British YouTubers: The Ultimate A-Z List of Who You Should Be Following

February 11th, 2022 by

British YouTube channels have often churned out high quality content for the masses to enjoy! Here’s a list from A to Z on the top British Youtubers you should check out!

Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes

One half of the British Youtuber power couple that comprises himself and partner YouTuber Zoe Sugg, Alfie makes all manner of lifestyle themed candid videos.


The Welsh sweetheart began her YouTube career as a women’s fitness and bodybuilding authority with videos on how to build muscle and get lean.

Conor Maynard

One of the Top UK youtubers, Conor signed his first record deal in 2011, and since then the singer-songwriter used YouTube to build his fan base. Today he has more than 12.6 million subscribers, still growing.

Dan Middleton

Dan Middleton

Rising to fame as a gamer, Dan has a whopping 25.9 million YouTube subscribers. His laugh-out-loud videos tend to focus on his favourite online games, including Five Nights at Freddy’s, Minecraft, and Among Us.

Emma Hill

With a stripped back British YouTube channel that is truly chic, Emma Hill is a long-standing YouTuber whose style has matured over time.


One of the more controversial British youtubers on this list, Flossie has carved out an interesting career on YouTube. With lifestyle vlogs that give an honest look into modern life as a woman, she creates authentic and exciting vlogs in the UK.

Georgia Marie

If you like your YouTubers spooky, Georgia Marie caters for just that with her murder mystery and unsolved true crime videos. Compiling detailed information, each video is feature-length effort filled storytelling bonanza!

Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton

Just like the ultimate best friend, Hannah is a YouTuber who covers every topic related to being a modern woman growing up in the 21st century. Witton has even written a best-selling book, aptly titled ‘Doing It’.


Always hot on the gossip, INabber has created one of the top YouTube drama channels around. 

Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg is one of YouTube’s finest British youtubers, creating regular content in the form of daily vlogs, hilarious pranks and gaming videos. As a YouTube original, Joe has amassed a huge 8 million subscribers, putting him at the very forefront of the influencer industry.


Arguably the biggest UK youtubers, Olajide is a Gamer turned rapper turned boxer. Although a large portion of his videos showcase his music, he also makes videos about trends, including ASMR and fashion.

Lean Machines 

John Chapman and Leon Bustin’s fitness YouTube channel is becoming increasingly popular thanks to their approachable style and workout tips that don’t necessarily require a gym membership. The fact that they’re topless half the time also helps.



Affectionately known by his 9.89 million YouTube subscribers as “Miniminter”. His main channel is filled with TikTok reactions, a series of made-up game shows, and entertaining mukbang videos.

Nayna Florence

Nayna is a delight to watch. Her channel has such a calming aesthetic as she discusses fashion, health, and life at a Scottish university. If you like calming, lifestyle videos (or British accents), you’ll greatly appreciate Nayna Florence.

Only Bells

You’re going to lose a lot of hours watching Only Bells’ beauty tutorials. Follow for all things makeup as well as hilarious vlogs.

Patricia Bright

Patricia’s 2.86 million YouTube subscribers love to watch her beauty product reviews and fashion hauls. She posts videos about clothes and brushes involving celebrities like Jay-Z.

Queen B

B is here to prove that women can be car and motor fans and do it in a serious style. Hiring and reviewing a series of luxury vehicles from an uncompromisingly female perspective.

Slow Mo Guys

Classic, granted fun from these British youtubers. Break things, slow it down.

Tanya Burr

Influential British YouTube makeup artist, Tanya Burr has loads of tutorials and tips on her YouTube channel. She gives her 3.2 million subscribers an inside look into her morning routine, Try on hauls, and specific makeup styles.

Uche Natori

Prepare to be absolutely obsessed with Uche Natori’s dashing makeup looks. Follow for step-by-step tutorials that will seriously elevate your makeup style.



3rd sidemen to appear on this list, Vikkstar has carved out a credible career himself to go alongside his sidemen success. He still plays games and gets his friends to play alongside him—he’s one of the few sidemen who still plays games consistently!


Born in Newcastle, British youtuber WillNE rose to fame with his commentary videos on the internet this week, with his most popular being a commentary of the Blackpool Grime scene.


Based in Bristol, the Yogscast crew are a UK leading gaming community.

The group rose to popularity with their playthrough of Minecraft and their self-produced role-playing series Shadow of Israphel that aims to remove the stigma surrounding fantasy games.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe may have originally been known as a beauty influencer, but the media maven has expanded her reach by branding herself as a lifestyle guru. 

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