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Lifestyle is arguably one of the most popular blogging niches today. From family adventures to lifestyle tips and hacks, there are endless topics that are covered within the lifestyle niche. For this reason, the best lifestyle blogs are an effective marketing tool, given that they appeal to everyone, everywhere. Lifestyle influencers typically capture the essence of their everyday lives in blog formats, which can be seen on social media platforms such as Instagram, or they can even have their own blog websites. 

 What is a lifestyle blog? 

A lifestyle blog can be defined as a digital content format that documents the author’s personal life. Anything from beauty, fashion, food, home decor and travel can be included in a lifestyle blog. The best lifestyle blogs always focus on the hobbies, interests and activities of the author, where readers can gain a deeper insight into the daily lives of their favourite lifestyle influencers. The most popular lifestyle blogs always use exciting and accurate content and photos to captivate their audiences. 

The best lifestyle blogs

The internet is filled with numerous lifestyle blogs, so it can be tricky to find the most popular lifestyle blogs. We have created a list of the best lifestyle websites that amass loyal readers and followers. 

1. Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard created her blog website, Cup of Jo, in 2007. What started as a hobby has since become one of the best lifestyle blogs on the internet. Joanna’s blog is centred on relationships, motherhood, food, travel, design and culture, with her primary target audience being women. Joanna’s website is aesthetic and easy to navigate, with each niche topic having its own drop-down menu. One of Joanna’s most recent blogs covers real life couples and their opinions about love. 

2. Sandy A La Mode

Sandy A La Mode is undoubtedly one of the best lifestyle blogs

Sandy A La Mode is undoubtedly one of the best lifestyle blogs that focuses on fashion and motherhood. The blog is primarily targeted towards women, where Sandy gives many lifestyle tips such as the best dresses to wear for summer, and unique suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts. Sandy even includes photos of herself and her children on her blog website, which makes her more personable and authentic. 

3. A Girl in Progress

A Girl In Progress

A Girl In Progress is a popular lifestyle blog that focuses on empowering women to get the best out of life. The blog’s main purpose is to motivate and inspire women to become the best versions of themselves. There are various topics on this blog that range from activities to combat anxiety to providing tips on running a business. A Girl in Progress also provides their readers with topics such as self-acceptance, self-development and relationship advice. 

4. Luxe Digital

Luxe Digital is a popular lifestyle blog that has a heavy focus on luxury living. The blog is aimed at both male and females and professionals. Luxe Digital is divided into two sections: business and lifestyle, where readers can find topics ranging from cars and technology to business reports and rankings. Some of the most popular blog topics on Luxe Digital include the best luxury watches to purchase and the best tea brands in the world. 

5. Kayla Itsines


Kayla Itsines is a renowned fitness and lifestyle influencer. The Australian personal trainer, author and entrepreneur, and is the author of the ebook series, Bikini Body Guide, where she reveals her mission to help women become more confident and to achieve their body goals. Kayla is also an avid YouTuber, where she regularly uploads workouts that focus on different body parts. Her YouTube videos are ideal for those stuck indoors as the majority of her fitness videos require no equipment. 

Kayla also has one of the best lifestyle blogs on the internet, given that it focuses on training guides, recipes, and health and fitness blog posts. The purpose of Kayla’s blogs is to motivate her followers to feel more confident with their bodies through exercise. 

6. Shut Up and Go

Shut Up and Go

US-born Damon Dominique and Brazilian-born Joanna Franco are self-proclaimed polyglots devoted to producing top-notch travel content. Their blog, Shut Up and Go, details their own personal experiences with travel, where they share advice on how to live, work and travel abroad. One of their most recent blogs offers their readers advice on how to become an English Language Assistant abroad. This blog post prepares avid travellers advice from submitting the right paperwork to the different countries that run English Language Assistant programmes. 

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