8 Types of Social Media Videos for 2023

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The internet is filled with videos of all different kinds. Every social media platform makes videos easily accessible to its users, typically being a main feature of sites like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Anything from live streaming to posting stories on social media is ideal for brands and social media influencers to connect with their target audiences. The attention span of this generation is declining, which makes social media videos a great alternative for those who aren’t keen on reading lengthy texts. Most businesses utilise different types of social media videos as a way to visually engage with their desired demographics. Social media videos are proving to be successful for businesses, as over 80% of marketers claim that video has directly helped them to increase their sales. 

Let’s take a look at the best social media videos that are dominating the internet in 2021.

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8 best types of social media videos

  1. Testimonials 

Testimonial videos focus on honest customer feedback. This is one of the best techniques to use in terms of building trust with your audience. These videos consist of real customers making reviews of your product or service, in which they talk about their positive experiences with your company. A testimonial video should be kept short and concise in order to captivate viewers. Testimonials are crucial to growing your business as 90% of consumers state that they are influenced by online reviews. Therefore, a good review essentially makes your brand reliable and reputable to your target audience.

  1. Tutorials and how-to videos 

Tutorial videos are prevalent on social media which makes it a great way to engage your audience. Whether you specialise in hair, beauty, cooking, or fitness, any niche category can benefit from tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are simple yet effective as they are filled with key information about a topic within a small time frame. For example, cooking tutorials typically include short captions which instruct users on how to cook a certain dish. These videos also include a list of ingredients needed to complete a recipe. Tutorial videos are also popular due to the fact that a large portion of social media users are interested in learning something on the internet.  

  1. Behind-the-scenes videos 

Behind-the-scenes videos are arguably one of the most popular social media video types. You should consider making behind-the-scenes videos in order to share more information about your products or services with your audience. It is advisable to post short videos of behind-the-scenes footage to generate a buzz around your products. For example, a small business that makes and sells candles can demonstrate to their followers the process of making a candle. These types of videos can help you to receive constructive feedback from your followers as well as other brands within your niche.

  1. Giveaways and contests 

Utilising social media videos in the form of giveaways and contests is a great way to drive engagement with your online content. Making videos that announce winners of giveaways, or live streaming new contests and giveaways is guaranteed to excite your audience. You can also incorporate images of your giveaways into montage videos when anticipating the winners of each contest. 

  1. Product demo videos 

Many brands opt to include product demo videos as part of their marketing strategy. This is because these types of social media videos are informative and helpful to audiences, which ultimately influences the purchasing decisions of social media users. Creating videos that demonstrate specific features of your products shows that you put a lot of thought and care into your customers receiving quality products and services. 

  1. Live videos 

Live videos are ideal for brands with significant followings. These types of social media videos are most effective for behind-the-scenes footage, product reviews and announcements. Live videos also give your customers early access to new information about your products and services, which demonstrates that you prioritise your audience. Sites like Instagram and TikTok notify your followers when you are going live, which helps to increase the visibility of your content. Live videos can also help you to connect with your audience seeing as the videos are in real time. It can make those who don’t tune in to your live videos feel as though they are missing out on something big. 

  1. Q&A videos 

FAQs are included in most businesses’ websites, which give their customers detailed responses to common queries. However, many brands think outside of the box by also producing Q&A videos. Whether it’s in the form of live videos or a social media post, Q&A videos help brands to connect with their audience. By posting these types of social media videos, you are showing that you are open to the opinions and enquiries of your customers. Many social video influencers and brands also use Q&A videos in a bid to help their audience learn more about their brand identities and values. 

  1. Stories about your brand 

Telling stories about your brand is easily one of the best types of social media videos. The most successful businesses are keen on giving their customers a deeper insight into their brand. Instead of including ‘About Us’ pages on your website, you can take this idea even further by turning it into a video. You can share your backstory which details your company’s history and the work and dedication that has gone into making a quality product or service.

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