2020’s Prediction Filters Craze

January 24th, 2020 by
Instagram Prediction Filter Craze

The start of the year had us all obsessing over Instagram’s new filter that can predict how the rest of the year will turn out.

You’ve probably seen it everywhere. Created by the Instagram user @filippo.soccini, it’s a fun way to show your 2020 predictions to your friends. It starts with a card that says “In 2020 I will be” and then randomly chooses an adjective to describe how the year will go for you. There are twelve possible predictions: married, watching Netflix, reading a book, dead, smiling, poor, rich, hungry, sad, happy, single, or a winner.

Similar filters have caused a stir in recent weeks with users all over the world finding out what sort of Friends or Disney character they are.

Actress Jennifer Aniston also proved she was no social media novice as she tried out the filter just to find out that her 2020 prediction was freedom.

There are plenty of ways to get your 2020 fortune told. You can either get the prediction filter by tapping on its name when you come across it in someone’s Story or have a friend send it to you if they have the filter saved to their phone.

2020 predictor on Instagram

Or you could simply access it by following these steps:

  1. Get Instagram’s latest update;

  2. Search for @filippo.soccini IG profile;

  3. Go to the Highlights on the page and tap 2020 Predictions;

  4. Tap ‘try it’ at the bottom of your phone screen;

  5. Press and hold down the record button in the Instagram Camera to land on your own prediction, which you can then save and share with your followers;

  6. If you’d like to use the filter again, just tap on “Save This Effect” where it says “2020 Predictions” when you have the filter open. Then, you can access it whenever you’d like from Instagram’s in-app camera.

Now that you’re all set, let’s see what 2020’s got for you!

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