Best Ways to Use Pinterest For Business

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Pinterest is a major social media platform that is renowned for helping its users to share and discover trending content through images and headlines. Pinterest is known for providing a space for innovation and inspiration. Topics such as fashion and home decor are popular niches on the site, where people can use the Pin button to save their favourite photos. With over 400 million monthly active users across the globe, Pinterest is an effective marketing tool for businesses everywhere. Using Pinterest for business is a no-brainer, especially seeing as Pinterest users have easy access to links to company websites so that they can make purchases. 

Pinterest is not just a place that connects people with Pinterest influencers and those with shared interests, but it is also a great way to expand your business. We have created some tips for you to understand Pinterest for business in order to increase your conversion rates and attract a wider audience.

A guide to Pinterest for business

1. Optimise your profile

Making a Pinterest profile is a simple and straightforward process. However, it is vital that you optimise your profile in order to attract more followers and visitors to your page. Features such as your profile photo, username and bio should accurately represent your business and your brand identity. All of these elements generate Pinterest optimisation techniques that will make your business more discoverable.

2. Identify your goals

Thinking about the goals for your business will help you to understand your vision for your Pinterest marketing strategy. You must think about what you want to achieve as a business so that you can make a start on creating the best Pinterest marketing strategy for you. Some goals that are central to your marketing campaign include increasing brand awareness, increasing your followers, selling your products and engaging with your target audience.

3. Create engaging content

Creating engaging content is easily one of the best Pinterest marketing techniques. It Is necessary to create content that is relevant to your business as well as the niche that your business belongs to. For example, if your business belongs to the fashion niche, then your audience will expect to see images of different clothing items and accessories.

4. Plan ahead

Planning your Pinterest content will not only increase your productivity, but it will also make it easier to determine which posts drive the most conversions and user engagement. You can even use the site to automatically publish your content at the times that you choose.

5. Publish at the right times

Knowing when to post at the right time is crucial to increasing the visibility of your content. Given that Pinterest for business can promote brand awareness and increase your following, it is vital that you post your content at the times when your target audience is most active. This means that you must learn about your audience’s habits on Pinterest in order to decide the best times to post your content.

6. Use boards to connect with Pinterest users

Boards are an integral feature of Pinterest which allows its users to curate and organise their content accordingly. Many top commercial brands that are active on Pinterest use Pinterest Boards to categorise their different products. Your saved Pins can be added to your Pinterest Boards, which makes your content more discoverable for your target audience.

7. Track your performance

Utilising performance analytics is the best way to track the performance of your business on Pinterest. This will help you to find out which of your content receives the most clicks and impressions, which will also help you to better understand the type of content to push out in order to attract a wider audience.

Final thoughts

Pinterest for business is an effective way to increase your product sales and grow your business. The site’s distinctive features allow you to be creative and innovative with your content, which ultimately encourages  your target audience to make purchases from your company website. Becoming established on Pinterest is a straightforward process once you master the site’s best practices.

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