Our Favourite Women-First Campaigns for International Women’s Day

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This year, International Women’s Day falls on March 8th. With the aim of encouraging everyone across the globe to #EmbraceEquity, the theme this year is to get people talking about Why equal opportunities aren’t enough

For International Women’s Day 2023, we want to share our favourite campaigns we’ve seen across social media that celebrate women. 

International Women’s Day: #EmbraceEquity 

In the lead up to March 8th, IWD has been using the hashtag #EmbraceEquity across its socials, and encouraged users to share their stories of embracing equity, and the steps needed to achieve eventual equality. 


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On Instagram, users have been sharing photos of them embracing themselves, and it has also been used by brands supporting the cause. As of 6th March, the hashtag on Instagram has been used over 22.3K times. 

On TikTok, the hashtags has over 646K views, and countless UGC of women sharing their favourite women-owned brands, female authors, and what IWD and equity means to them. 

This Girl Can x Sport England: This Girl Can With You 

This Girl Can has launched a new campaign with Sport England called This Girl Can With You, focusing on squishing The Enjoyment Gap, and inspiring more women and girls to take part in sports and physical activities. 

The campaign calls to break down the barriers that result in women being less likely to be physically active than men. Research has shown that The Enjoyment Gap has resulted in 2.4M fewer women enjoying sport and exercise than men. 

This Girl Can will be supporting organisations within the sport and activity sector to help develop solutions in response to four areas, and get women active and happy. 

These four areas include: social (women want to feel part of a community), suitable (to meet women’s needs), self-affirming (to help women feel confident), and safe (to ensure women feel physically and emotionally safe). 

Jordan Brand: Beyond

Nike’s Jordan Brand has released a new campaign film, Beyond, created and starring an almost entirely female cast and team. 

The short film shows an inspiring journey of a young girl discovering basketball and her rise to stardom, told through a collection of childhood memories and sporting achievements. 

The campaign ushers in #JordanYear, under which the Nike-co-owned footwear and apparel line will embark on a purpose-driven brand strategy.

L’Oreal Paris: Lessons of Worth

For IWD, L’Oreal Paris has released three new lessons. In incredibly powerful videos featuring Luma Grothe, Jiha Dukureh, and Elle Fanning, the ambassadors share personal stories on universal topics including empowerment of women and self-worth. 

The videos incorporated the brand’s iconic phrase “Because I’m worth it”, with each talent using it in a way that reinforces women’s worth. The campaign was launched on IWD, with the hashtag #LessonOfWorth. 

Dove: #TurnYourBack

In response to the viral TikTok filter Bold Glamour, Dove has called on its community to encourage people to turn their backs to harmful digital distortion. Led by influencers, the #TurnYourBack campaign encourages creators to share how they feel about the Bold Glamour filter, and the damage it can do to social users. 

@dove No filter should tell you how to look. 80% of girls are already using filters by the age of 13. It’s no wonder their perception of beauty and their self-esteem are distorted. Help reverse the damage. #TurnYourBack on the Bold Glamour filter and digital distortion. Real beauty is bold. #RealBeautyIsBold #Dove #LetsChangeBeauty #NoDigitalDistortion #BeautyCommunity #SelfEsteem ♬ original sound – dove

@rikkisandhuu together with @dove I’m turning my back on #BoldGlamour you gals already know that I NEVER use filters anymore… 🫶🏼 & these filters are getting out of hand!! you’re all beautiful without the filters 😫💖 #TurnYourBack to #BoldGlamour #NoDigitalDistortion ♬ original sound – RIKKI

The campaign is supported with the hashtag #NoDigitalDistortion, which has been viewed over 119M times, and is part of Dove’s larger movement to discourage all digital filters. The #TurnYourBack hashtag has over 6M views in just a couple of days. 

The White Company: Women in the Neighbourhood

The White Company is launching an internal campaign called Women in the Neighborhood. The campaign will celebrate the achievements of the women who work at the company, and kicks off with an employee-led panel discussion, covering the incredible work the women have done, and the movements they are making to ensure women at the company feel empowered. 

The internal campaign is a wonderful idea and should encourage other companies to be transparent with how they are empowering women in their workforces. 

In addition to this, The White Company is supporting The Prince’s Trust’s #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign by donating £5 from every candle sale. 

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