10 Most Important Social Media Metrics

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Social media metrics are among the most important aspects of your social media marketing campaign in terms of analysing data. It is essential that businesses go beyond reporting on basic social media metrics. Whilst keeping track of social interactions is important for any business, you must consider going further than reporting on your likes, shares and retweets. As a business, it is vital that you track all of your social metrics, as they prove that you can measure the success of your marketing campaign, as well as how well your marketing strategy is performing. 

Utilising social media metrics may sound complicated, but it is in fact a straightforward process. We have created a list of the most important social media metrics that you must keep track of for your business. 

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Top social media metrics 


One of the most important elements of social media metrics is to track your awareness. It is necessary to keep in mind that awareness is divided into two sectors: social media impressions and reach.

 1. Impressions

Impressions define how many times your post is shown in someone’s feed or timeline. Impressions can tell you a lot about the visibility of your content, which is why it is essential to keep track of the performance of your social media content. For example, a post that receives high impressions and low engagement can mean that your post did not interest your viewers.

2. Reach

Reach demonstrates the potential viewers a post could receive, including accounts that share your posts to their own followers. Whilst reach is a great way to determine the success of your social media metrics, pairing it with other social media metrics such as social media engagement metrics creates a powerful combination. 


Social media engagement metrics show you exactly how people interact with your content. 

3. Applause rate 

Applause rate is the number of approval actions that your post receives which is associated with the total number of your followers. Approval actions include likes and favourites. You can track your applause rate by adding up the total approved actions and then dividing that number by your total number of followers and then multiply by 100 in order to get an accurate applause rate percentage. 

4. Average engagement rate

Another social media engagement that is worth tracking is average engagement rate. This includes the number of likes, shares and comments that your post receives which is relative to your total number of followers. In order to track your average engagement rate, add up the likes, shares and comments of your post, and then divide that number by your total number of followers and then multiply that by 100. 

5. Amplification rate 

Amplification rate defines the ratio of shares per post to your total number of followers. It underlines exactly how your followers share your content with their own followers. You can track your amplification rate by adding up the number of times your post was shared, then divide that by your total number of followers and multiply that number by 100. 


Conversion metrics measure the impact of your social engagement rates.

6. Conversion rate 

Conversion rate outlines the number of visitors that take action after clicking on a link in your post. For example, subscribing to your newsletter or registering as a member of your website. A high conversion rate means that your content is captivating enough for your audience to go further than following your social media accounts. You can start tracking your conversion rate by creating a call-to-action link. 

7. Bounce rate 

Bounce rate determines the number of visitors that click on a link in your post without taking any further action. This allows you to measure your social media traffic. Tracking your bounce rate means that you can determine if you are targeting the right audience. For example, a low bounce rate means that your audience is less likely to exit a clickable link in your post. 

Share of voice 

Share of voice is a social media metric that indicates the number of people that are talking about your brand. It helps businesses to keep track of elements such as paid advertising campaigns. 

8. Volume 

Volume is one of the easiest ways to track your social media metrics. It measures the conversations that occur about your brand or campaign. When measuring the volume of your content, you must take into consideration the number of messages about your brand, as well as the number of people that mention your brand. 


Consumer metrics represent how your customers perceive your brand. It details how your consumers think and feel about your brand. 

9. Customer testimonials 

Customer testimonials are typically a customer review of your brand’s products or services. Your active customers that share their positive experiences with your brand are likely to recommend your products or services to their friends and family. One way to encourage customer testimonials is to host a social media campaign that motivates your customers to create testimonials on their own social media accounts. These testimonials can range from written posts to video posts about their experiences with your business. 

10. Customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction measures how pleased your customers are with your brand and your products or services. You can easily track customer satisfaction by creating a survey on social media which includes a question relating to your customers’ happiness. For example, ‘how would you describe your overall satisfaction with this product?’ This is a great way to receive feedback about the satisfaction of your customers. 

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