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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Unlike sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn is primarily used by working professionals, businesses and university graduates. This means that primary users of LinkedIn have different times when they are active compared to other social media channels, which usually coincide with regular working hours. However, the most effective way to find the best time to post on LinkedIn is to research your audience’s habits on the platform. 

There are various existing studies that have differing opinions of the best time to publish on LinkedIn. For this reason, you must decide what is most suitable for your audience and their needs.

What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

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The best day and time to post on LinkedIn is dependent on a number of factors such as the time zone of your audience. You must then research the times when the majority of your audience is active on LinkedIn in order to increase the visibility of your content. Knowing when your target audience is online is crucial to increasing engagement with your posts, which is why you have to know your audience inside and out. 

In terms of finding the best time to post on LinkedIn, you have to consider that the best times that work for some businesses will not necessarily work for you. This explains why there are many sources that have contrasting perspectives on the best time for LinkedIn posts. Across various studies, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the best days to post on LinkedIn. However, the best time of day to post on LinkedIn varies with each source. 

The following days and times are just a guide for the best time to post on LinkedIn:

Wednesday: 8am-10am, 12pm 

Thursday: 9am, 1pm-2pm 

Friday: 9am 

Best time to post for B2B 

If you are a B2B business owner, then posting in the early mornings during the week as well as during lunch and commuting hours are the best times to post on LinkedIn. 

Best time to post for B2C 

Posting on LinkedIn outside of traditional business hours is ideal if you are a B2C business owner.

What is the worst time to post on LinkedIn?

The weekend is the worst time to post on LinkedIn given that working professionals, businesses, and students are more likely to be inactive outside of the working week.

Contributing factors

Frequency of posts on LinkedIn 

As a rule of thumb, post between two and five times per week. LinkedIn’s algorithm does not favour those who post too frequently, so make sure that you create a content schedule to keep track of the number of posts you upload every week. 

Breaks in the working day 

The highest levels of engagement on LinkedIn are during the week. However, remember that the breaks that occur during a typical working day are when your target audience is most likely to be active. For example, coffee breaks and lunch breaks are when people are likely to check their social media, so make sure that you know what those times are for your audience.


There are so many existing studies that have their own versions of the best time to post on LinkedIn, so it is essential that you research your audience to have a clear idea of the best times that work for you. The pandemic has also changed people’s social media habits, meaning that they are spending more time on sites like LinkedIn. You should consider whether COVID-19 has an impact on the activity times of your target audience. For businesses and LinkedIn influencers, understanding the habits of your audiences will increase your visibility and engagement with your posts.


What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

There is no conclusive answer to the best time to post on LinkedIn as it depends on your audience’s needs. Generally, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the days of the week when LinkedIn users are most active. 

What is the worst time to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn users are least likely to be active on weekends, so it is wise to not post on these days. 

Does LinkedIn have a post limit?

LinkedIn won’t necessarily restrict you from frequently uploading to the platform, however, it is recommended that you post between two and five times per week. Some businesses post once a day during the week on LinkedIn. 

Should I post every day on LinkedIn? 

You don’t need to post every day on LinkedIn to remain active on the site. Most sources advise businesses to post at least twice a week on LinkedIn.

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