Best Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2023

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If you’re not too familiar with Pinterest, perhaps you should tap in! Surely that’s why you clicked, right? 

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows its users to discover, browse, share and save visual and audio-visual content. Users can create personal boards with a common theme that reflects their interests and can also be recommended new content that aligns with those interests.

In this article, we will be presenting you with a guide on how to have a successful approach to Pinterest marketing in 2023. 

Pinterest is an extremely active social media platform- it has 463 million monthly active users as of April 2023, establishing it as one of the world’s most popular contemporary social media platforms. Pinterest’s user base has also notoriously doubled in the past 5 years. Making Pinterest have potential as an online marketing tool in 2023.

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest also harbours some intriguing demographic data. Unlike most other social media platforms, Pinterest appears to be dominated by a specific gender – that being female, with a share of 76%. More specifically, over 44% of Pinterest’s advertising pool are women aged between 25 to 44 years old. Most of Pinterest’s demographic is also outside the US, at a whopping 80%. However, of those US users, 45% of them have an annual household income of $100,000.

Interestingly, 80% of Pinterest users use the mobile app, rather than use the web version. Most importantly, though, Pinterest users are 66% more likely to try out a new brand compared to those on other social media platforms, and Pinterest shoppers spend double as much as users on other platforms as well. This presents a great social media marketing opportunity for brands when it comes to Pinterest.

Which businesses benefit most from Pinterest marketing?

Businesses can capitalise off of Pinterest’s growing marketing opportunities to help promote brand awareness, engagement and conversions through utilising the Promoted Pins feature. As outlined below and highlighted in yellow:

pinterest marketing: promoted pins

In particular, the industries that can benefit the most from Pinterest marketing are Retail, Real Estate and Art just to name the most prominent ones.

Architecture and home decor are currently among the two most popular categories on Pinterest. With the enchanting power of Pinterest marketing, the existence of Place Pins has allowed real estate marketers to be bestowed with a strategic advantage. Marketers can now promote their pins to specific locations and target their desired geodemographic. 

Prospective buyers rely on this critical data to map their journey, enabling them to physically explore properties of interest that they find on Pinterest…get it? They can also be linked to a website for more interior or exterior details.

Retail is also a vital industry for Pinterest marketing. Many people look for clothing inspiration on Pinterest, particularly women’s clothing as they are the most prominent gender on Pinterest as aforementioned. Placing product pins can link to a retail site where a user can purchase an article of clothing and drive sales. Leveraging the power of Pinterest marketing, home improvement firms not only benefit from promoting their products, but also glean inspiration from trending posts within the industry. 

By delving into the vast expanse of popular interior pins, these firms adeptly discern user preferences, enabling them to craft appropriate products that resonate harmoniously with aspiring buyers.

Finally, the ability to post Art allows freelance artists to gain recognition through Pinterest. They can grow their audience through posting art, especially if it is of an existing popular entity. Musical artists can make covers of songs from popular artists by posting short videos, or visual artists can post fanart of a popular character from a movie, game or TV show to help garner traction.

Tips for Pinterest marketing

Set up a business account

To kickstart your Pinterest marketing strategy in 2023, it would be in your best effort to first create a business account, of course. 

The free account allows you access to Pinterest Analytics to analyse your marketing campaign results, but upgrading to a business account can allow you to run ads on Pinterest for more effective marketing results.

Categorise your posts

You then need to categorise your posts wisely so it is easier for users to find. Pinterest has a list of categories on the Explore Pinterest page. The “trending now” category in particular has great insight when it comes to Pinterest marketing in 2023.

pinterest marketing: categories

Keep it HD!

When posting content, you also need to ensure your images and videos are standing out from the crowd. Low quality, sub-HD, content with poor lighting and shot angles will not be attractive to users. At all. This isn’t 2010.

For marketers, testing the waters would be to select some branded images and videos to promote the product you want. Still videos or images showing the product are boring. Make sure you show these products in action to increase the likelihood that viewers will be engaged with the content.

SEO best practices

Add relevant keywords to your content used on your profile, posts and pins will allow you to be more likely to organically appear in users’ feeds and searches. Don’t ignore them. SEO marketing is vital.

Cross-promote your socials

Embedding other social media platforms in your Pinterest marketing strategy can be immensely beneficial. Your Pinterest account can be linked to YouTube, Facebook and Google for example. Explore the possibilities. Pinterest marketing is endless. Following, liking and engaging with other accounts on Pinterest can also help you assemble a loyal audience to your content. Do not ignore your audience. 

Notable Pinterest marketing campaigns


This straightforward, simplistic ad showcases Volvo’s aesthetics and gets the brand’s point across. A basic, but concise headline that grabs users to want to know more, so take a quiz to eliminate their curiosity.

Volvo pinterest ad

Netflix’s Promotion of New Shows

Netflix’s interactive Pinterest Idea Pin allows them to discover new TV shows to watch that may pin-terest them to buy a subscription. These are ads disguised as an Idea Pin, which in essence prompts users to a marketing ploy – and it’s clearly unique.

Netflix Pinterest marketing

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