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What with Black Friday right around the corner, you’re probably beginning to put together your social media strategies for the occasion. If not, you might not have time to build up as much anticipation among your audience as you would ideally like.

Black Friday campaigns largely come down to the deals you plan to offer, whether it be discounts, free shipping or added products to purchases. Whatever it may be, you must make sure that you get your campaign in front of large groups of people.

This is where Black Friday hashtags come into play. 

Optimise your reach by using these season-specific hashtags that will make your deals visible to a particularly valuable group of users. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the Black Friday hashtags from your competitors for inspiration too!

Hashtagging tips

When done correctly, hashtags can make your content easily discoverable and can propel it to reach more people. When done incorrectly – or not at all – your Black Friday marketing campaigns will be hard to find, resulting in a lack of engagement and, thus, sales. 

These guidelines will help you ensure that your Black Friday hashtags are being used efficiently and get you the most results. 

Keep it simple and relevant

Using a hashtag that is long and difficult to spell or pronounce will probably not give you a good result. As well as this, an unclear, never-used or generic hashtag will also not land you the results you’re looking for.

Your hashtag should be short, precise, easy to spell and give your audience a clear idea about the topic/conversation.

Utilise trending hashtags

Using a trending hashtag in your content updates can get you across to a much larger audience. 

Trending hashtags are also a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. Before you post a Black Friday hashtag, make sure it adds value to your existing conversation.

To find trending hashtags, check Instagram or Twitter or hashtag analytic sites such as and trendmaps. 

Don’t overuse hashtags

Hashtags give your brand more exposure so you can spread the word about your Black Friday deal to a wider audience. 

The general rule of thumb is that posts should include no more than 10 hashtags. Anything over this is likely to reduce engagement by 68.2%.

Twitter: 2 hashtags

Facebook: 2 hashtags (1 custom, 1 generic)

Instagram: 9 hashtags

LinkedIn: 5 hashtags (any more will be classed as spam)

Pinterest: 2 hashtags

TikTok: 4-5 hashtags to boost your reach

Search the hashtag before you use it

First, check that your hashtag isn’t being used for the wrong reason. On the same note, make sure you don’t use a hashtag that can be interpreted negatively.

Once you think you’ve found your perfect Black Friday hashtags, you can use tools such as Twitter analytics to determine which work best.

Be specific and unique

As a marketer, you want to reach your community during Black Friday by using hashtags. However, to attract new users, you’ll want this hashtag to be unique. You can’t use generic hashtags such as #SEO or #marketing and expect people to repost your content.

Create brand engagement

Use of the right hashtags will drive new viewers to your social media and allow you to interact with them. The more comfortable your followers feel with the brand, the more likely they are to interact with you on social media.

It is important to note that you should be including hashtags in your customer dialogue.

Adding keywords within your hashtags simply isn’t enough to enhance your online presence. You need to ensure they are conversational and unique. Growing also requires consistency. 

Create brand engagement

Here are the top 10 Black Friday sale hashtags, popular on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok:










Other popular Black Friday hashtags that have the most posts are:

#shopping – 143,208,337 posts

#bhfyp – 124,074,762 posts

#sale – 87,995,076 posts

#brasil – 85,467,273 posts

#onlineshopping – 68,945,589 posts

#smallbusiness – 67,009,666 posts

#shop – 62,163,221 posts

#estilo – 49,499,593 posts

#lookdodia – 34,764,405 posts

#promo – 29,744,029


What is a good hashtag for Black Friday?

Any hashtag that is simple, precise and relevant to your campaign will be successful. 

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