Best Time to Post on YouTube in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

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YouTube is easily the largest video-sharing platform in the world, so it is challenging to find the best time to post on YouTube that is suitable for you. With 2.3 billion users worldwide, YouTube is saturated with content, so it is crucial that you post at times when your target audience is most active. There are various factors that determine the best time to upload to YouTube. The time zone, location and age range of your desired demographic is central to figuring out the best time to post YouTube videos. For this reason, you must thoroughly research your audience in order to grasp their user habits on YouTube.

There are a number of existing sources that have contrasting views on the best time to post on YouTube. This is because the ideal time to post on the platform is entirely dependent on your audience. There are also many sources that tailor the best time to post on YouTube to one specific country or region, which makes it even more difficult to decipher exactly when to upload to the site.

What is the best time to post on YouTube?

As mentioned earlier, there are varying ideas from several sources about the best time to post on YouTube. There is, however, a consensus between existing studies that uploading to YouTube in the afternoon is ideal for most YouTube channels. There is also a general idea that posting in the afternoon specifically during the week is most practical for YouTubers, whereas posting in the morning is more convenient during weekends. Generally speaking, posting during the week between 2pm and 4pm is a good starting point for most YouTube channels. On weekends, uploading videos to YouTube between 9am and 11am is advisable. You should note that although there are many sources that have similar views on the best time to post on YouTube, understanding your audience’s activity on YouTube is the most practical way to find the best time that works for you.

What are the best days to post on YouTube? 

The best days to post on YouTube are understood to be on weekends. This is because the majority of YouTube users tend to be most active on the platform outside of typical working hours. Many sources claim that the best days to post on YouTube are Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is due to the fact that YouTuber users are usually active on weekends during the afternoon, so posting in the morning gives YouTubers a chance for YouTube to index their videos.

Key considerations

When thinking about the best time to post on YouTube, you must always prioritise your audience. If you live in a different location to your audience, you must cater to their time zone instead of your own. This is to ensure that your videos are visible to as many people as possible. Aside from your target audience, there are numerous factors to consider when determining the best time to post on YouTube. As a result, we have created a guide to key factors that will guarantee an increase in user engagement with your YouTube videos.

1. Research YouTube channels within your niche

It is necessary that you observe YouTube influencers within your niche in order to gain a better understanding of your own audience. Take a look at when and how often these YouTubers post their content. This will give you a better idea as to the times that receive the highest engagement rates within your niche.

2. Be consistent

Knowing how often to post your content is equally as important as the best time to post on YouTube. If your audience is active on YouTube most days of the week, you should consider posting at least twice a week. However, knowing your audience inside and out is the best way to learn how frequently to upload to YouTube. Once you have understood how often to post on YouTube, creating a content schedule is a great way for you to stay up to speed with the content that you deliver.

3. Think about the age of your audience

The age range of your audience plays a vital role in the best time to post on YouTube. This is because each demographic tends to be active at different times of the day. This is why you must spend time investigating when your demographic is most active on the platform.


Whilst there are several studies that suggest the best time to post on YouTube, understanding your audience’s needs is the most feasible way to determine the best time that works for you. Utilising analytics tools on YouTube is a great way to collate data on your target audience, which will help you to understand your demographic’s habits on the platform.

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