favourite brand. When a creator is seen wearing a head to toe Gucci look at a Gucci show, for example, their followers seek out these items and buy them as soon as they can. 

As a result, it is far more effective for brands to use influencers to show off their products in context, rather than trying to enter conversation with the consumer themselves. According to a Google report, more than 64% of female consumers shop by purchasing items worn by their favourite creators. 

Thus, an influencer in the new front row, dressed in the show’s new or Ready to Wear collection, but styled to current trend sensitivities, is an effective way to promote the brand itself. 

New and digital-first audiences 

A key benefit that influencers bring to fashion shows is digital traffic. As mentioned previously, partnering with influencers allows fashion brands to reach entirely new audiences. A report by Launchmetrics showed that even if influencers account for just five percent of seats at runway shows, they generate forty percent of total digital traffic for the event. 

New audiences are also being brought in by fashion show live streaming. What started as a Covid solution has grown into an inclusive, modern way to view and engage with fashion. Live streams expand the fashion show audience to the average consumer at home; rather than these events being exclusive to those famous enough to receive an invite, we, the regular joes, can watch from our living rooms. 

Shanghai fashion week took this one step further, by partnering with the popular ecommerce site Tmall. This partnership allowed viewers to purchase the collection whilst they watched the live stream, all in one app. 

Whilst this new era of inclusivity allows fashion to reach the eyes and ears of millions, and attract many who may not have previously been interested, some are wary of what this may do to the historic eliteness of fashion week. 

Brands are also able to reach audiences that may not traditionally be interested in fashion. Rick Owens, for example, invited artist and rapper Tommy Cash to sit front row at its SS24 menswear show. Cash is not a fashion influencer, and thus his attendance has allowed a whole new audience to be reached by Rick Owens. The move was incredibly successful, with the search “Tommy Cash Fashion Week ” having 1.1 million views and counting. 

The new front row: Tommy Cash

By inviting Cash, Rick Owens gained a wider audience, trended on various social media platforms, and established itself as a relevant brand. 

Following on with the theme of audiences, influencers have the unique ability to provide brands with an incredibly specific demographic. An influencer’s following acts as proof of the demographic that they reach. If a fashion brand seeks a very specific demographic, they merely have to take a scroll through influencer’s followers and they can easily determine which creator fits the bill. 

This is far more effective than more traditional routes, such as posting ads on billboards and hoping they reach the correct audience.  

So, why is there such a large audience for fashion? Why has fashion become the groovy topic to be interested in? 

Gen-Z has shown time and time again that what it values above all else is individuality. Through the internet, having a strong sense of identity and standing out from the crowd is second nature to the younger generation. Fashion is the perfect way to express oneself and define your identity. 

Gen-Z’s desire to experiment and find themselves through fashion was largely propelled by the pandemic. Shut away in their rooms, youngsters were able to try out different aesthetics and share them with the world; finding their community and themselves in the process. 

What does the new front row mean?

Thus, by including influencers in the new front row, brands are taking advantage of the brand authenticity that they can provide, as well as their ability to influence popular culture. Influencer partnerships allow a brand to establish a personality that appeals to a specific audience. Often, this audience is not one that the brand would have traditionally been able to reach. 

The creator economy is only set to grow. Any fashion brands too proud to invite or include influencers within their activities—on social media, or in the Front Row—are sure to suffer the consequences. With so many influencer niches available, with their huge followings, ability to tap into culture, and easy conversation with consumers, to not make use of influencer collaborations would be, frankly, unwise. 

One of the most convenient elements to utilising influencers to promote a fashion brand, is that the influencer doesn’t have to be fashion-focused. As seen with Cash, brands have the opportunity to access a new audience, within an entirely different niche. 

Many fashion brands have already begun to make their Fashion Week shows accessible to the masses through livestreaming the events. With TikTok fashion creators hosting and posting BTS interviews and content from global Fashion Week events, it shows this is where the new fashion consumer lives.

With TikTok and its creators playing a big part in the discovery of new fashion brands, designs, and trends, it begs the question of whether fashion brands will consider implementing TikTok Shop to support Ready to Wear collections… Only time will tell.   

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How To Start A Podcast In 2023

September 13th, 2023 by

The podcast boom is upon us. It may seem like everyone is the host of a podcast and that’s because they are. But are they doing it right? We’re here to teach you how to start a podcast the right way.

There are many reasons why people start a podcast. They are fun, they can be a strategic business move and can earn you money. But what actually is a podcast, and why are they so popular?

A podcast is an episodic series which features audio-only content of hosts discussing a particular topic. Due to the current popularity of podcasts, these topics include just about anything you can think of: from pop culture to true crime or more educational topics such as money management.

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to start a podcast, and this can be a lucrative route, particularly as a brand. For example, through podcasting you can start growing your audience, simultaneously building credibility and status within your industry. It is also an opportunity to meet other people who have an interest in your niche or topic.

Several brands have jumped on the bandwagon creating their own podcast. #LIPSTORIES, a podcast by Sephora, is a great example of brands smashing it in the podcast industry. Each episode of this feel-good podcast features an influential woman who can inspire other women. This podcast was a hit amongst consumers and guaranteed they will be coming back for more.

how to start a podcast: lipstories

Looking to start a podcast? Read on to find out how!

How to start a podcast

1. Decide on Your Topic or Niche

The first essential step if you want to start a podcast is to narrow down your topic. By doing this you can more effectively establish yourself as an expert in the field as you wont be spreading yourself too thinly, but also will help you to build a loyal following.

It is also important to research other existing podcasts to ensure that there is no one doing anything too similar to you, and to ensure your podcast stands out from the crowd.

Before starting your podcast, you will also need to carefully consider who you are tailoring your podcast to, to ensure you create content that is both relevant and valuable.

2. Build Your Online Presence

The next step is to give your podcast a name. 

This will help build the brand and online presence and make your podcast recognisable and easy to find when it comes to social platforms.

Following on from this, it is also important to make sure your podcast is accessible. Creating a website is a great way to do this and is super easy with free or paid tools. This way listeners can easily find and enjoy your podcast.

It is important to make sure you have a social media presence. To use social platforms most effectively, it is important to consider which sites your audience uses the most and create profiles on these using your podcast name.

We would also recommend you submit your podcast to a directory (such as Spotify), to make your podcast more discoverable and ensure you reach as many listeners as possible.

3. Source Relevant Equipment And Software

The next step to start a podcast is to invest in suitable recording equipment and editing software. It is recommended to invest in a podcast microphone to ensure your sound quality is optimal. Editing software is easily accessible and there are tons of free options out there. Do your research before settling!

4. Record and edit your first podcast

Once you have nailed these steps, you are ready to record! You may want to write a script to follow, or just wing it – the choice is yours.

You should make sure you name your podcasts creatively, ensuring each one is matched with a unique title which concisely describes its content. Doing so will ensure you optimise your podcast’s SEO so that it is easier for listeners to discover your podcast.

This also applies to your show description. It is important to be clear and concise when telling your listeners exactly what your podcast is about and what they can expect. You will also have the chance to add in any links or useful resources in this section.

How to make money from a podcast

Finally, if you’re looking to start a podcast, we’re also certain you’ll want to start making money from it…and you don’t necessarily need to have a huge following to claim your share.

One way to make money is through sponsored ads. Brands will take a look at your podcast listens or downloads as well as your audience to decipher whether you would be a good fit for their ad. If you fit the criteria, promoting products/services through sponsored ads is a reliable, easy way to make money through your podcast.

Another reason for sponsored ads being a beneficial opportunity is because brands often provide podcast hosts with an exclusive discount code or link for their audience to use. This is great as they may have the opportunity to earn a small commission everytime someone uses the code at a checkout or clicks the link. It also enhances the host’s relationship with their audience, as they are able to thank them for listening with a gift. It’s a win-win.

Another option, depending on your branding and audience, is to explore selling branded merchandise with your podcasts logo as this could also be a beneficial way to generate income.

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Rockstar Girlfriends, Latte Makeup And Glazed Donut Nails: How Are Brands Keeping Up With Microtrends on TikTok?

September 7th, 2023 by

We are in the era of microtrends on TikTok

With viral aesthetic trends blowing up and falling out of fashion just as quickly, brands and creators have a very small window within which to make their mark. 

This is where microtrends offer the perfect alternative. 

Despite moving through the socialsphere even faster than a regular trend, their more subdued nature makes them easier to be taken on. Oftentimes, these microtrends will call on partakers to offer makeup or clothing recommendations to emulate the trend. In comparison to bigger, viral trends – which may call upon someone to learn a dance or try out a new editing technique – microtrends take up a lot less time, ensuring users can get their submission in before the ship sets sail. 

But if microtrends on TikTok are merely fleeting, what are their benefits? 

To better understand the impact of microtrends, we must turn to no other than the queen of aesthetics herself, Hailey Bieber. 

When taking to Instagram donning a berry-toned, flushed makeup look in several posts, the season of ‘strawberry girl summer’ was officially declared, attracting 279.8M views to the hashtag #strawberrymakeup. 

microtrends on TikTok: strawberry makeup

Naturally, her 50.3M followers began speculating the consistency of this stand-out look, but it wasn’t until Hailey posted the look featuring a Rhode sticker that they concluded that the “strawberry girl” aesthetic was, in fact, hinting at her skincare line’s pending release of berry-toned products. 

Bieber has since posted a makeup tutorial on TikTok featuring the strawberry glaze peptide lip treatment, while soft launching an upcoming cream blusher line.


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

Hailey’s use of “strawberry girl summer” for the purpose of business is just one of the many examples that have followed other famed aesthetic microtrends on TikTok

But with an endless list of things to try, how can brands ensure that they are authentically keeping up?

How can brands authentically tap into aesthetic microtrends on TikTok?

As previously mentioned, microtrends call upon partakers to list makeup products or fashion items that emulate that particular aesthetic trend. If brands don’t find themselves appearing in these lists, they may feel it necessary to insert themselves into the conversation by launching campaigns or posting content inspired by these microtrends on TikTok.

Take the “cherry cola lips” makeup trend, for example. Inspired by Kylie Jenner, makeup influencers each offered up their own “cherry cola” lip combo, earning the hashtag #cherrycolalips 37.8M views on TikTok. 

The trend has not stopped at influencers, however. Notable makeup brands have since come forward with their offerings of products from their own selected lines.


Cherry Cola lip is POPPING OFF💥🍒 This is our new fave lip combo, wbyyy🥤 #CherryCola #NYXCosmetics_UK #AffordableBeauty #CrueltyFreeBeauty

♬ original sound – nyxcosmetics_uk

Done in its usual content style – through real time swatches and close ups of each product – NYX’s contribution to this trend is able to read as authentic. By using pre-existing products, rather than launching anything new, the brand sells itself as trendy and aesthetic, proving that its products are worthy of microtrend status. 

Similarly, L’Oreal offered its own take on the “latte makeup” trend rapidly circulating TikTok in recent months. 


Latte Makeup is the trend of the moment, and we have all you need to recreate it 🥛☕️ #LOrealParis #lattemakeup #makeup #makeuptutorial #beauty #grwm #makeuproutine


Leaning into tones of copper and brown to create a blown-out, smokey makeup look, the brand created a “latte face” using only L’Oreal products. That’s a major flex in our books! Combining its regular makeup masterclass content with a TikTok microtrend puts L’Oreal at the forefront of trending content and secures its position as a go-to brand for achieving such looks. 

To what extent a brand wishes to partake in microtrends on TikTok, is entirely up to them. As shown above, some opt just for a post or two alluding to their contribution, but there are others that feel it necessary to allow the trend to dictate the creative direction of a campaign. 

REFY beauty’s latest campaign, shot on the Amalfi coast, heavily drew inspiration from the “tomato girl” look which features crisp cottons, linens, romantic silhouettes and pops of red. Honing in on the Mediterranean landscapes and blushed makeup looks, REFY saw huge spikes in engagement and reach across all channels, ultimately making its newly released tinted lip gloss collection a huge success. This is indicative of the power of microtrends on TikTok and how, if approached correctly, they can garner huge online success. 

Current microtrends on TikTok to look out for

Rockstar girlfriend


rockstar girlfriend aesthetic💌 #fashion #rockstargf #fashionvideo #makeup #hair #slay #aesthetic

♬ original sound – miles kanes biggest fan ever

Rat girl summer


🐀🧀 #ratgirlsummer #rodentenergy #summervibes #summer2023 #weoutside #selfcare


Coquette core


very casual day! 💌 you can shop all my clothes on my motom!! link in bio <3 #ootd #coquette #fashion #inspo #inspiration #fashioninspo #outfitideas #outfitinspo #outfits #cute #style #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – user11750148531

Glazed donut nails


Shop our best “glazed donut pearl chrome” now! 🐚🍩😍🫶🏼 #fyp #pearlnails #glazeddonutnails #glazeddonut #glazednails #nails #nailinspo #nailideas #nailproducts #nailhaul #nailtechlife

♬ original sound – emotionallove

Clean girl aesthetic 


Beauty essentials for the “clean girl” ✨ all products are linked in bio ☁️🤍 #ønskeskyen #ønskeskyeninspo #cleangirlaesthetic #fyp

♬ som original – 🎧

Can microtrends on TikTok offer more than just trendy content?

According to multiple sources, Gen Z are the loneliest generation. It’s no wonder they seek to romanticise the mundane, and TikTok provides them with the perfect tool to do so. 

Their penchant for online movements allows them to connect with others, while ultimately expressing themselves through their own spins on aesthetic trends. The benefit of microtrends is that “there are no barriers to entry”, states senior foresight analyst Marta Indeka. Anyone and everyone can participate with their own take, presenting their true, authentic selves to the online world and, thus, blurring the lines between spectator and insider. 

With Gen Z being in their “up and coming” era, still figuring out who they are/want to be, playing around with microtrends on TikTok offers an outlet to do so. Lola Kolade, the originator of “rat girl summer” – an antithesis to the famed hot girl summer – expresses her thoughts on aesthetic microtrends actually being a tool for self-realisation, saying that “having a little character to play with while you figure out what works for you” is relieving and desired. 

This notion also extends to brands looking to develop – or even find – their image, voice and/or aesthetic. TikTok provides the wiggle room for them to play around with new concepts, test new visuals and generally find their feet in front of a more forgiving audience than they would find on other social media platforms. 

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How To Stream on Twitch: Your Ultimate Guide To Twitch Streaming

August 22nd, 2023 by

Wondering how to stream on Twitch? You’ve come to the right place!

In May 2023, Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, had 7.25 million active streamers, which showcases just how many unique personalities and gaming niches feature on the platform. 

There is a wide variety of gaming content that is suitable for Twitch streaming. This ranges from strategy games to battle royale games or MMO games. Twitch livestreams can also be placed into categories such as Just Chatting, where the user isn’t playing any video game but rather just having a conversation with their followers and often reacting to popular content online.

A short list of the top streaming categories showcasing the best games to stream includes:

  1. Just Chatting – 420,000 Average Viewers
  2. Grand Theft Auto V – 281,000 Average Viewers
  3. League of Legends – 164,000 Average Viewers
  4. VALORANT – 123,000 Average Viewers
  5. Dota 2 – 91,000 Average Viewers

How to stream on Twitch: The Technical Elements Of Streaming

In terms of the technology and equipment that is required to stream there are several requirements to creating a smooth, pleasant to watch Twitch livestream for your viewers.

In terms of system requirements for live streaming, broadcasting a Twitch stream consumes additional system resources. This means that you need to make sure that you have enough computing power – for example for PC games usually at least 8 gigabytes of RAM is recommended. In terms of an operating system a minimum of Windows 7 is required. For live streaming via video game console the specifics are less important, just checking the version of console you have is support for Twitch streaming is usually sufficient.

In terms of a webcam, this is also a very important feature for many streamers. Although Twitch livestreams do not require a camera, the majority of successful channels with large followings on the platform feature a person, visually. Webcams that deliver HD-quality images are perfect for this purpose.

The microphone is arguably the most important component, after the picture quality of a Twitch livestream. Decent sound quality allows for seamless viewing of a livestream, and audio commentary allows for your personality to shine through to your audience. This can be done with a simple headset microphone, however for the best sound quality a standalone USB microphone is recommended.

You also need to have enough bandwidth on your internet connection, if this is not the case your Twitch livestream will either appear haltingly to your audience or potentially not transmit at all.

Once you have met the requirements, read on to find out exactly how to stream on Twitch.

How to stream on Twitch: Initial Setup

Install Streaming Software

OBS is an example of a popular streaming software. This runs with Windows, MacOS or Linux and allows for you to set up and customise your settings for broadcasting your PC screen and game on to Twitch.

Creating a Twitch Channel

The next step is to create a Twitch account from which your audience can see your livestreams. If you go to the Twitch homepage and click the register button in the top right of the navigation you can choose a username, password and link your email address.

Once you have entered your information you will be required to confirm your email address via a verification link. Once you have clicked this your account will have been created.

Setting up your Twitch Channel

Once you have completed the registration process you will be able to customise your Twitch profile further. This includes setting a display name, profile picture, changing your channel design and settings on automatic hosting, parental controls and moderation of your chat.

Configuring your Twitch Channel

Once you find the dashboard in the user menu, you can use this to change your stream information such as Title and Game Category.

Linking Broadcasting Software to Twitch

Once you have launched the OBS program, look for the term ‘Stream’ in the settings. The most important step in linking the accounts is placing your Stream Key into your OBS settings. This can be found in the Twitch dashboard settings and should not be shared with others.

Start your Twitch channel

Starting a stream on Twitch via OBS is pretty straightforward, once in the OBS interface you just need to right click and add a game capture. Before going live you can click Studio Mode to preview all the elements of your stream and then click Start Streaming to go live on Twitch.

Streaming on PS4

To stream on PS4 you simply need to download the Twitch app via the PlayStation store, which is free. You then need to start playing the game you want to stream, click the Share button on the PS4 controller and then click Transfer Game and select Twitch in the next menu.

Streaming on Xbox One

The Xbox One has its own free Twitch app you can download from the Xbox store. Once the app is open it will lead you through the process of connecting your accounts. Again, using the Transfer and Start Transfer options when prompted, will allow you to go live, however first you should give your stream a Title and select the desired game you will be streaming.

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How To Promote Your YouTube Channel: 10 Reliable Tactics

August 22nd, 2023 by

Knowing how to promote your YouTube channel is an obstacle that more creators face than you think.

YouTube is the second most visited site on the web right now, with the average person spending 6 hours on it per day consuming video content. It’s a perfect place for promotion. 

With long-form video content making a comeback, and many different brands now looking to run integrated ads, it’s the perfect time to start growing your channel and we can give you the all important tips for optimum promotion. 

Here are our top 10 tips on how to promote your YouTube channel:

Choose Google-friendly keywords 

To understand how to promote your YouTube channel, you need to know what keywords to use. Your audience will not just be using the YouTube search bar to find videos they’ll also be using Google. Seeing as Google places video suggestions at the top of the search results page, you’ll want to ensure your video lands there.

To do this you can use Google’s own Keyword planner (part of Google Ads) as well as your own research using the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to understand which keywords display videos and which display webpages.

Use concise, descriptive video titles

Once you have your keywords it’s time to put together a title. For this you’re going to want to keep it short and sweet, we recommend 60 characters or less so your title doesn’t get cut off when displayed. On a similar note, remember to have your keyword in the first half of the title as most readers will focus on the first half and skip the rest. 

Lastly, try to be engaging rather than “clickbaity”. We know it can be very tempting, but clickbait will have a negative impact on your reputation in the long run.

Create custom thumbnails 

Thumbnails are just as important as titles in terms of catching a potential viewer’s attention. YouTube can auto-generate one for any video created, but many will come out blurry or out of focus. This is why we’d recommend you to always create your own for each video you make. 

Here are some rules of thumb when it comes to making them;

  1. Keep the resolution at 16:9 and with a width above 640px preferably 1280 x 720 px
  2. Stick to JPG, GIF or PNG for formats 
  3. Keep all thumbnails below 2MB 
  4. Add colour and text to draw in clicks
  5. Remember to keep consistent branding across all videos

Fill out your profile information

Knowing how to promote your YouTube channel is knowing how to promote yourself too. Producing a compelling profile can be one of the easiest ways to promote your YouTube channel and increase your SEO presence. Let your viewers know your uploading schedule so they can come back and see more of your content, and remember to include links to other socials or contact methods to help you land some partnerships and collaborations.

Optimising your video descriptions 

Another aspect a lot of creators overlook is the description of the videos. This can be another key learning point for knowing how to promote your YouTube channel

It’s important to front-load your keywords into your description by incorporating them into the first 100 – 150 words, which will appear above the ”SHOW MORE” button. For the rest of the description, you can do a variety of things such as creating a “contents page” for timestamps throughout the video, adding relevant links such as playlists or socials and even adding hashtags, as long as it abides by the YouTube hashtag rules! 

Lastly, remember to keep your character limit to 5000 so you don’t overload your reader.

Remember your metadata

YouTube’s guidelines on metadata focus on two main points when it comes to the use of keywords. Firstly remember to be honest in your use and secondly go for quality over quantity. You can use these for tags and categories features, but keep tags in the tags sections rather than your video description!

Strive for high-quality content

Even the best videos in the world can be weighed down by poor video quality. Always try to make sure your content is at a professional level before posting. Using a decent camera, soundchecks before recording and learning some basic editing skills will go a long way.

Interact with your fans

If you want to know how to promote your YouTube channel effectively, you must learn to interact with your fans. Continuing the engagement in and outside of your videos is crucial. Simple things like replying to fan comments, “hearting” and pinning can show your audience you’re there ready to show them some love for supporting you!

Try Q&A’s

A Q&A can be another great way to increase engagement between you and your followers. By asking your audience for questions through comments, emails or tweets you can help build your community and let your fans know who you are and your story. 

Create a series

Consistency will pay off! Posting videos on a regular schedule can keep viewers coming back. Choosing a catchy and keyword-friendly name and similar thumbnails can help the audience identify any new episodes whenever they’re posted and will keep them engaged and craving more.   

And that’s our list of how to promote your YouTube channel now it’s your time to get out there and put it into practice!  

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The Power of Community on Threads

August 22nd, 2023 by

We are genetically wired for interaction. Pre-internet, interactions happened in-person, but with the digitisation of the world, the majority of us have grown accustomed to them happening online.

The new kid on the block, Threads, acts as the middleman by offering social media users a human approach to online interactions. The text-based, conversation-led platform is a hub for like-minded social media frequenters to come together and discuss shared interests or involve themselves in important conversations—from education and healthcare to music and fashion. 

Compared to Twitter, Threads has been likened to a warm hug. This is because its group-chat style offers a safe space for users to comfortably share their thoughts. Threads has also seen a surge in users taking an out-of-the-box approach to what they’re sharing with their community members. Speaker and author, Kiaundra Jackson, admitted to sharing things on Threads that she would never share on any of her other social media platforms, from spur-of-the-moment thoughts to personal opinions. Sharing such thoughts is a surefire way for Kiaundra to strengthen her relationship with her community.

community on Threads

The notion of community has become so centralised for brands and creators looking to achieve online success, that those who fail to tap into their communities miss out on leveraging a niche group of people for both business and personal gain.

Luckily, as Threads is still in its infancy, building communities from scratch is easy. On established platforms like Instagram, communities are very clearly set up, with brands and creators hosting the most popular, being instantly recognisable. Trying to persuade community members to abandon their loyalty is almost an impossible task. 

Threads offers a level playing field full of wandering users looking to be taken in by or creating their own community. Creators and brands can take advantage of this by optimising their profiles and content output to reach as many of these people as possible. 

The great thing about communities on Threads is that users can carry them over from their Instagram accounts. This means that their pre-existing communities are ready and waiting for them, allowing the user to pick up where they left off. However, does community interaction look the same on Threads as it does on Instagram? If not, how can brands and creators adopt a new approach to community engagement on this vastly different platform?

What does building a community on Threads look like?

We’re in the age of meaningful conversation. Don’t get us wrong, visual content is still thriving, but the modern-day social media user wants more. Something meaningful. Conversations are exactly this. 

If creators on Threads want to contribute something useful to their community, they must be seen to be involving themselves in relevant conversations. Put perfectly by social media marketing educator, Lia Haberman, “conversation contributors will become just as powerful as content creators”. Offering sound thoughts to the right conversations paves the way for deeper community connection due to the weight that words carry. Not only this, but appearing to be actively listening and contributing to important conversations will entice new members to join your Threads community.

The conversational nature of Threads also deters the growth of the passive consumption of content. Reading on screen text—and a lot of it—forces the users to slow down and concentrate on the words in front of them, naturally increasing active engagement. On the other hand, Threads encourages mindfulness among creators, as they will have to think more about what they are publishing to such a conversation-heavy space. What conversations will their Threads generate? How will these conversations benefit or hinder their community?

The future of communities on Threads 

Communities across Threads will begin to see more frequent interaction from their favourite creators and brands due to the app’s ease of use and less demanding content creation. Take travel updates, for example. Creators on Threads are more easily able to share frequent, in-the-moment updates on their travels, keeping their community engaged and feeling like a priority even while on holiday. 

As a result of the surge in such intimate Threads communities, dedication to community management will continue to prevail. Seeing as the entire platform revolves around interaction and connection, the enactment of these will be held in such high regard. As the epicentre of each community, conversation hosts should be looking to correctly monitor and prompt activity where necessary to ensure community members feel seen, heard and prioritised.

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How to Earn on TikTok Shop as a Creator

August 14th, 2023 by

TikTok Shop has taken over many of our FYPs. With creators of all sizes (starting with a minimum 1K followers) sharing their favourite TikTok Shop products, and many earning a pretty penny from commissions, we want to share how creators can earn on TikTok Shop, and what the benefits are. 

How to Set up TikTok Shop for Creators

Setting up your TikTok shop tab is a seamless process, however there are some requirements to meet.

TikTok Shop Requirements

In order to qualify for promoting products, a TikTok creator must be over 18, have over 1,000 followers, and have posted on TikTok within the last 28 days.

Setting up your TikTok Shop

The first step to earn on TikTok Shop is to go to the Creator Tools section by clicking the three lines in the top right corner of your profile page. 

The second step is to tap TikTok Shop for Creator under the Creator Next section of the page. 

If you meet the requirements to earn on TikTok Shop, you will be able to press Apply at the bottom of the page. Make sure to check out the Community Guidelines to ensure you stick to all rules set by TikTok, and avoid a possible ban. 

If you meet the requirements, you will then be taken through to a new page that informs you how to set up a commission account, explains the benefits of promoting products with TikTok Shop. 

Then, you will be required to fill in a form, detailing the information that aligns with your beneficiary account (AKA the details on your chosen withdrawal bank account). According to TikTok, the approval for this application can take up to 48 hours, so don’t panic if you aren’t accepted immediately. 

earn on TikTok Shop: setting up your page

While you’re waiting for approval, or post-approval, you can browse The Creator Hub, which allows access to tools such as Product Marketplace, your Commissions, Campaigns to register for, the TikTok Shop Academy, and more, and also shows the trending products, video and LIVE inspirations, and the top creators on TikTok Shop. 

Once you have been approved, you can begin adding products to your TikTok Shop, which your followers can view through the basket tab on your profile page.

earn on TikTok Shop: creator hub

How to Earn Commission

There are a few ways of earning commissions through TikTok Shop. 

The main way of earning on TikTok Shop is through creating shoppable short videos about a product or products, and linking them within your TikTok video. These videos appear on a user’s For You Page, and feature a shopping basket above the caption. When clicking the icon, viewers can explore the product/s mentioned in the video, within TikTok, and even make a purchase. 

Another way to earn on TikTok Shop is by hosting Live Shopping videos. TikTok Live Shopping allows creators to host livestreams where they showcase products to their viewers in real time. Viewers can engage with the creator during the livestream, and also make a purchase through the basket icon that appears on the video. The basket showcases all videos mentioned within the video, but can be set to feature the product currently being discussed first. 

The final way to earn on TikTok Shop is by curating a Product Showcase Tab. The tab is located on a creator’s profile, and acts as a dedicated selection of recommended products. Viewers can peruse the collection, and purchase directly within the app. When purchased through a creator’s page, the creator earns commission. 

The amount of commission a creator gains for each product purchase varies due to the earning percentages set by each brand. Commission profit can be anything from 1% to 20%.

Benefits for Creators

TikTok Shop is a social commerce feature that has created a seamless buying journey for consumers. Not only does it benefit creators by allowing them to earn money from their promotions, but it creates a close community where people can discover and enjoy the same brands and products. 

Using TikTok Shop, creators can transform their profile pages and content into a visual storefront, supporting their favourite brands (the ones available on TikTok Shop, at least), whilst helping their audience find the best products at the best deals—TikTok Shop discounts can be extraordinary. 

Not only this, but by showing off their ability to promote products on TikTok Shop, they are also showcasing their ability to promote products in general. As a result of this, they could be noticed by other brands that are relevant to their TikTok Shop tab, and gain more influencer marketing collaborations.

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Where Does Threads Fit Into The Age Of Video Content?

August 14th, 2023 by

What do the current reigning social media platforms all have in common?

They offer their users the opportunity to tap into video content creation and, therefore, the latest online trends. Think TikTok, Reels and Shorts; the rapid rise in video content creation was largely triggered by the pandemic in 2020 and, to this day, is used by 86% of marketers worldwide. 

But if the social media landscape is so dominated by video content, where does a text-based app like Threads fit into the equation?

Social media trends have shifted with the times. Now, consumers favour community, connection, and an authentic and human approach to the way we consume online information.

Threads offers users exactly this. The app prioritises community by offering ample opportunity for users to share opinions on hot topics and engage with those with shared interests. This is the new key to online success. Not only this, but the general consensus gathered so far is that users are loving the fact Threads is not a short-form video copycat, further solidifying the demand for a text-based, community-focused app at this point in time.

How can Threads content compliment other video-based platforms?

Just because Threads offers something vastly different from what most social media platforms offer—all bar Twitter (sorry, X)—it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in conjunction with other platforms. In fact, there has been a recent surge in users on video-based platforms using Threads to inspire content creation.

Adam Tyler Smith does a great job of explaining exactly how to execute this.


Use Threads as idea catch all -> review daily -> script best ideas -> create short/long form video = not being overwhelmed. #threads #socialmediamarketing #makingmoneyonline #monetizingtiktok #businessgrowthtips #tiktokgrowth

♬ original sound – Adam 🤙🏻

Resharing Threads content to TikTok or other platforms is a great way for creators to avoid burnout, but it does present Threads the challenge of keeping users active and engaged on the platform itself. Resharing Threads content to another platform results in users passively consuming Threads content via an alternative platform. Just think about how many Twitter highlights you’ve seen on Instagram or TikTok—the same threat applies to Threads. 

Due to TikTok’s hyper-relevant and highly addictive algorithm, users are shown the exact Threads content they will find entertaining, something they would have to dig to find in Threads’ current algorithm. To beat this, Threads needs to find a way to keep users coming back to its platform for more. In addition to this, Threads will now have to compete with TikTok’s latest update, where users can now create text only posts with up to 1,000 characters. 

As Threads is a text-based, conversation app, there isn’t as much need for visual content as there is on Instagram. However, this doesn’t mean that visual content can’t still be talked about or promoted. 

If you are a video content creator looking to tackle Threads, a great way to blend your efforts and start on the new platform is to see Threads as a space to generate conversations about the visual content you have created for Instagram, or elsewhere. Because of the ease of combining Threads and Instagram, creators can consider Instagram as their storefront, and Threads as the breakroom. You show your followers what you like on Instagram, and Threads shows your followers who you are. 

Where Instagram content creation typically entails meticulous planning, attention to detail and a performative approach, content on Threads is a lot more ‘in-the-moment’ and casual, inviting users to take a more laid-back approach to content creation. This allows video content creators to continue focusing their efforts on what they do best, while simultaneously using Threads to casually spark conversation about their creative process or the topic/reason for a video’s creation.

The modern day user no longer tolerates “empty” content. Instead they are looking to engage with that which is meaningful. While Threads content doesn’t require meticulous planning, the words published still hold just as much weight as the amount of work that goes into a 30-second Reel. Starting important conversations serves as meaningful content and is that which video content creators should enter the Threads space remembering.

Should video content be avoided altogether?

Being the sister platform to Instagram, integration between the two is seamless. In fact, many creators see Threads as complementary to Instagram. Threads users are able to repost Reels and videos to their account, while also tapping into Threads Carousels to relay visual content. Though there are options to post pictures and videos, users should be wary of how and when this is done. 

To many, Threads is likened to one big group chat. If you’re in a few of your own, you’ll understand that visual content sent in the group chat is typically relevant to the topic/conversation at hand. Sending memes, videos and images without context doesn’t always land very well and can risk generating confusion. 

Our suggestion? Before posting visual content to Threads, think to yourself, ‘would this be posted in the group chat right now?’

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The Top 10 TikTok Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Next Business Venture

August 14th, 2023 by

TikTok marketing campaigns contribute greatly to the excitement and innovative nature of the platform.

Picture a world where 15 seconds can catapult a brand from obscurity to stardom. TikTok, with its addictive short-form videos, has harnessed the power of brevity and turned it into a marketing goldmine for brands.

Paired with the fact that TikTok has over 1B global users, brands have snatched the golden egg in audience versatility and reach through the platform’s ever-growing user base. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

TikTok is a hub for creativity, inciting innovative marketing campaigns that push boundaries and add a layer of interactivity. Examples include the fashion brand Guess with their #InMyDenimGuess (HTC) and Tesco’s #tescovoiceofcheckout campaign – both of which will be covered further along.

But how does TikTok elevate brands in ways other social media platforms can’t?

With the platform’s abundance of filters, effects, sounds, hashtag capabilities (HTC & UGC) and unique ad placements ranging from individual feed posts to top-view ad takeovers, TikTok unleashes endless possibilities for brands to tell their stories. 

And let’s not forget about the influencers.

TikTok influencer campaigns roam high and low on the platform, and it’s no surprise seeing as the top creators on the platform yield tens of millions of followers, regardless of niche. This presents diverse content for all brands to work with, from Tesco to interior design brands. 

Companies also encourage users to interact with the ads executed, with 40% of brands pushing an 8% engagement rate by followers, which goes against the sizable average of 5.7%.

In short, enacting brand campaigns on TikTok increases your visibility and engagement, making it a win-win situation for all, woohooo!

Speaking of wins, it’s time to unveil our list of the best TikTok marketing campaigns, so sit back, relax, and read on.

Top 10 best TikTok brand campaigns to spark your inspiration


Kicking off our TikTok Brand campaigns list is Ryanair, an affordable air travel company, which has garnered over 2 million followers and 30 million likes on TikTok by embracing a lighthearted approach.


🎵You know the rules and so do I🎵 #rick #baggage #fyp #ryanair

♬ original sound – fil

They poke fun at their services and raise awareness about their financial benefits. Through incorporating trending sounds and filters, Ryanair effectively interacts with its audience and showcases its brand identity, making it a surefire TikTok marketing campaigns strategy.


Global fashion brand Guess launched the #InMyDenim TikTok Marketing campaign, encouraging users to style themselves in Guess denim and transform their outfits. Through a brand takeover and influencer collaborations, Guess generated 10.5 million views, 12,000 followers, and a significant 14.3% engagement rate, boosting brand awareness.


Guess who’s feeling confident 😘 @guess #inmydenim #sponsored #makeeverysecondcount #fashion #model

♬ #inmydenim I’m a Mess – Bebe Rexha


British grocery retailer Tesco launched the #tescovoiceofcheckout campaign, inviting users to audition to become the “voice of Tesco” checkout, sparking a unique opportunity to enact UGC. 


The wait is over! The new #tescovoiceofcheckout is… @dogtor_who ! Listen in-store up to 27th Nov when scanning your Clubcard/App at self-checkouts.

♬ original sound – Tesco – Tesco

This campaign saw influencer Hannah Lowfer invite users to this HTC while highlighting Tesco’s Clubcard. Tesco gained 42 million video views and 3,000 entries, establishing a strong presence on TikTok and making it a key TikTok marketing campaign example.


Next up on our TikTok marketing campaigns list is the American fast food chain Chipotle who achieved connecting with a younger audience by activating relatable and PR-worthy content such as ‘Our Chipotle hacks’ and ‘when your burrito falls apart’ videos.

The brand engaged its target audience further through two campaigns, the #LidFlipChallenge and the #GuacDance, based on an employee who had a passion for assembling burrito bowls & the guac dance utilising the viral guacamole song.

 Their marketing efforts have garnered 1.3 million followers and 19.1M+ likes. 


Do you have what it takes to flip the lid? 👀 Let’s see! 🌯 @chipotle #ChipotleLidFlip

♬ Flip – Future


GoPro, the brand behind every premium athletic photography opportunity, demonstrated a masterclass in UGC through TikTok, earning a spot on our TikTok marketing campaigns list.

Their strategy sees users submit videos to GoPro’s portal, with selected submissions receiving rewards, cash prizes, gear, and exposure, building product exposure and consideration.


Who needs their morning adrenaline kick? 🤯 Strap in for Swiss BASE jump with @Jonathan Perry + #GoProMAX for just that. #gopro #base #basejumping #skydiving #crazy #fyp

♬ original sound – GoPro

FC Barcelona and OPPO

Spanish football club FC Barcelona has partnered with OPPO, a global smartphone brand, and has focused its attention on TikTok through their #Goforit challenge.

This concept involved challengers using a split-screen feature to rekindle and select key moments from Barca matches. Players from the team were brought in to partake and to spark awareness, with the campaign generating an outstanding 676M views and 197M user-generated videos.


Be a manager or be a player? 🤔#GoForItChallenge #shotonOPPO

♬ GoForIt – FC Barcelona


SKIMS is a renowned clothing brand founded by Kim Kardashian which encourages comfy and sleek designed underwear, shapewear and loungewear for all shapes and sizes.

Regarding TikTok marketing campaigns, SKIMS collaborated with a range of diverse content creators to promote the brand’s inclusivity.

They prompted UGC with users crediting original creators in their captions, inspiring others to share their content with hopes of being featured. All in all, this fostered community engagement with SKIMS building brand loyalty and intimacy through their broad array of creators expressing their SKIMS look.


@Samantha stuns in the #SKIMS Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress. 🤍 #skimsdress #viralskimsdress #bestdress #slipdress

♬ Last Night – L.Dre


Online fashion retailer ASOS implemented TikTok’s dynamic marketing feature, Byte, to launch their HTC #AySauceChallenge with fashion-savvy influencers posting their favourite fashion fits. This showcased ASOS’s range of offerings in a fun and creative way with original audio and visuals to prompt engagement.

This campaign resulted in 1.2 billion video views, a 25% increase in brand awareness, and a 15.79% EGR, proving that implementing an interactive creative that’s native to TikTok does stylish wonders for your brand.


3 sauce looks…which is your fave? A, B or C? 🔥🔥 @asos #AySauceChallenge #ASOS #Ad

♬ Ay Sauce – Cashino


Duolingo, a language-learning platform, incorporated its brand mascot, Duo the Owl, to create humorous and engaging content. Through Duo’s wacky antics, Duolingo effectively conveyed its brand tone and made language learning fun.

With viral videos and a growing following, Duolingo’s TikTok presence continues to expand.


literally making a course on chapal throwing because you didn’t do your lesson 😤 #aapi #languagelearning #duolingo #imtightwithyourmomsodonttestme

♬ main agar kahoon – 𝓹𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓭𝓶𝓾𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓽 🌞

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TikTok’s Plan to Dominate Social Commerce

August 9th, 2023 by

TikTok’s social commerce push has been in the news frequently as of recent, and the latest update is that the platform hopes to close out 2023 with a whopping $20 billion in retail sales—a 300% increase, from just under $5 billion in sales last year. 

But how does TikTok plan to accomplish this massive increase?

TikTok’s plan to become a shopping powerhouse

TikTok’s latest plan to increase its social commerce sales is by building the TikTok Shop Shopping Center. The Shopping Center will sell the stereotypical clothing and goods you can find in potentially questionable online stores such as Shein or Alibaba. 

The TikTok Shop Shopping Center is planned to function in a similar way to Amazon’s Sold by Amazon programme. TikTok will source third-party products, and handle the sales, shipping and logistics itself. 

The Shopping Center is a part two to TikTok’s previously announced plans to build fulfilment centres in the US. TikTok’s fulfilment centres will provide warehousing, delivery, and returns for TikTok merchants to ensure fast and sustainable growth of TikTok Shop. 

Despite growing relatively slowly within the US, TikTok Shop has boomed in the UK, and its popularity is slowly seeping into the States. The implementation of fulfilment centres in the US will reduce the wariness the government and some users have about data storage—we’re referencing the recent ban threats following misinformation that US data was stored in China. 

TikTok Shop shopping Center

The fulfilment centres will also give smaller businesses an advantage over larger competitors. Rather than having to invest in a website and their own warehouse and logistics, small businesses can focus on growing their TikTok presence and rely on the platform’s logistics offering. 

One of TikTok’s top priorities is to empower local businesses to build their presences on the platform and within the TikTok Shop Shopping Center. 

The Shopping Center will integrate multiple channels that users can view and buy goods from, all in one singular location. Shoppers will be able to purchase from third-party merchants, as well as TikTok-produced items. 

TikTok is a well-known destination for promoting the best dupes. With the development of the Shopping Center, it’s likely that TikTok will begin developing its own dupes of products prominent under the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag. 

TikTok has been testing a variety of new locations for TikTok Shop recently. Its latest test saw the Shop replace the swipeable Friends tab on the home page—meaning users would simply have to swipe to the left to visit TikTok Shop’s landing page. 

The TikTok Shop Shopping Center however, will be a one-tap-shop to a shopping portal. In addition to viewing the available products, shoppers will be able to view orders, access their shopping cart, set their addresses and payment methods, and chat with merchants. 

The Shopping Center is set out very similarly to a general online store, with products split between categories for easy discovery—including beauty, women’s clothing, electronics, food, and more. To make the experience more personal, the Shopping Center will show users products on their homepage that relate to their activity on the platform, as well as offering flash sales and exclusive TikTok Shop discounts at the top of the page. 

Due to the recent popularity, and continued growth of customers, of TikTok Shop, the Shopping Center is a natural progression of TikTok’s commerce efforts. By focusing on making the TikTok Shop consumer journey easier and more relevant to each user, TikTok is encouraging users to actively consider the platform as a shopping destination, putting it miles ahead of other social platforms starting out their social commerce journeys.

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