6 Notable Mobile Gaming Influencer Campaigns

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Traditionally, gaming was reserved for those with powerful PCs or top-of-the-range gaming consoles, but today, anyone with a mobile phone can join the gang. 

In fact, mobile gaming is in full swing. It is fast outgrowing the gaming industry as a whole and is, in fact, well on its way to snagging 61% of the market share. 

Given the sheer size and scale of mobile gaming, it’s only natural that these companies reserve big budgets to market their games. However, to be successful in this industry, letting the game speak for itself just isn’t enough sometimes. It has to be delivered to the right audiences.

Cue the gaming influencers.

Along with every other industry, mobile gaming has begun to lean into the power of influencer marketing to get their message – and their games – in front of the right people. The number of mobile gaming influencer campaigns has skyrocketed within recent years, pushing the popularity of games such as Coin Master. 

We’ve put together a list of the most notable mobile gaming influencer campaigns to come out of the industry to highlight just how these companies utilise influencers and turn their dreams into money-making schemes. 

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Top Gaming Influencer Campaigns in 2023

Coin Master

The first mobile gaming influencer campaign on our list needs no introduction. We’re certain you’ve seen an ad or two for this game somewhere along your daily social media scroll.

While their strategy was carried out using celebrities, it can be easily replicated using influencers also. Taking the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B – celebrities with no ties to the gaming industry – Coin Master intended to highlight the fact that anyone can play their game, regardless of gaming ability. Chosen celebrities would post videos of them purposely struggling to master the game, to emphasise the fact that anyone can play. 

By targeting these celeb-filled ads to people who had no interest in them at all, they were able to widen their reach and increase brand awareness.

Vainglory 5v5

If you have any notion of what’s popular on YouTube, you’ll know that getting Pewdiepie to advertise your mobile game is a pretty big deal.

The unusual – yet creative – thing about this mobile gaming influencer campaign was that the YouTube star promoted it via the platform’s Let’s Play video format, getting his subscribers to tell him what they liked about the game without him explaining the gameplay or features. 

The initial launch video gained over 2.2 million views, which, in our books, is a success.

Brawl stars

To create a buzz around the launch of their new mobile game, Supercell launched a gaming influencer campaign before the game’s release to get as many people to subscribe to it beforehand, as possible. 

Supercell hosted a series of pre-launch gameplay live streams involving 10 YouTube gaming influencers, such as MOLT and Orange Juice Gaming. This worked extremely well, as 5 million subscribers to the game were amassed after the announcement of its release date. 

The secret to this success was the influencer selection. Rather than targeting those who were most popular in the gaming industry, they chose the influencers who were already playing Supercell games and belonged to the niche they were aiming to reach.


To promote the launch of their new survival game, Electronic Soul paired with popular YouTubers FGTeeV (The Family Gaming Team). 

FGTeeV were able to form a story within which the game’s promotion was naturally incorporated, showing their audience how the game works and its best features. The video gained over 2.3 million views. Another mobile gaming influencer campaign success!

Tag With Ryan

Who better to partner with than one of the most-subscribed to YouTube channels, Ryan’s World. 

Wildworks developed a game in which Ryan is the main character and, of course, collaborated with him when promoting the game. The promotional video posted to Ryan’s channel has accumulated 88 million views – success even Wildworks couldn’t’ve predicted!

Infinity Ops

Azur Games is another great example showing the benefits of creating a buzz pre-game-launch. 

They partnered up with influencers on YouTube to create introductory videos to their game, Infinity Ops. The chosen influencers announced that bonuses were being awarded to those who registered for the game before its launch, providing an incentive for more people to subscribe. 

One of the chosen influencers’ – NoahsNoah – video has now amassed 1.8M views.

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